Convio to WordPress

Convio to WordPress Migration Service

Convio is a web-based content management system (CMS) specially designed to meet the needs of non-profit organizations. Convio’s pricing is under the Software-as-a-Service model, whereby a monthly fee is paid to access the software via a web browser. This is one of the demerits that makes Convio an expensive solution for its target audience, and WordPress has become a better option for them.

If you want to run your NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION’s website freely then WPExperts can migrate your Convio-based site on a WordPress platform.

Content Migration

WPExperts’ migration team transfers your existing Convio site content to a new WordPress-based website including All posts, images, and files.


WPExperts keep all the meta keywords, titles, and descriptions from the Convio site to a newly migrated WordPress site using its skillful migration team.

SEO Preservation

While upgrading, we figure out the SEO-rich pages and take care of the most popular and valuable inbound links. This, in turn, makes sure that the SEO is preserved.

Existing Design Matching

While migrating your Convio site content to WordPress, WPExperts also make sure to match your existing theme design and provide customize designing services to retain your online presence.

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive

Since Convio is a web-based CMS, the WPExperts migration team makes your newly formed WordPress site mobile-friendly and responsive. It will help donors to donate from any device.

Custom Domain Name

You can tell the WPExperts migration team to keep using the same custom domain name or change to a new one. We will make it possible for you to retain your original custom domain name or make a fresh one.

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