TYPO3 to WordPress


TYPO3 is a PHP-based entrepreneurial-class content management system. It’s not easy to set up, unlike the most popular CMS. If you are new to programming, you might have to spend some time learning the ins and outs of Typo3. If you’re considering switching from the most complex cms to the easiest one!! We at WPExperts convert your site from Typo3 to WordPress. Once migrated, you will experience extreme ease of usability with no knowledge of the previous coding and have plenty of server space.

Data Migration

WPExperts’ migration team transfers your existing TYPO3 site content to a new WordPress-based website including All posts, images, and files.

URLs Migration

WPExperts’ migration team gives their best to keep the URLs the same and maintaining the site ranking. Our experts keep the search engines “informed” about any changes.

SEO Preservation

While upgrading, we figure out the SEO-rich pages and make sure to take care of the most popular and valuable inbound links. This, in turn, makes sure that the SEO is preserved and the web traffic remains unchanged.

Zero Downtime

Your website will be 100% available during the migration. All migration and configuration processes are executed in our own test servers. Your server performance and security is never compromised!

Existing Design Matching

While migrating your TYPO3 site content to WordPress, WP Experts also make sure to match your existing theme design and provide customize designing services to retain your online presence.

Custom Domain Name

You can tell the WP Experts migration team to keep using the same custom domain name or change to a new one. We will make it possible for you to retain your original custom domain name or make a fresh one on your request.
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