WordPress Statistics You Should Know In 2022

As far as content management systems are concerned, WordPress has been a giant platform. Initially released as a blogging platform, this platform has leapfrogged in popularity in no time. Today, more than 60% of websites use WP to manage their content.

There are so many reasons behind the popularity of WordPress. It offers a simple and easy CMS development option, particularly for users with moderate knowledge of computers and people tilted towards CMS development. One of the features that makes WordPress the best among the rest is that anyone can use and implement it easily with basic knowledge of computers.

WP is a seamless and easy-to-use CMS due to its short installation time. You can install this platform within minutes. Being beginner-friendly, flexible, and powerful, more and more businesses are preferring WP as their go-to content management platform. As per a study, 2 out of every 5 websites on the internet use WordPress.

WordPress continues to advance alongside its large user base. Once used by bloggers, WordPress is quite popular among news organizations, WordPress development agencies, e-commerce brands, and many other businesses.

WordPress Statistics

To better understand the most popular open-source CMS globally and its community, let’s look at important statistics related to WordPress plugins, usage, security, and themes below.

WordPress Statistics 2022
WordPress Statistics 2022

Final Words

The graph of WordPress is going up in various aspects. However, it does not show that WordPress is less secure. More and more people are using this CMS to satisfy their varying needs with time. WordPress seems to be the most popular choice for users and will likely remain so in the future. This is because the WordPress community is strong and the platform is easy to use.

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