Increase WooCommerce Store Conversion With Currency Switcher Plugin

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Give your customers the luxury of shopping in the currency they are more familiar with.

While most online stores have the American Dollar (USD) as their default currency, a recent study has shown that customers tend to purchase more often on sites that display prices in their native currency or a more familiar currency.

A currency switcher plugin is a must-have add-on for your online store since most sites on the internet have an international audience. Your job as a store owner is to facilitate your customer as much as you can, and Currency Switcher for WooCommerce extension does exactly that.


It’s a fact!

US $ (American Dollar) rules the global e-commerce economy. Still, on the other hand, online customers prefer to purchase in their own currency because of their fear that they will have problems in transaction processing and currency exchange rates.

Why Do You Need a Currency Switcher Plugin for WooCommerce Store?

Suppose you are planning to develop a fully functional WooCommerce store OR are in the process of running it while targeting shoppers from all over the world. In that case, there is no other alternative but to add one of the best WooCommerce currency switcher plugins to your payment system.


Adding a currency switcher extension to your WooCommerce Store can help improve your customers’ shopping experience tenfold.

Benefits of Using Currency Switcher on WooCommerce Store

– Increase Customer Loyalty


Giving your shoppers the option to switch to their local currency expresses your store’s diversity. By displaying flags and currency options, you give your shoppers the trust that your store provides accurate exchange rates and accessible payment methods.

Adding a currency switcher will increase the chances of customers returning to your store. Recurring customers are a sign of customer and brand loyalty, which in return means an increased ROI.

– Increase Your Store’s Conversion Rate


When a customer lands on your WooCommerce store pages through social media, affiliate links, or any other traffic-sending source, seeing desirable products and services in their local currency can be a pleasant surprise.

Ultimately, it creates a better opportunity for your store to hook them for purchasing from you. After all, shopping in a native currency is more convenient and transparent for any global shopper.

– Reduce Cart Abandonment, Refunds, Chargebacks


Multi-currency reduces shopping cart abandonment and can minimize refund and chargeback rates. For currencies for which you do not specify localized pricing, the prices will be displayed to customers using real-time foreign exchange rates.

Customers will appreciate your straightforward approach to pricing and the lack of effort required to see the price in the currency of their preferred format.

Why Choose Currency Switcher for WooCommerce?

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce allows visitors to switch currencies easily according to their preferences. Display unlimited selectable currencies on the shop, cart, or checkout page of your WooCommerce website using flags as a visual representation.


You can manually or automatically set up exchange rates using the currency conversion data API that updates currency exchange rates at predefined time intervals. What’s better is that customers can check out in their selected currency.

Rather than a simple multi-currency add-on, this extension works marvelously as a currency converter that displays your store prices in various currencies without hassle.

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Features

  • Removes the hassle of currency conversion for the users.
  • Allows customers to shop in their preferred currency.
  • Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is available as a widget and works on any WooCommerce website with a widgetized area.
  • Insert the Currency Switcher shortcode anywhere on the website, and it works beautifully as a sidebar widget.
  • The currency switcher displays selectable currency options in two different ways: names of the available currencies (US, GB, EU, etc.) or flags of the countries.
  • Customers are allowed to checkout using their selected (preferred) currency.
  • Currency exchange rates can be changed from the back end. They can be set manually or allowed to update automatically using the currency conversion data API.
  • Currency exchange rates are updated on predefined intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or within minutes of each other). You can disable this option and update them manually.
  • Selectable currency options can be represented by flags of countries.
  • Set a default currency on your website that can be changed according to the user’s preference.
  • Enable/disable the user’s ability to checkout using their currency choice. Disabling the option will show the customer’s final payment in the default currency.
  • Display the ability to switch currencies on the shop, cart, and checkout pages.
  • Add unlimited selectable currency options from the back end.
  • Enable/disable currencies as per your choice.
  • Convert product prices, shipping prices, coupon codes, taxes, and other prices to any currency the customer desires.
  • Fully compatible with Donation for WooCommerce and its features (Round-up functionality, a donation from the page, a donation form widget).

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Setup

Here is how you can use Currency Switcher for WooCommerce on your website:

  • Currency Switcher


The extension converts product prices, shipping prices, coupon codes, taxes, and other prices on the website to different currencies based on exchange rates.

  • Default Currency Flag


Display your website’s default currency flag on the front end. This can be changed from the back-end settings.

  • Exchange Rate Control


Set currency exchange rates manually or allow the Open Exchange Rates API to auto-update the rates at selected time intervals.

  • Currency Symbol


Use country flags as currency symbols on the front end of the currency switcher interface.

  • Multiple Currencies


Add multiple currencies (and their respective flags) from the back-end settings.

  • Enable/Disable Multi-Currency Checkout


Enable/disable checkout in the customer’s selected currency. Disabling it will convert the customer’s final payment back to the default currency.

  • Email Notification


The admin can receive emails each time a currency rate changes.

  • Display on the Shop, Cart, and Checkout Page


Display the extension on the shop, cart, and checkout page so users can change the currency after proceeding with purchase, donation, and checkout.

  • Currency Selector Widget


Use a shortcode in any post, page, or custom post to display the currency switcher.

  • Compatible with Donation for WooCommerce Extension


Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is compatible with Donation for WooCommerce (Round-up functionality, donation from the page, donation form widget)

  • Attractive Front-End Styles


Select from 4 different currency switcher interface designs to display on the front end.


WooCommerce Store owners are now accepting that to take their store or brand to the global level; they should have plugins that facilitate customers accordingly.

It is also proven that one-third of any customer base prefers to shop in their local or native currency (excluding USD). So, it’s high time you go with a currency-switching plugin on your store to facilitate shoppers.

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