Wholesale For WooCommerce

Elevate your WooCommerce wholesale store to new heights with the Wholesale for WooCommerce plugin. Tailored for businesses navigating both B2B and B2C landscapes, this powerful wholesale plugin redefines how you handle wholesale products and bulk pricing. Seamlessly integrate a private wholesale-only store into your existing WooCommerce setup, offering a user-friendly backend interface that requires no coding expertise. Unlock the potential for building a resilient income stream effortlessly.

The Top B2B WooCommerce Plugin

Elevate your online store with this WooCommerce B2B solution to build a resilient income stream and redefine how you handle wholesale products and bulk pricing. Discover the simplicity with this WooCommerce wholesale plugin.

Hybrid B2B+B2C Integration:

  • Perfect for businesses managing both wholesale and retail aspects.

Private Wholesale-Only Store:

  • Establish a secure and exclusive wholesale environment within your WooCommerce store.

Developer-Friendly & Optimized:

  • Designed with developers in mind, ensuring optimization and customization capabilities.

Custom User Roles & Role-Based Pricing:

  • Tailor user roles and pricing structures to meet the unique needs of your business.

Tiered Pricing Rules:

  • Create flexible and dynamic tiered pricing rules for bulk purchases.

Tax, Shipping & Payment Management:

  • Effortlessly manage tax, shipping, and payment options within your wholesale environment.

Wholesale Sales Dashboard & Reports:

  • Gain valuable insights with a dedicated dashboard and detailed reports for wholesale sales.

Wholesale for WooCommerce Features

Role-Based Pricing & Custom User Roles

  • Ensure wholesale rates are applied only when customers meet the minimum subtotal for the total amount.
  • Establish and oversee various wholesale user roles effortlessly.
  • Efficiently handle WooCommerce wholesale pricing for both single and variable products.
  • Customize prices and discounts uniquely for wholesale customers based on their assigned user role.
  • Manage product visibility by tailoring settings specifically for wholesale user roles.
  • Implement global, category, and product-specific discounts to cater to diverse business needs.
  • Effectively filter and organize orders, distinguishing between wholesale and retail transactions.
  • Utilize default dropdowns for multiple user roles, streamlining the user management process.
  • Provide seamless support for both simple and variable products within the wholesale.
  • Import/Export CSV with wholesale products and prices.

Payment, Shipping & Tax Management

  • Enable or disable shipping methods as per the user’s role.
  • Enable or disable payment methods as per the user’s role.
  • Add the Tax ID Field in the billing address area.
  • Tax exemption (Power to exempt specific Wholesale user roles from being charged taxes).

Wholesale Registration Form

  • Craft an advanced wholesale registration form effortlessly using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Enhance form versatility with lists, autocomplete, date, checkboxes, radio buttons, and other selectable options.
  • Insert and modify headings, paragraphs, and text areas to tailor the registration experience.
  • Personalize input and extra fields, including help text, placeholder, label, name, value, and max length.
  • Exercise control over registration requests by approving or rejecting them manually or automatically.
  • Stay informed through email notifications and receive updates on registration request approvals or rejections.
  • Replace WooCommerce’s default registration form with the more dynamic and advanced wholesale registration form.
  • Embed the registration form seamlessly on any page or post using a convenient shortcode.
  • Implement a Custom CSS option within the registration form for additional design flexibility.
  • Expand the registration form, My Account, and Checkout page with the inclusion of custom fields.

Build a Private Store for Wholesale Customers

  • Lock down your exclusive wholesale store with a password.
  • Show or hide prices and products based on user roles or specific users.
  • Choose which product categories are visible or hidden.
  • Make sure only retailers can use specific coupon codes.
  • Restrict specific items to be purchasable only by retail customers.
  • Fine-tune visibility settings for single or multiple wholesale user roles.
  • Save time by managing product category visibility without individual tweaks.

Wholesale for WooCommerce API

  • List, retrieve, create, update, and delete a wholesale role.
  • List, retrieve, create, update, delete, and batch update a wholesale product.
  • List, retrieve, create, update, delete, and batch update wholesale variation.
  • List, retrieve, create, update, and delete a category discount.
  • List, retrieve, create, update, and delete a general discount.
  • Create and batch update a bundle product.
  • Create and batch update a composite product.

Wholesale Sales Dashboard & Reports

  • Retail Counter (B2C) – Displays the total number of retail orders made by any retailer customer.
  • Wholesale Counter (B2B) – This shows the overall count of wholesale orders from any B2B wholesaler.
  • Wholesale Customer Counter – Indicates the total number of wholesalers ordered by a single customer.
  • Wholesale Orders Counter – Keeps track of the total number of Wholesale Orders made by B2B Wholesalers.
  • Refund Amount Counter – Easily view the refund amount associated with a wholesale order using the Wholesale Refund Counter.

Tiered Pricing for B2B WooCommerce Wholesale Customers

  • Create tiered pricing rules for both simple and variable products.
  • Create tiered pricing rules for both categories and products.
  • Globally apply tier pricing rules.
  • Freedom to enable and disable all tiered pricing rules.
  • Option to add fixed or percentage-based discounts to each tiered pricing rule
  • Option to set maximum and minimum quantity range for each tier.
  • Highlight pricing blocks on product pages to showcase tiered pricing rule applications.
  • Automatically detect and apply tiered pricing rules.
  • Add a pricing table dependent on product quantities for enhanced transparency.

Other Important Features Making This WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin Ideal

  • Display the wholesale prices to the non-logged-in users with a custom message.
  • Admin can add a strike-through on original prices.
  • Integrate a product variation table for easy customer filtering based on attributes like color and size.
  • Enable the “Product Sampling” feature, allowing customers to request a sample before purchasing.
  • Empower wholesale users to create requisition lists for efficiently ordering frequently needed items.
  • Define minimum order quantity limits according to your specific requirements.
  • Implement add-to-cart minimum quantity restrictions for better control over wholesale transactions.
  • Manage coupon usage for wholesale user roles, providing flexibility based on your business rules.
  • Attach downloadable files to product pages with icons, titles, attachments, and descriptive text for download links.
  • Customize the position of the attachment link for download files, placing it before, after, or after the add-to-cart button or after the product summary.
  • Display a dedicated price column for each wholesale product for clear and organized pricing information.
  • Track order statuses from “Processing” to “Completed,” providing a comprehensive view of the order journey.
  • Offer a “Retailer to Wholesaler” upgrade option conveniently accessible on the My Account page.
  • Apply Cart Total Discounts by setting minimum cart amounts and specifying discount values for enhanced flexibility.
  • Allow admin intervention to manually add wholesale products to a customer’s order, ensuring seamless management.
  • Create Variable Subscription products to offer a diverse range of products with variations.
  • Automatically update the customer’s user role post-purchase upon acquiring a Variable Subscription.

This WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin is Compatible With:

Why You Should Go for this B2B WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

– Custom User Roles & Role-Based Pricing

Utilize the Wholesale Multi-user Role creation feature with this WooCommerce B2B plugin to oversee pricing adjustments for various user roles. Assign unique discounts for each role that are applicable to simple and variable products. This lets your users view wholesale prices and discounts (across Global, Product-Category, and Product levels) associated with their respective roles.

Establish a versatile business model capable of managing WooCommerce wholesale pricing and discounts across global, category, and individual wholesale product settings.

  • Different roles, Different settings

Different roles, Different settings

You have the flexibility to set up different discounts and pricing for different user roles. These configurations, whether global, based on product category, or specific to individual products, can be adjusted for each product variant or user role as needed.

  • Support for Variable and Simple Products

Support for Variable and Simple Products

Establish your store’s user role structure based on your business needs. The multi-user role feature in this B2B plugin simplifies the process of setting up various configurations for both straightforward products and those with multiple variations, each with its tailored settings.

  • Manage Category and Product Visibility

Manage Category and Product Visibility

Generate product variants that are exclusively viewable by wholesale clientele. Additionally, hide “retail-only” products, prices, and labels while preserving WooCommerce wholesale pricing or hiding wholesale product categories from retail customers.

  • Organize Your Dashboard with A Filter for Retail and Wholesale Orders

Organize Your Dashboard with A Filter for Retail and Wholesale Orders

Wholesale for WooCommerce divides incoming orders into two categories: wholesalers and non-wholesalers. This filter helps distinguish between wholesalers’ and retail customers’ orders.

  • Import & Export Wholesale products along with their respective prices tailored for each Wholesale User Role

Import & Export Wholesale products along with their respective prices tailored for each Wholesale User Role

Utilize WooCommerce Import/Export to import or export wholesale products alongside their prices tailored for each user role. This functionality streamlines the process of updating products and prices in bulk, eliminating the need to adjust individual product attributes manually.

  • Show a Price Column for Each Wholesale Product

Show a Price Column for Each Wholesale Product

The products and their corresponding wholesale prices will be showcased on a dedicated tab. A “Wholesale Product” is accompanied by its wholesale price. The Wholesaler Category denotes a specific wholesale price, while “wholesaler global” signifies a universal wholesale price applicable worldwide.

– Custom WooCommerce Wholesale Registration Form

The Wholesale for WooCommerce Registration Form simplifies the administration of your WooCommerce store. Its auto-approval functionality removes the necessity for manual processing of wholesale customer registrations. Furthermore, upon successful registration completion, you can tailor the registration page to redirect users to specific pages, whether custom or product-specific.

  • No Coding is Required

Utilize a short code to embed the Wholesale Registration Form on any page or post. This form collects crucial customer details and submits their requests through a user approval procedure. Subsequently, the admin can register the customer and allocate them a wholesale user role.

  • Advanced Form Builder

Effortlessly enhance your form by incorporating additional fields through various options to craft an ideal registration form. With the user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder, you can seamlessly add unlimited input fields, including lists, autocomplete, date selectors, checkboxes, radio buttons, and various other selectable options.

  • Custom fields for My Account & Checkout page

The wholesale registration form builder empowers you to integrate custom fields into your My Account section (within the wholesale upgrade tab) and the Checkout page. With this comprehensive and adaptable solution, you can construct your wholesale WooCommerce store to manage the complexities of B2B e-commerce effectively.

  • Track Sales & Generate Reports with Advanced Wholesale Dashboard

The Advanced Sales & Reports Dashboard in Wholesale for WooCommerce offers robust insights into the performance of your wholesale store. With just one click, you can generate sales reports to aid strategic decision-making and monitor sales, utilizing options such as date range, sale status, predefined day range, and more.

The statistical data on the dashboard’s scorecards provides figures related to B2B and B2C sale amounts, refund amounts, total orders placed, and unique customer counts.

  • B2C – Retailer Counter – This counter shows the total number of retail orders placed by any retailer customer.
  • B2B – Wholesaler Counter – Displays the total number of wholesale orders placed by any (B2B) wholesaler.
  • Wholesale Customer Counter – shows the total number of wholesalers.
  • Wholesale Orders Counter – This counter shows the total number of Wholesale Orders fulfilled by each Wholesaler.
  • Refunded Amount Counter – You can see the refund amount on the wholesale Refund counter.

– Ability to Generate Requisition Lists

Account-holding users can create requisition lists containing items they frequently order, which they can also use for future orders.

– Product Attachments & Downloadable Files

With this Wholesale WooCommerce plugin, you can upload downloadable files to the product page, including an icon, title, attachment, and text for the download link. Additionally, customize the placement of the download file’s attachment link, whether it appears before or after the add-to-cart button or after the product summary.

– Tax, Shipping & Payment Management

You can manage shipping, tax, and payment gateway settings autonomously by configuring distinct methods for each multi-user role. Wholesale for WooCommerce provides the flexibility to choose your preferred shipping and payment methods.

  • Disable Payment Gateways for Specific Wholesale User Roles

You have the ability to deactivate any payment gateway for specific wholesale user roles. Additionally, administrators can restrict any desired payment gateway directly from the backend settings.

  • Disable Shipping Methods for Specific Wholesale User Roles

You can disable specific shipping methods for particular wholesale user roles. Additionally, administrators have the option to restrict any desired shipping method directly from the backend settings.

  • Add Custom Payment Methods for Wholesale User Roles

You can include or remove custom payment methods tailored for wholesale user roles. Additionally, you can grant or restrict access to custom payment methods for specific wholesale user roles.

  • Add Coupons for Wholesale User Roles

You have the power to generate coupons for specified wholesale roles. The admin can also permit or restrict specific wholesale user roles from utilizing these coupons.

  • Exempt Specific Wholesale Users from Paying Tax

Tax-exempt rules can be implemented globally for designated wholesale user roles. You can enable tax exemption or adjust tax-exempt settings for existing wholesale roles when creating a new wholesale role.

  • Specify Tax Class or Type for Any Wholesale User Role.

The admin can choose a Wholesale User Role from the backend and designate its Tax Class via a dropdown menu. This tax classification will solely affect the Wholesale user role specified by the admin.

Create Residual Income: Charge Wholesale Customers for Special Prices

Offer subscription plans featuring exclusive wholesale rates to generate recurring monthly or yearly revenue from your wholesale clientele. Utilize WooCommerce Subscriptions to craft Variable Subscriptions with corresponding attributes.

  • Allow customers to subscribe to specific roles.
  • Enable customers to upgrade or downgrade between different subscription products.
  • Create multiple variations for a variable subscription product.
  • Automatically adjust the customer’s wholesale role based on their chosen subscription package, as the admin defines.
  • Customize subscription pricing for each variation, including sign-up fees, subscription prices, free trials, etc.
  • Cancellation of a subscription will automatically return customers to a default role.

NOTE: WooCommerce Subscription is required to use subscription features in this WooCommerce wholesale plugin.

Tier Pricing for WooCommerce

You can establish multiple tiers in your wholesale store and implement them across various levels (Product, Category, Global). Each tier has its own price and quantity range, allowing customers to select the best option for their budget.

Furthermore, you can specify the quantity range (minimum and maximum) within each tier rule and the type of discount it offers (fixed or percentage).

Once tiered pricing rules are activated, a pricing table reflecting product quantities and tier rules will appear on the product page. The pricing blocks on this table will be highlighted when the rules are applied.

NOTE: After activating this feature, tiered pricing rules will take over Wholesale (default) pricing.

  • Product-based tiered pricing: You can establish multiple tier rules for simple or variable products.
  • Category-based tiered pricing: Implementing tiered pricing based on categories allows you to define multiple tier rules for wholesale categories. These rules will automatically apply to all products within the category except those subject to product-based tier pricing.
  • Global tiered pricing: Enabling tiered pricing rules at the global level allows you to establish discount-based tiers for all products on your website, excluding those already subjected to Product or Category-based tier pricing.

Build a Private Store for Wholesale Users

Control access to your exclusive wholesale store by setting rules for specific users and user roles. Define access criteria for categories, products, prices, and other elements to ensure only designated users can view your private wholesale store. In contrast, the rest of your store remains publicly accessible.

  • Create a Private Store

  • Password Protect Your Private Wholesale Store

The wholesale-only store is safeguarded with a password and exclusively accessible to wholesale users. Once registered and approved, users can access the private store. Control access to your store and its components by defining distinct wholesale user roles.

Similarly, you can provide temporary login credentials to guest users, granting them temporary access to your wholesale-only store until their privileges are revoked.

  • Hide Wholesale Products from Guest Users & Disable Coupons

Hide wholesale products from retailers and guest users. Non-logged-in users cannot access wholesale products or prices on the shop page. This wholesale pricing for WooCommerce plugin is ideal for businesses that deal with both B2B and B2C organizations.

You can easily deactivate coupon codes intended for retailers for wholesale user roles. Additionally, you can disable specific coupon codes on both the cart and checkout pages.

Wholesale for WooCommerce Pricing:

  • Billed annually at $99.

The Wholesale Plugin for WooCommerce Subscription Includes:

  • 1-Year Free Updates: Stay current with the latest features and improvements.
  • 1-Year Priority Support: Access priority support for any queries or assistance.
  • Easy Cancellation and Refund Policy: Hassle-free cancellation and 14-day refund policy.

$10.75 / month

Billed annually at $129
  • 1 Year Free Updates Included
  • 1 Year Priority Support Included
  • Easy Cancellation And Refund Policy

Version 2.3.1

Last update 2024-2-28

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