7 Essential Reasons Why You Should Develop a WordPress Website

In the wake of technological developments across the globe, the WordPress platform has certainly played its part in building and improving businesses. You must remember that there was a time when business owners and entrepreneurs needed to find a developer just to make significant changes to their website and content management aspects.

WordPress is a complete CMS and a perfect blogging platform. It can create a user-engaging and interactive website based on the available records. WordPress is used across the globe by tens of millions of people as their well-recognized web development platform. There are many reasons why people use WordPress websites. In this blog, you will find several reasons why WordPress is the perfect platform for your small business, SMEs, and enterprises. 

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What are WordPress-enabled Websites?

A WordPress-enabled website is a type of website that constitutes WordPress as it is a comprehensive content management system (CMS). WordPress constitutes both the backend of the website. In this interface, a user logs in to make some changes that can be implemented in new content, along with the front end that consists of visible aspects of your site, allowing visitors to see on the World Wide Web.

Here are a few examples of multiple websites that can be created via WordPress:

  • Blog – A blog is a niche-specific website concerned with sharing thoughts, photos, reviews, recipes, tutorials, and vice versa. Blogs usually display the most recently published content.
  • eCommerce website An eCommerce website enables you to sell online goods or services and collect payments using an online payment system. You can simply download and install a WordPress eCommerce plugin to extend the built-in functionality of WordPress so you can have an online store on your website.
  • Business website – Most businesses will benefit from having an online presence on their personalized website. Suppose your business requires a website to understand your company preferences and what you offer. In that case, WordPress is an excellent option, and the customers can simply contact you and ask for recommendations, schedule a meeting or appointment, and vice versa. 
  • Membership website – A membership website lets you add content behind a paywall or an account login. To access site pages or posts, the users must log in or pay for their content. WordPress can also handle membership websites with multiple plugins.
  • Portfolio website Display off your artwork, design skills, and more with a portfolio website developed via WordPress.
  • Forum website A forum website can be a helpful platform for users to ask questions or share pieces of advice, and most of the forum websites execute on WordPress.
  • Event website – Do you want to host an event? WordPress makes it quite easy to share your event info and sell tickets.
  • E-learning website Students can take online courses, monitor progress, download resources, and vice versa from an e-learning website. Using the specialized plugins named WordPress LMS plugin such as myCred LearnDash, the user can offer online courses from a WordPress website.
  • The possibilities are diversified when we talk about customizing a WordPress website; WordPress themes and plugins can simply incorporate new design options and added functionality. 

Features of WordPress

As a Website Development Platform and CMS, WordPress consists of an impressive set of features. Here are some of the few features of WordPress:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO starts at a technical level, and WordPress offers a complete identity code for SEO. SEO enables your website’s content to be found via common search engines such as Google or Bing. 
  • Performance – WordPress is a complete website framework that constantly strives to remove code “bloat” that decreases your website’s loading time and performance.
  • Mobile & User Friendly Most WordPress themes are mobile-friendly or state-of-the-art responsive. 
  • Meta File Library – WordPress has a built-in media library to upload and embed media files that include images or videos into your social media pages or posts. You can also perform the basic edits to your images or videos within your WordPress platform. The WordPress platform also has an entire focus on the accessibility of the WordPress Platform.
  • Simple & Easy-to-Use User Interface WordPress is simple and easy to use without focusing on complicated settings. If you can use any word processing tool then understanding the WordPress platform will be much easier. WordPress also has a strong focus on the accessibility of multiple tactics and vice versa.
  • Custom Menus – WordPress makes it quite simple to create navigation menus along with the links associated with your web pages or the custom links.
  • Default Blog – Adding a blog to your site is quite simple to publish a post.
  • WordPress 5.0: WordPress Block Editor WordPress 5.0 launched the new Block Editor, the Gutenberg WordPress Editor. The new editor has transformed how you want to edit your WordPress pages and posts. Now, you can easily design and manage the content with a flexible and reliable “drag and drop” method. 
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Reasons & Benefits of a WordPress Site?

If you’re seeking to adopt why WordPress is widely used as a content management system, WordPress has certain benefits as a website platform.

1. Simple & Flexible

WordPress enables you to publish and develop website content simply and easily. Eventually, as a beginner, you can simply use the WordPress Platform. It also enables you to create several websites, from personal blogs and online stores to online magazines and newspapers. Also, you can use it for your business-oriented website and incorporate widgets and plugins to integrate multiple functionalities. 

You may also be required to install a plugin or a third-party application, which can easily happen, but the choices are still endless. WordPress flexibility can also be implemented for various individuals such as WordPress developers, beginners, and everyone involved between the two that can use the WordPress Platform. Hence, in this way, you can easily use it along with the features you want to take advantage of, as per your considerations.

2. Free & Open Source

WordPress is an open-source and free software which means that you can install, use, and modify it to meet your business needs. You can use it to create any website in which the WordPress software itself is open-source and available for free. You’ll require a domain name and web hosting to install it easily and efficiently. 

Significantly, the open-source genre of WordPress is also considered as an important reason that has grasped a massive community of developers to create new tools and resources for it. Having a WordPress site, you can easily get involved in a greater WordPress community via your local WordPress Meetup, WordCamps, and many more. Hence, the WordPress umbrella has adopted massive interactions, assistance, and evolution to revolutionize the market sector.

3. WordPress Speed Optimization

Significantly, slow websites are considered useless. WordPress constitutes the specific features and elements that you can fully benefit from to speed up your website to the next level.  For Instance, you can install a lightweight theme that doesn’t correspondingly write down your code. Also, you can add a plugin that will help the user reduce the size of your image files. 

The user can benefit from options for Gzip compression, advanced caching, and minimizing CSS and JS files. The examples show that you can simply decrease your website page loading speed using the professional WordPress Speed Optimization service. Ultimately, it will decrease your bounce rates, improve user experiences, and leverage conversions on your WordPress site.

4. WordPress VIP Services

WordPress VIP is a paid and premium cloud hosting platform. The standard WordPress features the following services that provide a variety of advanced functionality, including in-house hosting solutions, integration with Google AMP, eCommerce platforms, and Facebook Instant Articles. Hence, the users also get pre-built A/B testing, multilingual support, localization aids, integrations with advanced analytics platforms, and vice versa.

5. Payment Gateway Support

WordPress supports multiple options for payment purposes, and one such option is the use of payment gateways. Precisely, the payment gateway is a third-party service provider that allows you to accept online payments on your online store. 

Although not all of them have similar policies, processing rates, and features, choosing an unreliable payment gateway will increase your costs and hurt your business dimensions in the long term. For Example, WP EasyPay is an integrated payment plugin that integrates Square into your WordPress site, making it easy to pay via the square payment gateway. 

6. Themes

WordPress supports various themes that provide your website’s framework. Most WordPress themes provide that entire design (the look, feel, and site style, site-wide font styles, color schemes, blog post styles, blog archives, page layouts (or templates), widget locations, extra stylistic details, or information and vice versa.

Some functions like WordPress page builders enable you to create personalized page layouts without the use of any code:

  • Themes can be implemented into your WordPress dashboard’s appearance on the themes menu.
  • Using the pre-built search functionality, you can search for a free theme available on WordPress.org.
  • Themes can also be extracted from a ZIP file; then, Understanding the WordPress platform will be much easier if you can simply upload via the appearance of the themes menu uploader in your WordPress dashboard.

In correspondence to the default theme added to the WordPress installation, you can simply install your personalized WordPress theme to transform the look and website style. 

7. Gutenberg Support

Gutenberg is a name for the latest block-based editor that has been introduced in WordPress 5.0. It is considered as the default editor that all the WordPress sites use it unless you’ve particularly disabled it. It looks similar as: 

The major distinguishing factor between the Gutenberg WordPress editor and the predecessor WordPress editor known as “classic editor” is that Gutenberg is the latest block-based method to create your content in an easy and simple way. 

With Gutenberg, each element in your content is a block, enabling you to easily manipulate your content. Each paragraph is a block; every image and button is also known as a block. Hence, in this way, third-party developers can also build custom blocks that help WordPress deal with shortcodes. Instead of adding a shortcode, i.e., ‘[your-form-shortcode]’ as you would have done in the past, you can now just drop in your form plugin’s block.

Statistics of WordPress Usage Across the Globe

The recent report on the usage of content management systems highlights that WordPress has enabled over 60 million websites, or almost 36% of websites available on the WWW, and over 60% of all websites along with the CMS are shown below:

Significantly, one of the core reasons behind the gradual refinement in the above statistics is the fact that WordPress is an open-source and easy-to-use platform; it has been widely known as the gold standard for website builders

Final Verdict

Hence, if you want a site that seems to be professional, result-driven, simple, and easy to maintain and set up in a well-organized manner, WordPress will be a preferred choice for you, especially if you don’t want to write code and want to run your online business on your own WordPress-enabled website.

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