HubSpot to WordPress

HubSpot to WordPress Migration

While Hubspot is more like a fit-all platform, it cannot support niche, custom automation needs. On the other hand, WordPress has an excellent supportive environment with many free and customs plugins available to implement specific functionalities on the site. Have you decided to transfer from HubSpot to WordPress CMS? Don’t waste your precious time sitting in front of the screen and clicking copy-paste buttons. Devote your valuable time to business development, and With WPExperts’ migration services, all your HubSpot’s data will be safely moved to WordPress along with required customization tasks.

Data Migration

WPExperts’ migration team transfers your existing HubSpot site data to a new WordPress-based website like; Static website content e.g., About us page, and Posts Articles posted on a page e.g. Blog posts.

Tracking Codes

WPExperts migration team adds your Google, Facebook, and Linkedin Hubspot tracking codes to the WordPress template to track visitors’ activities without any information loss.

Menu & Menu items Migration

We migrate menu items belonging to these types: Articles, Users manager, Search and menu items Links to pages (articles), blog category, custom menu items (e.g. external links), etc.

Media Files Migration

With our advanced, technologically aided tools, transferring all your files, audios, videos, and content from HubSpot to a new WordPress website.

SEO URLs Migration

WPExperts’ migration team gives their best to keep the SEO URLs the same and maintaining the site ranking. Our experts keep the search engines “informed” about any changes.

301 redirects Service

We do the migration for you from start to finish or until you are happy and satisfied. If you need, we can also help transform your website to a professional theme, fix internal links and 301 redirects.
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