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Interview with Aurelio Volle

Join us for an exclusive interview with Aurelio Volle, CEO and Co-Founder at WP Umbrella. Aurelio has been contributing to the WordPress community for years. In addition, he has also attended many WordCamps, during which our team got the opportunity to interact with him.

In this interview, Aurelio highlighted the importance of WP Umbrella and how WordPress agencies and freelancers use it to become more efficient. If you want to know more about Aurelio Volle and his product WP Umbrella, don’t miss this engaging interview with a true visionary in the world of marketing and technology.

Q#1: How long have you been in the WordPress industry?

Ans: My journey in the WordPress industry has been rewarding and enlightening. I spent my first 10 years as a user, absorbing as much knowledge as I could about the platform. After gaining enough confidence and skills, I transitioned into the role of a software editor four years ago. It’s been an invaluable learning experience so far.

Q#2: What is WP Umbrella? Is it a product or a service?

Ans: WP Umbrella is a tool we’ve created to make life easier for agencies and freelancers managing multiple WordPress websites. We tried to blend essential features such as website monitoring, performance optimization, security, and client communication into one efficient platform. I prefer to think of it as a service, as we are committed to continually improving and adapting it to our users’ needs.

Q#3: How did you get the idea to build WP Umbrella? What do you do as a CEO & Co-founder of WP Umbrella?

Ans: The seed of WP Umbrella was sown during a conversation with our friends and the innovative minds behind WP Rocket. We observed that there was a niche in the WordPress management tool market that wasn’t being addressed effectively, and we felt inspired to try and fill that gap with a user-friendly SaaS product. As the CEO and Co-founder, my role is a bit like a jack-of-all-trades—I handle product design, communication, marketing, and administration, while our fantastic team focuses on the technical side.

Q#4: How is WP Umbrella beneficial for WordPress agencies and freelancers? Would you like to explain here?

Ans: Our primary goal with WP Umbrella is to alleviate some of the pressures that WordPress agencies and freelancers face. We’ve designed the tool to save them time by automating routine tasks and have built-in features to help them demonstrate their value to clients more effectively. We hope that using WP Umbrella allows our users to spend more time doing what they do best—creating amazing websites.

Q#5: How was your experience at WordCamp Asia 2023?

Ans: My experience at WordCamp Asia 2023 was truly enriching. It offered a great platform to share ideas, learn from experts, and meet people from various backgrounds sharing a common passion for WordPress. I’m already eagerly anticipating the next event!

Q#6: Is WordPress becoming popular in France? As a French national, do you feel inclusive in the global WordPress community?

Ans: Indeed, WordPress is gaining considerable traction in France. As a French national, I feel welcomed and valued in the global WordPress community. The inclusiveness and camaraderie in this community make it truly special and unique.

Q#7: Where are you envisioning the future of WordPress?

Ans: I believe WordPress has immense potential to evolve and reshape the digital landscape. With the pace of technological advancements, I envision a future where WordPress continues to simplify website creation with even more user-friendly interfaces, robust security measures, and powerful features that cater to various business needs.

Q#8: Are you planning to attend WordCamp Europe 2023 (Athens)? What are your expectations from the event?

Ans: I’m excited to confirm that I’ll be attending WordCamp Europe 2023 in Athens. I’m most looking forward to meeting the incredible individuals who contribute to the vibrancy and dynamism of the WordPress community. I also hope to gain fresh insights and learn about the latest trends in WordPress.

Q#9: Name your favorite WordPress folks here on Twitter.

Ans: On Twitter, I particularly admire a couple of WordPress enthusiasts – @alex_borto and @GuillaumeMbh. They are great product creators who consistently share insightful content and perspectives about WordPress.

Q#10: What do you like to do in your spare time? Please share your hobbies with our followers.

Ans: I enjoy being outdoors and active when I’m not working. Rock climbing is a particular favorite of mine, as it challenges both my physical and mental capabilities. I also find yoga to be a great way to relax, unwind, and keep myself grounded amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Time To Say Goodbye!

It was an informative and interesting interview with Aurelio Volle. Our followers and readers will surely learn more about him and his product while going through his interview. It’s time to say goodbye until the next interview. Stay connected!

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