Kinsta Review: A Game Changing Option for WordPress Website Hosting

If you run a WordPress website, you know how important it is to have a reliable host for your website’s success. However, not all WordPress hosting services are equal. In this review guide, we have examined Kinsta, a top-tier WordPress hosting service provider.

Short Brief On Kinsta

Any WordPress user seeking a dependable and feature-rich hosting provider should choose Kinsta. Kinsta is an ideal hosting service provider for those WordPress users who don’t want their site to crash or who want to avoid hours for website loading. Kinsta delivers various aspects, mainly ease of use, security, and speed.


The following features are available to WordPress users who choose Kinsta as their hosting company.

Top Kinsta Features

Speed Optimization

Unlike conventional shared, VPS, or dedicated infrastructure, Kinsta’s infrastructure is built on Google Cloud.

Each website on Kinsta is run in its isolated software container. The container has all the software resources required to host the website (MySQL, Nginx, Linux, PHP). This indicates each website’s operating system is 100% private and is not shared, not even amongst the sites you own. As the foundational container technology for our infrastructure, Kinsta uses Linux containers.

Every site container is run on a new generation of generously scaled virtual machines called Compute-Optimized (C2) VMs. It is secured by the GCP firewall and is housed in one of the many GCP data centers. Each site container receives an automatic allocation of hardware resources (RAM/CPU) from our virtual machines.

What is Compute-optimized VMs (C2)

The compute-optimized VMs (C2) is a unique compute family on GCP that provide high memory speeds and per-thread performance. The VMs are advantageous to the workloads that require the highest computing power. For HPC, electronic design automation (EDA), gaming, single-threaded applications, and more, compute-optimized VMs are excellent.

Highly Secured Network

Through DDoS and firewalls, Kinsta offers foolproof cyber protection.

Kinsta uses the secure firewall provided by Cloudflare to protect client websites. With the IP-based security that the Google Cloud Platform firewall now offers, Cloudflare’s firewall solution enables us to block malicious traffic with more specific rulesets. This means Kinsta can secure your website more effectively.

Cloudflare integration offers free DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) security and firewall protection. DDoS attacks quickly overload websites with traffic to burn down server resources and crash the website. DDoS attacks significantly influence a firm’s revenues and disrupt millions of websites annually.

Moreover, via Cloudflare integration, wildcard SSLs are now accessible. A wildcard SSL allows you to secure a root domain and individual subdomains with a wildcard symbol, unlike standard SSL certificates, which require you to list a root domain and specific subdomains that need security.

24/7 Support

Although Kinsta will handle your website, you will still require occasional help and guidance. Therefore, having access to competent and trustworthy support is essential.

Kinsta offers live chat support. Whenever you need their support, you will receive prompt assistance, useful advice, and overall direction from their support staff. Moreover, their 24/7 support is also available through email. You can send your queries through their email.

There are also many resources available to assist you more practically. These consist of a knowledge base, in-depth guides on critical topics, and a lively blog. All three are well-written and full of insightful guidance and pointers.

New Kinsta Services

➢ Application Hosting


Kinsta has now become a home for modern website applications. It has 26 global locations, each offering the fastest Google C2 machines operating on Google’s Top Tier network. Also, they provide a fast setup because they believe in the ‘time is money mantra. Kinsta provides developers, CTOs, and engineers with a robust infrastructure that is quick to set up and ready to scale.

Also, Kinsta helps you to deploy your code within minutes.

➢ Database Hosting


Kinsta’s database hosting service can support MariaDB, Redis, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. You can connect Kinsta-based applications and Kinsta-hosted databases within their infrastructure for security and lightning-fast speed.

DevKinsta – A Game changer Development Tool


DevKinsta offers developers a local environment for designing WordPress plugins, themes, etc. Your local WP sites are secured and supported by containerization, as Docker powers DevKinsta. Docker offers performance that is nearly native and has a smaller resource footprint than VirtualBox.

➢ Kinsta Pricing

  • Starter – $35
  • Pro – $70
  • Business 1 – $115

Kinsta offers a wide variety of website hosting plans that cost between $35 and $1,650 a month. Although it is a broad spectrum, we will compare only the three major consumer plans, Starter, Pro, and Business 1. Business 1 is followed by Business 4 and then Enterprises 1 through 4.

The important thing here is that these costs are for monthly payments. When you opt for annual plans, you receive two months for free, which is a good deal under any circumstances.

Kinsta Pricing

➢ What To Expect from Kinsta Pricing Plans

The fact that Kinsta offers so many pricing plans is clear because each is divided into categories based on the number of websites you can host, monthly visitors, storage, and CDN storage. This is quite a one-of-a-kind thing compared to other hosting service providers.

However, all of the plans come with a variety of features, including the following:

  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Auto database optimization
  • Auto backup (daily) and manual backup points
  • Premium migrations for free (concierge service). You receive 1, 2, or 3, depending on your plan.
  • Unlimited basic migrations from other hosts using any WordPress plugin
  • WordPress-centric site architecture (You can say better and faster)
  • Excellent client support team. Customer support is only via chat. However, the team agents are top-notch and tirelessly work 24/7.

Specific pricing plans are self-explanatory by their names:

kinsta pricing plans

Kinsta also offers Disk Space Upgrades. If you run out of space, you need to upgrade to a higher pricing plan; you can do this for $20 a month while you get an additional 20GB. You can pile up unlimited $20 upgrades.

・Starter Plan

Suitable for a smaller WP-hosted company website or blog. Remember that you might need to upgrade to the next plan or choose a Disk Space Update if you work with large files, in case you are a photographer or videographer. A maximum of 25,000 visitors and 10 GB of storage are permitted monthly.

・Pro Plan

A better suitable for websites for small to medium businesses. Kinsta doesn’t advise it for online stores, but this plan can adjust any large-scale blog. A maximum of 50,000 visitors and 20 GB of storage are permitted monthly.

・Business 1 Plan

In terms of monthly visitors and storage, this is the point where things start to become serious. Additionally, it has twice as many PHP workers per site compared to the PRO plan, which facilitates multiple requests required for e-commerce. A maximum of 100,000 visitors and 30 GB of storage are permitted monthly.

➢ Pros and Cons of Kinsta


  • Uptime

There is nothing to be unhappy about because Kinsta works almost 100% of the time. You get your money back if the percentage falls below 99.9%.

  • Blazing Speed

The website loading speed of Kinsta is impressive. It’s helpful for SEO and user experience alike. Free SSL, robust CDN and last-gen PHP are plus points of Kinsta.

  • Ease of Use

Easy navigation and a seamless user experience for anyone who needs a bit of time in their dashboard of hosting providers.

  • 30+ global locations to choose from


  • WordPress-friendly

The support team of Kinsta knows the ins and outs of WordPress; the architecture is CMS-optimized. Also, you receive valuable resources on WordPress plugins and other WordPress-based tools.

  • Website Backups

You get two-week auto backups on lower-pricing plans. It would help if you upgraded to the Business 3 pricing plan for 20-day auto backups. Manual and cloud backups are available too. You can also download backups.


  • Too many limits

No unlimited CDN, storage, or monthly visits. For breaching limits, you need to pay extra.

  • Higher prices

Kinsta is a bit expensive managed hosting provider for WordPress.

Wrap Up

That’s all from us at this time. Let’s conclude and wrap up what we have learned about Kinsta.

The major takeaway is that Kinsta is unbelievably fast, ultra-reliable, and massively helpful for business-related WordPress websites, including online stores. Due to various technical options, Kinsta is a blessing. Lastly, business owners have every reason to enjoy Kinsta’s safety features and ease of use.

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Elevating Your WordPress Experience to Another Level.
Elevating Your WordPress Experience to Another Level.