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Best 5 Free & Paid WordPress Shortcode Plugins In 2020

CODING is not every computer user’s cup of tea because simply put, it’s not an easy job. This is why Shortcodes were introduced in WordPress 2.5, and the reason to launch them was to allow people to execute code inside WordPress posts, pages, and widgets without writing any code directly. By using Shortcodes, the HTML and other markup are added dynamically directly into the post or page where the user wants them to appear.

What Are The Shortcode Plugins?

Shortcodes in WordPress are code shortcuts that help you add dynamic content in WordPress posts, pages, buttons, columns, alert notes, and sidebar widgets. They are presented inside square brackets like this: [myshortcode]. WordPress already has some shortcodes available, and there are far more advanced shortcodes available in the form of plugins (Free and Paid). Instead of wasting your valuable time and effort writing tons of codes to get work done on your website, you can use the WordPress shortcodes plugin to perform a similar task.

Free Vs Paid WordPress Plugins – What Is The Difference Between The Two?

There is a plethora of free and paid WordPress plugins available online and while many of them are unique, it does not mean that they are right for you. You need to research for yourself and pick the one that fulfills your requirements.

Do all free WordPress plugins have limited functionality? Do I need to buy paid WordPress plugins to fulfill my long-term objectives? These are the questions that you must answer before selecting the best WordPress Plugin for your usage.

Here are some facts to consider, when choosing between a free and paid WordPress plugin:

  1. Features: Although there are a lot of free plugins in the WordPress repository, some key features may only be available on their pro version. Double-check whether you need the features or not. If no free WordPress plugin provides the required option, you’ll need to upgrade your plugin to the paid ones.
  2. Support: Paid WordPress plugins usually offer full-time support. So if your plugin malfunctions or you need some tips on utilizing it – you can contact the support team for help. With most free plugins, you’ll have to do the research yourself.
  3. DocumentationPaid WordPress plugins usually come with documentation files. These files are like a manual book. You can find how to configure all features in the plugin and maybe some tweaks to optimize it.

What type of Shortcode plugins you should use in 2020 for your WordPress site either free or paid, below is a list of the top 5 free and Paid WordPress Shortcode Plugins that you might consider adding to your site.


#1. Shortcodes Ultimate (Free)

Shortcodes Ultimate is the most popular shortcodes plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository with more than 800,000 downloads. It is a comprehensive collection of various visual and functional elements, which you can use in the post editor, text widgets, or even in template files. Using the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin, you can easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders and carousels, responsive videos, and much, much more.


  • 50+ beautiful shortcodes
  • 1-click shortcode insertion with live preview
  • Gutenberg-ready
  • Works with any theme
  • Modern responsive design

#2. Shortcoder (Free)

Shortcoder allows you to create custom shortcodes and store HTML, javascript, and other snippets in it. You can then use these shortcodes in your post or page. This simple and very easy-to-use plugin is especially useful when you wish to do things like adding Google Adsense onto your WordPress site or include media such as video embeds on your blog posts. It’s a powerful, free WordPress plugin that can be used to add advertisements to your website.


  • Create ‘Custom Shortcodes’ easily and use them within WordPress.
  • Use any kind of HTML as Shortcode content.
  • Insert Custom parameters in Shortcode.
  • Insert WordPress parameters in Shortcode.
  • Multiple editors: Code, Visual and text modes.

#3. Supreme Shortcodes (Paid)

Supreme Shortcodes is an excellent and reliable paid WordPress plugin that provides a package of shortcodes of any type, for any purpose. Whatever functionality you want to add to your site, the plugin makes it extremely straightforward for you. There are lots of categories with lots of awesome shortcodes that are waiting to be used. Before installing the plugin, you are able to test it as it offers live previews for all the shortcodes it comes with. For only $22, your site will look just the way you want and will have all it needs to keep your users involved with your services. Each shortcode has a vast range of customization options, which can be easily managed from your dashboard.


  • Supreme Shortcodes comes with stunning Parallax Sections that make your page more beautiful.
  •   Impress your visitors with fly-in elements! Bunch of cool, fun, and cross-browser animations.
  •   With Supreme, Shortcodes insert desired color, target, icon, text, background color, URL, and button size with only a few clicks.
  • It comes with a Super Responsive Design that will adjust the theme’s design when viewed on different screens.
  • It provides 30 beautifully designed, 3D social icons that can be used as links to your social networks.

#4. Vision Shortcodes (Paid)

Vision is a massive, 100+ shortcode plugin that is also very easy to use since it is inserted directly into your WordPress post/page editor (simply click and add the shortcode you want). Included in Vision are buttons of different colors and sizes, columns, lightboxes, statistics displaying functionality, tabs, image icons, number counters, pricing boxes, and so much more. As far as advanced shortcodes go, Vision is one of the better available.


  • Markers – add images, links, text, or SVG objects.
  • Tooltips – small boxes for tiny information.
  • Popovers – pop-up boxes for large amounts of info.
  • Smart – tooltips & popovers can occupy the best position.
  • Code editors – add extra CSS styles or js code with syntax highlighting.

 #5 Intense Shortcodes (Paid)

Intense Shortcodes is a popular shortcode plugin on CodeCanyon. It cost about the same as most other shortcode plugins, but this plugin is more than just for shortcode functionality. In addition to having over 100 shortcodes, Intense also comes with 18 custom post types, 140 animations, and over 4900 icons. Shortcodes include lightboxes, icons, counters, buttons, progress bars, subpages, content boxes, alert notes, and much more.


  • Add shortcodes from the WordPress visual or text editor.
  • Easily create templates that you can use for displaying your posts, with the use of the templates custom post type.
  • Easily add 140 different animation effects. Animate an item on a delay, on mouse hover, on mouse click, when scrolled into view, or after a timed delay.
  • Create code snippets that you can reuse.
  • 100% mobile responsive.


We have discussed the top 5 free and paid shortcode plugins for WordPress users in the year 2020. These shortcode plugins add extra functionality to the appearance of your WordPress website and let you create your custom shortcodes. As the online competition is hard, the key is to find shortcuts to streamline your strategy so that you can manage a quality website for visitors. Using shortcodes plugins will help you save a lot of time and effort.

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