Weglot Translate

Weglot Translate, being a leading WordPress translation plugin, is trusted by 50,000+ users across the globe. Users can translate your WordPress site into 100+ languages within minutes, and no coding is required. It helps you to increase visibility and boost conversions with ease by adding multilingual functionality. Weglot translate is completely optimized for SEO, with every translated page automatically indexed with Google. You can customize your site in multiple languages for a bunch of new visitors.

Easy to Install

Weglot Translate can be easily installed and ready to setup. Users can reach out to millions of new visitors worldwide with certain clicks without any coding parameters.

Developed for Maximum Compatibility

Weglot Translate is entirely compatible with all platforms, WordPress Themes and Plugins. Ranging from WooCommerce product descriptions to Elementor order form, everything is translated into your chosen language so that you can focus on your content instead of your technical information.

SEO Optimized

Weglot Translates follows the best practices of Google for multilingual website translation that serves all translated web pages with clean source code. Google automatically indexes every translated page with dedicated URLs.

Easy to Set and Forget

Weglot Translate automatically detects all your site content for easy translations. There is no more time-consuming manual replication of every single line of content within your website. The overall translations are updated in real-time, so you don’t have to invest in maintenance.

Makes Translation Simple

Weglot Translate provides you an edge over translation tasks with the first layer of automatic translation offered by the top-notch AI & ML solution providers across the marketplace (DeepL, Google, Yandex, and Microsoft). You can also edit the translations and collaborate with your team to work on instant translations together within Weglot.

Make Partnership with Professionals

Weglot Translate enables you to order from high-caliber professional translators directly within your Weglot dashboard. You can adjust translation quality as per your requirements with Weglot Translate.

Enhances Visibility

All the translated pages are automatically indexed via following Google’s best practices with specific URLs.

Decreases Bounce Rate

Automatically Redirects visitors to serve them in their chosen language based on their browser settings.

Improves User Experience

The overall key conversion steps ranging from the landing page to the email confirmation can add various images and videos for multiple languages. This is useful for images with text. Weglot translate provides an easy and intuitive way to display “translated” images in your translated version. Moreover, media localization is an important aspect of any multilingual project, and weglot translate makes it easier to translate your communication patterns into voice optimized.
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