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Information & Requirements

Following are the requirements to run “WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Pro”

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WooCommerce Extension that gives an ability to your store to display wholesale pricing for specific users. Wholesale prices are only visible for Wholesaler Customers, not for the other customers. Also, there is a Front end Wholesale Registration form which you can customize as per your requirement.

Wholesale For WooCommerce Plugin has Multiple user role Wholesale pricing feature, with which you can create multiple wholesale roles and define different discounts for each role with support for simple and variable products both.


  • Add Wholesale Price in simple product
  • Add Wholesale Price in variable product
  • Manage Wholesale prices in bulk product to make things easy
  • Manage Multi Step Wholesale pricing
  • Approval/Rejection Managing interface
  • Change all labels from settings
  • Front end Wholesale Registration form
  • Wholesale price display in front end for Wholesaler user
  • Can add fix amount discount
  • Can add percentage discount
  • Option for wholesaler to view only wholesale item
  • Enable option for Wholesale price will be applied based on minimum quantity.
  • Translation using .PO .MO files
  • Translation using WPML Plugin
  • Option to change Price Labels
  • Registration Shortcode
  • Request Approval (Admin and User Notification Email)
  • Multiple User Roles (Wholesaler, Retailer e.t.c)
  • Option to select Single Wholesaler mode or Multi Wholesaler Mode


Registration Form: User will sign up using registration form, admin can approve or reject their request to become a wholesaler.

Wholesale Type: Admin can choose wholesale discount in amount or in percentage only.

Multiple Wholesale Role: Admin can assign different roles to user, each user will see the wholesale prices as per their given role.

Wholesale prices on Quantity: Wholesale prices will apply on minimum quantity which is defined by admin.

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2019-11-01 - version 1.1.1
* Fixed - Settings text color issue.
* Fixed - Regular price & wholesaler price issue.
2019-10-29 - version 1.0.4
* Fixed - Bulk settings issue.
* Added - Tax exempt for wholesaler.
* Compatibility- Compatible with Bulk Shop For WooCommerce plugin.
2019-10-16 - version 1.0.3
* Fixed - Settings text color issue.
2019-10-16 - version 1.0.2
* Fixed - Settings text color issue.
2019-10-16 - version 1.0.1
* Fixed - Setup URL issue.
2019-08-27 - version 1.0.0
* Initial release.

Regular License From: $49

Extended License $299

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.

  • 1 year updates included
  • 1 year support included
Buy on woocommerce This item is licensed 100% GPL.

Demo & Documentation

Video Demo


  • VERSION 1.1.6
  • RELEASED: 10/10/2019
  • Changelog
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