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Post Snippets

Post Snippets is a WordPress plugin that lets you create a library with snippets of PHP code, HTML, or reoccurring text that you can reuse in your pages and posts.

Create unlimited shortcodes and add them to your website’s pages and posts in a matter of seconds. With this user-friendly WordPress plugin, you get the liberty of creating boxes, buttons, tabs, sliders, responsive videos, and carousels.

Features of Post Snippets

  • Seamlessly duplicate short code snippets and add them to pages and posts.
  • If offers the Rich Text Editor feature to personalize your snippets in your preferred manner.
  • Change your snippets’ order seamlessly through the drag and drop functionality.
  • Give anyone access to insert, edit, delete, and update any post snippet without offering them admin access.
  • It offers Gutenberg Block Editor support, which is feasible for all major built-in features such as icons, names, categories, descriptions, etc.
  • Every defined snippet is inserted directly into the WordPress editor via a single button.
  • >You can create customized shortcodes and insert them into pages and posts.
  • The Manage Snippets page makes it easy for you to remove, edit, and add snippets.
  • Every snippet can have multiple variables which can be used on insert.
  • It’s easy to create personalized variables for every snippet and reuse them for your pages and posts.
  • Seamless import and export between websites within seconds.
  • Shortcode snippets can be processed as PHP code, which you can use on the page or post.
  • It offers complete documentation directly from the help panel.

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  • 1 Year Free Updates Included
  • 1 Year Priority Support Included
  • Easy Cancellation And Refund Policy

This item is licensed 100% GPL

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