9 Best WordPress Donation Plugins In 2024

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Donation is the lifeblood of unlimited charitable enterprises, and non-profit organizations have found a digital home on WordPress sites. Whether running a fundraiser for a noble cause, looking for support for a personal project, or managing a non-profit online presence, the right plugin can make a difference in your ability to collect donations.

Today, in this blog post, we introduce you to the nine best WordPress donation plugins explicitly designed for fundraising purposes. Therefore, scroll till the last line to explore each plugin with its unique features and dynamic pricing and make the right decision.

1. Donation for WooCommerce

Donation for WooCommerce is another top plugin you can integrate into your online store. From creating diverse campaigns for donations to offering recurring donations, everything is easy to implement with this best donation plugin.

In addition, this plugin gives the donor the liberty of selecting “pay what you want” options to pay as they wish.

Other remarkable functionalities of donation for WooCommerce that you can use to boost your donation campaign are setting donation payment limits, showing the progress bar on the donation widget, and viewing the remaining days of donation campaigns.

Key Features of Donation for WooCommerce

  • Design multiple donation campaigns
  • Donation Campaigns tab page
  • Sync donation data
  • Show progress bar
  • Analyze campaign statistics
  • Recurring donation payment plan


The Donation for WooCommerce is available for just $8.25/month.

2. Fundraiser for WooCommerce

Fundraiser for WooCommerce offers the best features and functionality for managing fundraising campaigns on WordPress sites.

If you are wondering why it’s the best WordPress donation plugin, then its ability to allow quick multiple fundraising campaigns at once without any upfront fee. Along with it, Fundraisers for WooCommerce facilitates recurring donations, displays progress bars, and shows/hides fundraising terms and conditions.

Its compatibility, customization, and support are other functionalities that make it the top plugin.

Key Features of Fundraiser for WooCommerce

  • Social sharing buttons
  • Easy Campaign Management
  • Display funding goals
  • Diverse search filters to browse diverse campaigns
  • Dedicated with Dashboard to keeping up with campaigns
  • Accept/reject fundraising request


You can unlock the premium features of Fundraiser for WooCommerce at a cost-effective price of $4.09/month.

3. Charitable – Donation Plugin

Charitable - Donation Plugin

Charitable is another invaluable donation plugin that allows you to improve your store’s functionality, considering its user-friendly interface and GDR-compliant donation forms.

You can design unlimited secure and prompt donation campaigns with themes aligning with your website. It offers multiple payment methods, including PayPal integration, bank transfer, and even with cheques.

This WordPress donation plugin has a versatile campaign-handling capability to track particular donations. Other significant functionalities Charitable offers are receipt generation, custom tags, and recurring donations.

Key Features of Charitable – Donation Plugin


You can get the basic version of Charitable for just $99/Year.

4. WooCommerce Donation Plugin

woocommerce donation plugin

Make the donation process as easy as adding a product to a cart. Sounds unrealistic? Well, now it’s possible to use the WooCommerce donation plugin, the best WordPress donation plugin that lets the online store owner offer easy ways to make donations.

You install this plugin, display the donation as a standard product, and let the customer add it to the cart. While checking out, the customer can make payment for the donation without filling out any long forms or extra hassle.

Key Features of WooCommerce Donation Plugin

  • Donation report
  • Campaign support
  • Direct checkout availability
  • Predefined donation amount


WooCommerce donation plugin costs $18/one-time.

5. Donor Box

Donor Box

Donorbox has also emerged as the best WordPress donation plugin, offering a smooth experience and driving the vital engine of donations.

Along with its extended functionality, this plugin offers seamless integration with WordPress and other multiple website builders and CMS platforms. Its ease of use and lightning-fast installation on any website makes it the top choice.

Donobox allows displaying a compelling recurring donor system within just 15 minutes.

Key Features of Donor Box

  • Easy integration
  • Donor handling
  • Recurring donations
  • Fundraising pages
  • Peer to Peer


This plugin is free, but once your donation reaches $1000, Donorbox starts charging a 2.95% platform fee.

6. WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay integrates Stripe with your website to make accepting donations easy. So, this plugin is the soundest because of its robust features that enhance the donation collection process and platform security.

It lets you offer multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards through bank accounts or digital wallets like Apple Pay. This plugin also enables websites to set flexible donation options, such as monthly, yearly, or custom billing cycles.

Overall, WP Simple Pay is good to consider as it provides the convenience of dedicated, distraction-free donation pages, eliminating the need for complex WordPress creation.

Key Features of WP Simple Pay


The WP Simple Pay offers four pricing plans:

  • 1-site $49.50/Year
  • 3-sites $99.50/Year
  • 10-sites $199.50/Year
  • Unlimited sites $299.50/Year

7. WP Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding

The websites that want to establish and handle fundraising campaigns like a pro can opt for the WP Crowdfunding plugin. It allows users to modify their websites into full-fledged crowdfunding platforms seamlessly.

It offers a wide range of features and user-friendly interfaces that simplify the customization of campaigns, user profiles, and rewards. WP Crowdfunding integration with WooCommerce enables the creation of Kickstarter-like sites while supporting recurring donations, progress bars, email notifications, social sharing, and analytics reports.

The one functionality that makes it stand out from other plugins is the acceptance of donations in local payment with the native wallet system.

Key Features of WP Crowdfunding


You can buy a 1-year license for one website for just $149/Year.

8. YITH Donation for WooCommerce

YITH Donation for WooCommerce

Customizing the donation form with embedded shortcodes helps you introduce a donation campaign on your online store. Fortunately, you can do this using YITH Donation for WooCommerce.

You can display donation forms on carts and product pages to facilitate the donation process. The site offers diverse payment methods, including checks, PayPal, Stripe, and bank transfers. You can also set minimum and maximum donation amounts.

Moreover, it is easy to associate any product with mandatory donations so people can buy the particular product and donate to the cause.

Key Features of YITH Donation for WooCommerce

  • Miscellaneous payment methods
  • Custom form fields
  • Users can set donation amount
  • Donation form on cart/product page
  • Easy to make donation mandatory on specific product


You can purchase a YITH donation for the WooCommerce plugin for $79.99/Year.

9. Give WP

Give WP

If you want to raise money for a good cause on your WordPress site but don’t want to get into extra hassle, then GiveWP can be your go-to plugin. It is one of the robust WordPress donation plugins that make fundraising on the website accessible.

It allows you to create donation forms within WordPress to accept one-time payments or offer recurring donations. Integration with various payment gateways makes it an excellent choice for website owners.

Moreover, it lets you display donation upsells on the checkout page to strengthen your chances of receiving donations.

Other noteworthy functionalities of Give WP are:

Key Features of Give WP

  • Diverse payment gateways
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Payment history
  • Recurring donation subscription
  • Credit card integration
  • Custom form field


The basic Give WP plan, including premium features, costs just $149. However, you can also get free service with minimal functionality.

Wrap Up

It’s each individual’s social responsibility to contribute to improving society, and donation is one noble way to do this. Those who want to involve their customers/audience in this good cause can add donation campaigns with the help of WordPress donation plugins.

When choosing the best WordPress donation plugin, you have plenty of options. To make searching easy and ensure the right choice, we have analyzed the market and listed the best plugins in this blog, each with unique features and pricing.

But if you had to choose one best among the nine, it would be the Donation for WooCommerce plugin. This plugin is super helpful, as it makes launching and managing multiple fundraising campaigns on the website a breeze. It’s easy to use and lets you customize things your way.

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