WordPress Plugins

If you want your WordPress site to be handier and a one-stop solution for all your business needs than we can help you here. Though WordPress itself is a comprehensive platform with a very wide community but still what you need might not be the need of anyone else, so that’s where custom plugin comes into play.

We have team of professional and experienced developers who can write codes exclusively for you i.e. developing plugins which support your business objectives and thus transforms your site into feature-enriched website.

Layout Plugins:

If you want to add more fine touch to your site layout like adding an additional slider or a ticker or custom popup or a background parallax or anything which can take your user experience to next level, then you are on the right page, we can get it done with our custom plugin development services.

Payment Plugins:

World is moving faster towards electronic payment options so why to keep yourself behind. Enable your website with all third party payment options or any other optimum payment solution with customization of discounts, tax, shipping etc. All this with our custom plugin development solution for WordPress.

Subscription Plugins:

Don’t loose on your visitors, turn them into a valuable customers. We develop plugins that enables you to let your visitors turn into subscribers for your business updates and then turning them into a strong customer base.

Business Analytic Plugins:

With custom plugin development for analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Salesforce or any other CRM, we make business reporting much customized and according to your business needs. Analyze with custom plugins where do you lack and what are the outstanding performing areas of your business.

eCommerce Plugins:

If you are WooCommerce fan, then our custom plugins for managing all your store needs i.e. from product uploading to inventory management, inventory and vendor management, logistics and custom shipping modules, we cover it all.

Performance Optimization Plugins:

If your website scores low on its performance than get some custom plugins on your site to take care of the nasty java scripts, header caches and all such performance killing elements, so that you can cscore above your competitors when it comes to site speed and performance.

Widget Plugins:

Custom widget plugins can help you getting more user traction i.e. giving them what they want, be it custom search, pricing filter, favorite & wishlists, progress bars and much more. With custom plugins for WordPress you can turn the game on.

Marketing Automation Plugins:

This is an utter need of business now, so enable your website with all sort of marketing tactics. Enable automated marketing campaigns such as newsletter automation, e-mail & SMS automation, custom targeting and retargeting, content publication, social sharing and much more.

Plugin Development

We create structured and organized codes to build WordPress plugins; as they make your website’s functionality remarkable and revamp your web presence entirely. From Custom Plugin development to add-ons and extensions, we utilize all our expertise to accelerate the performance of your WordPress website.

Plugin Customization

If you are not happy with the functionality of your existing WordPress plugin, take no stress, because we can customize it just according to the needs and requirements of your business.

Third Party Integration

The dedicated and skilled team of WordPress developers at WP Experts is completely aware of all the essentials of WordPress plugins. And to cater your business needs, we can integrate add-ons, extensions, payment gateways and any other third party application which is important for your WordPress site.

Develop Extensions and Add-Ons

Expanding the functionality of your existing plugin is possible with custom add-ons and extensions. They enhance the performance of the plugin and give you maximum benefits.

Functionality Adjustments

At times, your WordPress plugins do not function the way they has to; hence, to make them again fully compatible and useful, we add some customized and essential features to them, so you can easily achieve your business target.

Installation Support and Assistance

Sometimes, our clients find it hard to set-up and manage the functionalities of their WordPress plugins. Thus, WP Experts professionals are there to provide assistance and support to manage the eCommerce store, LMS or any other WordPress forum.
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