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WooCommerce Memberships

Adding Membership is an excellent source of increasing sales in e-commerce stores. You can provide loyalty to your customers through special prices and discounts, and you can build a reliable fan base at any time. As the number of members increasing signup in your store, more customers may be interested in trying it out. As a result, you can create a sensation around the brand, thereby increasing your store’s overall sales. If you partake in a WooCommerce store, setting up a membership plan is precisely easy via “WooCommerce Membership.”

Strategize The Legacy Of Content via WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Membership is an extension of WooCommerce that enables you to restrict content, so it is only available to members on the site. Customers can acquire Membership by purchasing products, signup for an account, or you can choose to create Membership only by manually passing on memberships to visitors. The Membership’s validity period is unlimited, or you can set a time frame (for example, one year).

WooCommerce Membership can control your posts, pages, and custom post categories (e.g., collection) so that only subscribers can access them. You can also impose limits on WooCommerce products: through Membership, you can block viewing products or restrict purchase options to members only while allowing them to be displayed publicly.

Transform Your Store Into A Membership Club

WooCommerce Membership empowers you to schedule when members can access the content, that is, content decentralization. If customers have registered for Membership, they can determine how long they have to wait before accessing certain content by day, week, or month.

WPExperts Offer Better Solution For Membership Websites

Selling products with exclusive access rights is an excellent opportunity to increase revenue: enormous fortunes have achieved great success in their annual sales volume by using this business model. Considering that more and more people are looking for their products, they perform spikes in yearly income.

You can provide users with restricted and limited access to customized information (such as courses, tutorials, products, blogs, downloadable files, etc.) in a fully automated manner.

WPExperts manage courses, e-commerce services, and valuable membership programs with custom-made access rights, arrange the publishing of exclusive customization for your membership plans. WPExperts can quickly achieve all these operations through WooCommerce Membership setup and streamline the e-commerce management to simplify your members’ process.

WooCommerce Memberships Utilities

  • Sell tutorials, courses, consulting services and provide the content only to paid users; 
  • Create specific pages on the website to restrict access to members only; 
  • Create online publications, which are only reachable to users who have purchased access rights; 
  • Create registered users’ private windows to view a personal store product; 
  • Offer discounts through point system to purchase and download products (for image inventory, resources, etc.);
  •  Digital resources that members can only download for free.

Significant Features Of WooCommerce Memberships

  • Limited Content Access
  • Unlimited Memberships
  • Multiple Membership Plans
  • Add More Content to Existing Memberships
  • Record Membership Timelines
  • Edit or Remove Content in A Membership
  • Manage Unregistered Users
  • Send Notifications on Expiry and Renewal
  • Hide Price and Add-To-Cart Button
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