Currency Switcher For WooCommerce

Introducing Currency Switcher for WooCommerce, the dynamic currency converter plugin designed to elevate your online store’s global reach. This powerful multi-currency converter plugin automatically updates currency exchange rates, seamlessly presenting your customers with their preferred currency across your entire website. By detecting the Geo-Location IP of your customers, this extension ensures that every page on your WooCommerce store displays prices in their home currency, offering a personalized shopping experience.

Seamless currency conversion for a global shopping experience.


Transform your WooCommerce store into a global marketplace with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce. Simplify currency conversion, enhance user experience, and cater to a diverse customer base effortlessly.

  • Unlimited Currencies: Add an array of selectable currencies and their respective flags effortlessly from the back-end settings.
  • Shop, Cart, & Checkout Integration: Display the currency switcher option conveniently on the shop, cart, and checkout pages for user-friendly navigation.
  • Rates Auto-Update: Keep your currency rates updated with the flexibility to auto-update monthly, weekly, daily, or at intervals as short as every 30 minutes.
  • Widgetized Functionality: Utilize the extension as a widget, seamlessly integrating it into any widgetized area across your WooCommerce store.
  • Checkout Flexibility: Enable customers to pay in their selected currency, enhancing convenience. Optionally, revert to the default currency before checkout.
  • Shortcode Integration: Insert the shortcode anywhere on your website to showcase the intuitive currency switcher easily.
  • Representation Options: Choose between two display options – abbreviations of country names (US, GB, EU, etc.) or visually appealing flags.
  • Fixed Exchange Rates: Take control with the ability to set fixed exchange rates manually concerning your store’s default currency.

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Features

Automatic currency conversion options

  • Integrate and showcase an unlimited array of currencies.
  • Allows currency conversion according to shipping location.
  • Automatically identify the customer’s country and switch currencies.
  • Extend currency conversion to cover product shipping, discounts, taxes, and various price components.
  • Exercise control over payment gateway visibility based on specific currencies.
  • Enable dynamic currency changes post the initiation of checkout.
    Allow or deny checkout in the user’s chosen currency.
  • Implement currency conversion options during billing processes.
  • Set constraints on coupon usage with maximum and minimum spending restrictions.
  • Toggle the fixed amount option for coupons with ease.
  • Implement price rounding after conversion through the “Price Rounding” feature.
  • Employ the “Price Charming” option to reduce prices post-conversion effectively.

Currency Display Options:

  • Exhibit the default currency flag seamlessly on the front end.
  • Tailor currency displays based on language.
  • Utilize country flags as currency symbols for a visually intuitive experience.
  • Choose between displaying currencies as country names or flags.
  • Easily switch between showcasing the ISO code and currency’s symbol.
  • Add a customizable prefix before the currency symbol.
  • Enhance the currency selection box by incorporating and displaying country flags.

Currency Conversion Rates:

  • Enable automatic updates of exchange rates through the Open Exchange Rates API.
  • Schedule regular updates of exchange rates at predefined intervals.
  • Manually set fixed exchange rates relative to the default currency.
  • Stay informed with email notifications every time a currency rate undergoes a change.

Zone Pricing Options:

  • Create and efficiently manage multiple pricing zones.
  • Facilitate currency conversion based on zone pricing considering locations.
  • Extend zone pricing functionality seamlessly to both simple and variable products.

Currency Switcher Widget Customization Options:

  • Integrate a versatile widget seamlessly on shop, cart, and checkout pages.
  • Display the widget conveniently on the website’s sidebar for enhanced visibility.
  • Implement the widget effortlessly on any post, page, or custom post using a shortcode.
  • Choose from four visually appealing currency exchange styling options for a customized look.

Compatibility & Integrations:

What advantages does Currency Switcher for WooCommerce have?

Currency Conversion According to Shipping Location

Auto-Currency Converter Features

Show unlimited currencies on your website and showcase them on the Currency Switcher plugin user interface.

Auto-Currency Converter Features

This extension facilitates the conversion of various elements such as product prices, shipping costs, coupon codes, taxes, and other financial figures on the site into diverse currencies determined by prevailing exchange rates.

Automatic Country Detection and Currency Switching

Automatic Country Detection and Currency Switching

Upon the customer’s arrival at your website, the extension employs the Geo-Location IP feature to identify the country. Subsequently, the WooCommerce currency converter adjusts the prices to reflect the customer’s local currency.

Show Currency Based on User Language

Show Currency Based on User Language

This functionality transforms the store’s currency in alignment with the user’s website language. For instance, if the website language is set to French, the shop currency will be automatically adjusted to French Franc.

Enable Currency Conversion at Checkout

Enable Currency Conversion at Checkout

This capability allows customers to modify the currency of their order in accordance with the billing country. Users will observe their final billing amount reflecting the currency they have chosen on the website.

“Price Charming” After Converting Currency

Price Charming After Converting Currency

The price charming feature of this WooCommerce currency switcher plugin enables the system to automatically decrease the price to the value chosen by the administrator (-0.01, -0.05, -0.10). For instance, if the administrator selects the value of -0.05, the converted price will be reduced by -0.05.

“Price Rounding” After Converting Currency

Price Rounding after converting currency

The WooCOmmerce currency converter plugin offers a price rounding feature, which empowers the system to automatically round off the price to the value designated by the administrator (0.25, 0.5, 1, 5, 10). For instance, if the admin selects “0.25” as the price rounding value, the system will round the decimal value by 0.25 after converting the price to another currency.

Payment Gateway Visibility Based on Currency

Payment Gateway Visibility Based on Currency

Users can show or hide payment gateways for specific currencies. When a user selects a particular payment gateway and saves the configuration, the chosen payment gateway becomes hidden. Consequently, only the designated payment method remains visible on the front end.

Enable or Disable Multi Currency Checkout

Enable or Disable Multi Currency Checkout

This functionality allows users to enable or disable checkout in the customer’s chosen currency. If disabled, the system automatically converts the customer’s final payment back to the site’s default currency.

Currency Exchange Rate Management

Currency Exchange Rate Management

With this multi-currency converter, gain control over exchange rates with the flexibility to set them manually or use the Open Exchange Rates API for automatic updates at specified intervals.

Fixed Exchange Rates

Fixed Exchange Rates

Set fixed exchange rates manually in relation to your WooCommerce store’s default currency.

Email Notifications for Rate Changes

Email Notifications for Rate Changes

Administrators can choose to receive email notifications whenever there is a change in currency exchange rates.

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Widget

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Widget

Display the WooCommerce currency switcher plugin widget on the shop, cart, and checkout page so users can change the currency after proceeding with purchase, donation, and checkout.

Pricing Plan

$99.00 (1 Site)

  • Regular Plugin Updates
  • Unlimited Support
  • All Features Included
  • Auto-Renew Subscription

Elevate Your Global Shopping Experience - Get Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Now!

Transform your WooCommerce store into a global marketplace with Currency Converter for WooCommerce. Simplify currency conversion, enhance user experience, and cater to a diverse customer base effortlessly. Don’t miss out – unlock global possibilities today!

Unlimited currencies

Add unlimited selectable currencies and their flags from the back-end settings.

Shop, cart & checkout page

Display the option to switch currencies on the shop, cart, and checkout page

Rates auto-update

Currency rates can be auto-updated monthly, weekly, daily, or even after every 30 minutes.

Available as a widget

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is available as a widget and works in any widgetized area.


Allow customers to pay in their selected (preferred) currency. Similarly, disable it to change the currency to default before checkout.


Insert the shortcode anywhere on the website to display the currency switcher.


Currency can be displayed in two different ways: abbreviation of country names (US, GB, EU, etc.) or using flags.

Fixed exchange rates

Set fixed exchange rates (manually) with respect to your WooCommerce store's default currency.

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  • 1-year support
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Version 1.7.2

Last update 2024-05-21

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