Currency Switcher For WooCommerce

Develop Your Business Globally With Currency Switcher Plugin For WooCommerce

Suppose you have a US-based online store. However, most customers come from various countries such as the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Japan. In this case, you will need a plugin to convert US dollars into these countries’ currencies. Let’s experience the best WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin’s premium features to help you do it easily.

Currency Switcher Plugin For WooCommerce can display prices and receive payments in various currencies. This allows customers to buy at their preferred prices and increases productivity. WooCommerce Currency Switcher- provides multiple options and will enable users to change the price of the goods in real-time within a specified payment amount and payment in their standard currency (optional). You can increase countless currencies in your e-store. 


In the global context of online shopping, you need to provide your product globally. Everything you sell on the Internet requires easy access from all over the world. Here’s how to increase your sale in the global e-commerce market by facilitating the use of the Currency Switcher Plugin For WooCommerce.

Currency Switcher Plugin for WooCommerce’s Salient Features:

WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin can be expressed graphically in three ways: drop-down, flag, and currency switchers. You can set up the flag with any currency. 

customers are given to pay in the selected currency. This feature has the name that must be activated in plugin settings. 

  • Rates
    The currency rates continuously change daily. Also, if you need an administrator service, you can adjust the rates manually. Optionally, management can take care of the currency rates via email. 
  • Price
    Price setup system for your financial needs, decimal character, or money symbol available in 4 different variants. Optionally, you can check or hide money. Set the recipro decimals to count index after comma for each currency. It is also possible to use non-existent money. 
  • Custom Money Signs
    Each currency has its own signs that allow you to set prices and signs of currencies as per your needs.

Fixed Amount For Coupons For Each Currency
You can set different amounts in an e-shop or coupons for foreign currencies. However, the number is calculated according to the currency’s exchange rates and calculated with the standard currency. 

Coupon Verification Amount For Each Currency
You can set the number of additional verifications for different currencies instead of calculating financial values from third-party. 

Compatibility With Cache Plugins
If your website uses caching, you can use the caching utility in your website settings and reset the website cache to allow store visitors to switch currencies seamlessly.

Currency Switcher Plugin for WooCommerce’s Utilities:

Worldwide Recognition 
Show the price of your product, and it is clear to global customers. 

Better ROI 
Customers become clearer and get more benefits for business.

International Prices
Your business lucidity sets diverse prices for various countries. 

Currency Switcher
Use Currency Switcher Plugin For WooCommerce shortcuts anywhere by creating the shortcut. 

Customize Checkout
Create your own rules on your payment method. 

No Hidden Charges 
Pay once for all features without extra cost. 

Power API to work with store prices. 

Statistics Analysis 
Check foreign currency and country according to user’s IP.

Unlimited currencies

Add unlimited selectable currencies and their flags from the back-end settings.

Shop, cart & checkout page

Display the option to switch currencies on the shop, cart, and checkout page

Rates auto-update

Currency rates can be auto-updated monthly, weekly, daily, or even after every 30 minutes.

Available as a widget

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is available as a widget and works in any widgetized area.


Allow customers to pay in their selected (preferred) currency. Similarly, disable it to change the currency to default before checkout.


Insert the shortcode anywhere on the website to display the currency switcher.


Currency can be displayed in two different ways: abbreviation of country names (US, GB, EU, etc.) or using flags.

Fixed exchange rates

Set fixed exchange rates (manually) with respect to your WooCommerce store's default currency.

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  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Version 1.6.2

Last update 2023-05-04

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