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Paid Memberships Pro The Complete Member Management Solution For WordPress

Paid Memberships Pro provides you all the essential tools you needed to build, achieve, and develop your membership-based website. The plugin is specially intended for advanced content websites, hotels, clubs, digital subscriptions, newsletters, etc.

Users can choose the membership level, complete the checkout, and instantly become a member of your website. You decided what your member can access. Subscribers can log in, check payments, apprise essential billing information on your website, or cancel their accounts directly.

WPExperts The Center of Your Digital Eco-System

WPExperts provides customize plugin to add a new income source to your website through Paid Memberships Pro setup, and you can easily restrict content, manage membership and recurring payments. Personalized user registration, profile field, and powerful subscriber management integration.

Paid membership Pro is an individual WordPress plugin with many flexible features. This plugin provides options for setting limitless member levels and controlled content (pages, posts)—subscriber access single level descriptions at a time. WPExperts offers multi-level membership status powered by beta type and constancy.

Get Instant Solution with WPExperts

With a different range of functionalities and features, Paid Memberships Pro includes AWeber Integration, donation addon, Kissmetrics Integration, WooCommerce, variable pricing, etc. The plugin is also unified with eminent payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal, CyberSource.).

Are you looking for more options like annual updates, code recipes, development, and customization? Signup with WPExperts to get a more detailed analysis of the plugin.

Deeply Customizable Features

  • Restrict access to subscribers-limited content. 
  • Creating an unlimited member level using flexible pricing, free members, trials, payment, subscription, etc. 
  • Achieve complete member profiles, import and export members, and view reports on sales and revenue, cancel, withdrawals, expirations, and registrations. 
  • 100% GPL, completely open-source, and third-party platforms integration.

WPExperts Integration Include

  • Building customizes membership page. 
  • Define the options for the payment, billing cycle, MailChimp list, terms, and conditions, etc.
  • Get complete information on membership statistics, like access, views, login, income (MRR), cancellation rate, and monthly progress. 
  • Customized welcome emails, reminder emails, credit card expiration, membership invoice, member-level change, etc. 
  • Offer digital subscriptions and member discounts.
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