10 Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants in 2024

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Fusion is the trademark of the food industry, and it has become the reason for innovation and creativity, especially in restaurants. Therefore, another fusion in the restaurant industry that can change your restaurant history and offer a flavored boost to your online presence is the tech-savvy integration of the best restaurant plugin for WordPress.

From smoothing the reservation process to letting you display mouth-watering menus and much more, you can do with the implementation of this plugin.

Thus, to make your search for the best restaurant WordPress plugin free from hurdles, we analyze the market on your behalf and pull out the best ten options for you with a complete overview, features, and pricing.

To save your time from researching the market, scroll this blog till the end and make your choice.

Why is Incorporating a Best Restaurant WordPress Plugin Crucial?

Before finding the best restaurant plugin, it’s important to understand why it’s necessary and what impact its implementation can have on your restaurant. Here are the key reasons explaining why it’s crucial to do so:

– Streamline Online Ordering

Customers always prefer restaurants that let them order their food online. A perfect online ordering system is not just a plus point but should be a significant feature of your website. That’s where restaurant plugins facilitate you.

It lets you enable smooth online ordering for customers through your website or app, offering convenience and excellent customer experience.

– Menu Management

Suppose your menu displays the items that are no longer available at your restaurant or the wrong/old price of food items. What will happen? Customers will feel frustrated, and you may lose your potential customers.

But here’s the difference: With a restaurant plugin, you can update your menu in real-time and make changes simultaneously. You can also offer special discounts or occasional offers to encourage customers to order from your menu.

– Customer Engagement

Having a solid customer base and sustaining customer engagement for longer on-site is a task, and restaurant plugins help make it smooth.

Restaurant plugins often offer features like loyalty programs, feedback forms, and personalized offers, nurturing more substantial relationships with your customer base.

– Integrating Point of Sale (POS)

POS integration with restaurant plugins is necessary to synchronize order, payment, and inventory management. So, look at the plugin you are opting for, whether it has integration functionality or not, as it significantly boosts accuracy, minimizes errors, and improves overall operational efficiency.

– Online Reviews and Ratings

Your online presence is more important than your brand; it can make or break your brand. So, maintaining your online reviews and ratings is your primary duty, and the restaurant plugin can help you do it hassle-free.

A plugin can help you manage and display customer reviews and ratings, building credibility and impacting potential diners’ decisions.

Selecting a Best Restaurant Plugin – Factors that Require Your Attention

Now, you are well-informed about the reason behind implementing a restaurant plugin, but there are still a few things that you need to know. These are the factors that you should look for when you are choosing the best restaurant plugin:

– Compatibility & Security

Compatibility with the current version of WordPress is essential to minimize the risk of conflicts and issues that can cause downtime. So, while implementing plugins, ensure they are compatible.

Similarly, you can’t compromise your website security, so while researching the market, check which plugin follows the latest security practices and has taken all the measures to avoid potential threats.

– Features and Functionality

Evaluate if the plugin offers the specific features and functionalities your restaurant requires to improve customer experience.

Moreover, if you don’t check the features of the restaurant plugin you will integrate, the chances are later, you may need to choose another tool to fulfill your requirements.

– Updates & Support

Always look for actively maintained plugins offering regular updates and support to address bugs and security concerns.

– Customization

Selecting restaurant plugins that offer customization can be beneficial for your eatery business. It lets you align its appearance and functionality according to your business requirements, website design, and branding.

– Pricing

Pricing stands as another vital element for contemplation. Evaluating costs confirms that your chosen plugin aligns with your budget and delivers value per your website needs.

10 Best Restaurant Plugins for WordPress

To guarantee success, you must advance your restaurant’s functionality, including an online presence. This can only be possible by implementing the best restaurant plugin. Let’s dive into the top WordPress plugins that will make your restaurant website sizzle!

1. Restaurant for WooCommerce


Restaurant for WooCommerce is the best plugin for restaurants wanting to transform their online menu and ordering system.

Its first-class features and excellent functionality let you quickly set up your advanced online delivery system. Furthermore, optimize your online menu to make ordering easier for your customers and grow your restaurant’s online service.

Its user-friendly interface allows you to create a simple and sleek design menu with diverse delivery options and display operational hours.

Key Features

  1. Set easy day-to-day restaurant scheduling
  2. Multiple delivery options
  3. Mini-Cart widgets
  4. Personalize menu
  5. Enable grid & list view for customers
  6. Showcase product labels
  7. Allow Food Recommendation

The startup version of Restaurant for WooCommerce costs $149 for a single site license.

2. WP Restaurant Price List


The WP restaurant price list is one of the best restaurant plugins for creating a user-friendly menu for your restaurant website. Its easy item addition and categorization improves organization and user experience. This plugin enables quick customization of currency, decimal, and layout settings.

For advanced functionality, you can opt for the pro version, which offers infinite lists, lightbox pop-ups, custom currency, font styling, and more.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Gutenberg
  • Two layout templates
  • Support Shortcodes
  • Work with all themes of WordPress
  • Custom currency symbol

Its basic version is free; you must pay €19.00 for the pro version.

3. Five Star Restaurant Menu Plugin


The five-star restaurant menu plugin offers more functionality than other menu tools. It facilitates each step, from creating attention-grabbing menus to setting up restaurant menu systems.

Similarly, its intuitive builder, liberty of layout choices, and Gutenberg block make menu creation effortless. Using the menus option, you can choose whether to create a full-item menu or group items after creating them. Lastly, its compatibility with every device makes it users’ favorite choice.

Key Features

  • Unlimited menu variations and items
  • Side-screen cart
  • Responsive menu layout
  • Gutenberg block
  • Photos & prices for each menu item

A single site license of the Five Star restaurant menu plugin costs $67.

4. WP Store Locator


WP store locator is a valuable plugin for online restaurants with physical outlets. It allows customers to locate and search the nearest restaurant outlet, offering smooth service.

Its easy-to-use location management system supports unlimited stores and customizable map styles, complete with retina-ready markers. With developer-friendly code and multiple theme availability, the WP locator ensures an efficient, visually appealing store locator experience for users and developers.

Key Features

  • Custom Map styles
  • Shortcodes
  • Nine retina-ready marker icons
  • Display distance in km
  • Multiple filters for adding custom metadata

The WP store locator is available free of cost.

5. WP Cafe


WP Cafe emerges as the best restaurant WordPress plugin empowering food establishments. This versatile plugin offers multiple functionalities essential for restaurant management.

From managing reservations to designing attractive menus, facilitating online orders, and ensuring smooth delivery and pickups, it proves the best for restaurants and cafes. It also serves as the driving force behind kitchen operations, enhances overall order workflows, and ultimately elevates the customer experience.

Key Features

  • Food menu list/grid widget
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Customizable menu styles and layouts
  • Personalized booking forms
  • Discount handling, payment tracking & easy tipping
  • Gutenberg block integration


The basic version is free; however, Pro is available at $69/Year.

6. Prove Source


Prove Source is the best restaurant plugin that allows recent orders to be displayed on the website as social proof to build customer trust. Originally popular in e-commerce, it’s now a valuable tool for WooCommerce-driven restaurants, elevating credibility and influence and leading to accelerated sales.

Key Features

  • Five-star review pop-ups
  • Display orders with timing, position, color & images
  • 22 language support
  • Clickable notifications

Get a no-cost basic version or upgrade to the pro edition for just $24/mon.

7. DoorDash for WP


One of the best restaurant plugins that links restaurants with customers is Doordash. It makes the search for restaurants easy and smooth and facilitates food ordering and delivery.

This plugin integration with restaurant apps or websites lets customers enjoy convenient delivery from the shopping cart. Deliveries are also easily trackable for both restaurants and customers.

Key Features

  • Efficient delivery experience
  • Live tracking
  • Diverse store location delivery

The DoorDash plugin is free. Only a service fee applies per order.

8. Five Star Restaurant Reservation Plugin


The five-star restaurant reservation plugin is the top-rated plugin among those who provide online table reservation functionality.

It’s a free version of the plugin with premium functionality, including a reservation form, email confirmation, and much more. This outstanding plugin suits restaurants of all sizes and offers valuable customization and flexibility.

Key Features

  • Mandatory phone number entry for reservation
  • Admin panel to modify reservations
  • Real-time reservation acceptance & rejection
  • Reservation notification by email


The Star Restaurant reservation plugin can be downloaded for free. For one website, you can upgrade to Pro for $67.

9. WPPizza


Initially designed for pizza outlets, WPPizza is now a top-tier restaurant plugin. It smooths every workflow, from appealing menu creation to online ordering.

The free version has limited functionality, including menu customization, responsive layouts, payment features, order tracking, real-time reports, multilingual support, and more. However, the paid version is best, as it offers multiple functionalities that can skyrocket your restaurant’s success.

Key Features

  • Order tracking
  • Sales reporting
  • Shortcode
  • Multisite
  • Multiple payment gateways

WPPizza costs $249 per site with an all-access pass.

10. Site Reviews


The most meaningful approach to getting customers’ trust and persuading them to become loyal customers is through reviews. To show your restaurant reviews on the site, you can use the best restaurant WordPress plugin, Site Reviews, which offers top functionality to feature the best reviews.

Using it, you can enable categorization, response handling, templates, notifications, and more.

Key Features

  • Elementor and Gutenberg are compatible
  • Shortcode and widgets
  • Multilingual support
  • Display rating from high to low
  • Spam protection
  • Built-in templates

The Site Reviews plugin with the premium plan at €89/Year is free.


The evolving landscape demands restaurants’ attractive and feature-rich online presence for guaranteed success. Thanks to WordPress, it has an extensive library of plugins that allow it to create robust restaurant websites with top-notch functionality. However, finding the best restaurant plugin is challenging in the pool of plugins available for restaurants.

Therefore, we’ve looked at the 10 best restaurants WordPress plugins to help you offer first-class online restaurant services and improve user experience.

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