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Blogger to WordPress Migration Services

Blogger is a reliable but simple blogging platform for creating and publishing blog posts. But when it comes to expanding your site towards a larger-scale project, Blogger may not provide all the features you need. On the other hand, WordPress is a fully-featured CMS that you can rely on to create any website, from a personal blog to a business site.

Who else wants to migrate from Blogger to WordPress platform without losing their Google search rankings? WPExperts’ migration services are available for a smooth transition from a limited scope blogging medium to an unlimited customization platform like WordPress.

Maintain/Redirect Permalinks

WPExperts’ skillful migration team makes sure all permalinks on your blogs remain intact. Maintaining your permalinks without affecting SEO is our top priority.

Import posts and comments

We import all the content from Blogger to your WordPress server. It includes your entire data like blog posts, pages, and comments.

Migrate Feed Subscribers

WPExperts’ migration team keeps your subscribers to a newly formed WordPress site, even if it is atom.xml or FeedBurnerServices. We retain your links and RSS subscribers to save your valuable past efforts.

Search Engine Friendly Migration

WPExperts’ Blogger to WordPress migration experts provides you a Search Engine friendly migration experience based on one-to-one mapping old URL to new URL.

Custom Domain Name

You can tell the WPExperts migration team to keep using the same custom domain name or change to a new one. We will make it possible for you to retain your original custom domain name or make a fresh one on your request.

Attachments Migration

We do our level best to migrate your Media files like PDF, mp3, videos that are already attached with your Blogger posts to your newly acquired WordPress site.
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