Currency Switcher Plugin for WooCommerce


Information & Requirements

  • WordPress 5.0+
  • Php 5.6+
  • WooCommerce 4.0+
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Currency Switcher for WooCommerce provides your visitors the option to easily switch between currencies according to their preferences.

Display unlimited selectable currencies on the shop, cart, or checkout page of your WooCommerce website using flags as a visual representation. Exchange rates can be set up manually or even automatically using the currency conversion data API that updates currency exchange rates on predefined time intervals.

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce made it possible for customers to checkout in their selected currency. It is not a simple multi-currency addon, in fact this extension works marvelously as a currency converter that displays your store prices in various currencies without much hassle.


Currency Switcher: The extension converts product prices, shipping prices, coupon codes, taxes, and other prices on the website to different currencies based on exchange rates.

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

Default Currency Flag: Display your website’s default currency flag on the front-end. This can be changed from the back-end settings.

Exchange rate control: Set currency exchange rates manually or allow the Open Exchange Rates API to auto-update the rates at selected time intervals.

Exchange Rate Types

Fixed exchange rate: Set fixed exchange rates (manually) with respect to your WooCommerce store’s default currency.

Currency symbol: Use country flags as currency symbols on the front-end of the currency switcher interface.

Multiple currencies: Add multiple currencies (and their respective flags) from the back-end settings.

currency Switcher

Enable/disable multi-currency checkout: Enable/disable checkout in the customer’s selected currency. Disabling it will convert the customer’s final payment back to the default currency.

Email notification: The admin can opt to receive emails each time a currency rate is changed.

Display on the shop, cart, checkout page: Display the extension on the shop, cart, and checkout page so users can change the currency after proceeding with purchase, donation, and checkout.

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Currency selector widget: Use a shortcode in any post, page, or custom post to display the currency switcher.

Compatible with Donation for WooCommerce extension: Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is compatible with Donation for WooCommerce (Round-up functionality, donation from page, donation from widget).

Attractive front-end styles: Select from 4 different currency switcher interface designs to display on the front-end.


  • Removes the hassle of currency conversion for the users.
  • Allows customers to shop in their preferred currency.
  • It is available as a widget and works on any WooCommerce website with a widget area.
  • Insert the Currency Switcher shortcode anywhere on the website and it works beautifully as a sidebar widget.
  • The currency switcher displays selectable currency options in two different ways: names of the available currencies (US, GB, EU, etc.) or flags of the countries.
  • Customers are allowed to checkout using their selected (preferred) currency.
  • Currency exchange rates can be changed from the back-end. They can be set manually or allowed to update automatically using the currency conversion data API.
  • Currency exchange rates are updated on predefined intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or within minutes of each other). You can disable this option and update them manually.
  • Selectable currency options can be represented by flags of countries.
  • Set a default currency on your website that can be changed according to the user’s preference.

Compatibility: Version 1.0 of Currency Switcher for WooCommerce extension includes support for Donation for WooCommerce.

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Regular License From: 79.00

Extended License $299

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.

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