7 Trending Reasons Why In-House Online Ordering System is the Best Option


In the restaurant industry, quickly giving customers what they want is essential. A dependable, fast, and accessible meal experience requires an online ordering system, a self-service counter, and a mobile payment platform. Customers will order from another company if they can’t place an order from your restaurant when it’s closed.

However, the decision to implement an internal internet-based ordering system remains up to restaurant owners. Many people think that the trouble of installing their system might not be worthwhile in the long run.

Below is our breakdown to assist you in determining how an internal food ordering system is appropriate for your company.

How an Online Ordering System Benefits a Food Brand


1. Profit is All Yours

By setting aside the middleman, you keep all your hard-earned profits in your pocket, which is the beauty of the online food ordering system. Here, the middleman is a 3rd party app for food delivery. These apps consume 15%-30% of every sale you make. The online ordering system’s cost would be low compared to internal software that is designed, controlled, and managed.

The revenue from the sales itself will be all yours, even though you might have to pay fixed charges for certain features. The costs vary depending on the system you select. While some businesses only charge for the basic features, others charge for supplementary features of the online ordering system.

2. Clients Get Customized Experience

When using a food delivery platform, you are just a number in a massive list of eateries. With your own restaurant’s online ordering platform, you can personalize every aspect of the ordering process, from the item’s appearance to the promotions you employ to thank regular customers.

Needless to say, it is possible to make adjustments whenever you require. You can immediately edit the information if you want a particular dish or wish to adjust the price. Waiting to get the help of a 3rd party gateway to handle your requirement could cost you clients and trigger negative feedback.

3. You Get Complete Control

Managing the order-taking and timely delivery processes significantly impacts your rapport and brand loyalty. Using outsourced software for order processing and placing your hotel’s reputation in their hands frequently results in negative reviews. Negative feedback hurts the business’s sales. With an in-house online ordering system, there are only so many opportunities for clients to be satisfied when you are in complete control.

4. You Get Important Client Data

You will discover the most well-liked dish, your devoted clients, and the frequency with which they place meal orders. This can assist you in consistently improving your food menu and providing solutions tailored to the appropriate customers.

For instance, you can build promotions and meal packages around a specific item as a best seller. Also, you can offer discounts to encourage customers to place additional orders.

To provide individualized client support, customer data can also be used to generate simulated data through a data anonymization tool.

5. You Elevate Customer Loyalty

You can ensure a higher level of loyalty by using your restaurant’s online order processing system. The consumer may submit a request on a 3rd app from you this time and from another restaurant the following time. They will be more devoted to the booking app than to you.

Since people have so many options available to them, they are less likely to choose you the next time, even if you have satisfied them with your meal. The fact that your brand can’t stand out in such a crowded market puts you in hot waters. Your business will take center stage if you provide an online ordering system.

6. Your Brand Image Gets Protected

Customers can contact you if you have your online food ordering system in case of any problem with the food order or just food. The issue can then be resolved right away. Customers need a method to contact you using 3rd online delivery systems, and you cannot hear their complaints. As a result, you’re in a rut and won’t get user input to enhance your offerings.

As per a survey, 76% of customers hold the restaurant accountable for delivery mistakes made by third parties.

As a result, even if you have no control over how the food is delivered to your customers, you will still be held responsible, which could jeopardize your brand reputation.

7. You Become Unique in the Market

The food ordering system created in-house always creates a difference in the customers’ minds. Due to the personalized experience, people get a positive perception of the brand with an in-house ordering system compared to those that use 3rd party apps. It becomes difficult for your eatery to be found out by clients if it is included at the end of a lengthy restaurant list on these applications. You don’t have any rivals with the in-house platform, as you own the system.

You can give the clients what they want and promote your business. 70% of customers would place orders directly with restaurants rather than through an intermediary. Profit from that by providing them with an exceptional experience.

How to Setup Online Food Ordering System


Restaurant for WooCommerce offers a user-friendly and instinctive way to design an online food ordering system on your WordPress site. If you own a bar, coffee shop, or restaurant, you can cater to your customers in a hassle-free way through this plugin. Following are some of the enticing features you get from Restaurant for WooCommerce:

  • Unrestricted delivery options.
  • Show opening/closing time (daily).
  • Clean and easy-to-understand menu design.
  • Multiple time slots for each day.
  • Interactive widget.
  • Options for various menu creation.

So, design your in-house food delivery system within minutes with a full-featured order-accepting solution in the form of Restaurant for WooCommerce that enables you to sell many food items online.

Wrap Up

Today, an online ordering system is the easiest way for customers to enjoy their cuisine and entertainment. Restaurants that choose to create their unique internal online food delivery system see an increase in sales and generate significantly more money than those that select third-party apps. As a result, each restaurant needs to consider building its internal food delivery system. Make sure to maximize the value of each order on your online platform. Be careful to set up to turn one-time customers into recurring ones.


Q1. Why is online delivery convenient?

Because you don’t have to reach out or make a call for food ordering, there is no need to disturb any privacy or disrupt any meeting for a dinner/lunch order.

Q2. Why do people prefer ordering food online?

Comfort and convenience are two main factors that make online food ordering systems a preferred choice. The online ordering system helps you track down your favorite food item and place the order without hassle.

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