How will Metaverse Supercharge the WordPress Development Industry to the Next Horizon?

The captivating beginning of 2022 has dramatically changed the digital landscape and simplified people’s lives. The WWW has brought a series of technologies to provide you with the growth ease and relative essence to merge virtual, augmented, and physical reality and signify your interactions online and in the real-life environment. It has plenty of platforms to interact in multiple ways.

According to recent reports, it has been estimated that the users’ interests lie in the fact that it has taken off ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would rapidly change its name to Meta and spend at least $10 billion on the metaverse. Also, several individuals and focus groups have begun to place their bets on a future embedded in the metaverse. Businesses have already begun to start new business ventures on this digital horizon.

The year 2022 will bring several innovations that will be reaffirmed and supercharged as we assimilate the way we function, live, socialise, shop, and invest. However, the entire digitalisation trend that had been accelerated by the pandemic has slowed down compared to last year. Hence, this year will turn out to be a breakthrough year for the instructions, as discussed in the further chapters of this insightful blog:

Let’s dive into discussing the concept of “metaverse” and how it will affect the WordPress development industry to the next level.

What is Metaverse?

The concept of “metaverse” combines multiple technological elements that include virtual reality, augmented reality, and video in which the users “live” within a digital landscape. Supporters of the metaverse have envisioned its users with the working process in terms of playing and staying connected with colleagues from everything ranging from concerts, conferences, meetings, to virtual tours across the world.


The term “metaverse” refers to a shared virtual environment that most people can access via multiple gadgets that can travel between digital environments.Hence, the concept could emerge more than a decade away from fully taking over corporations among the technology giants.

Features of the Metaverse

The Metaverse comprises some of the following features:

  1. Metaverse can virtually connect you with individuals.
  2. It enables you to think of collaboratively getting together with your family, friends, and colleagues.
  3. The metaverse will also provide you with a convenient shopping and business platform.
  4. Using this platform, you will be able to create a 3D avatar of yourself.
  5. Metaverse enables you to do all the possible things, such as attending meetings and playing games, from the comfort zone of your home.
  6. Through metaverse technology, users may see very little difference between the real-world parameters and the virtual world.
  7. The digital transformation of people’s lives via other social media platforms..

How Does Metaverse Work?

According to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, there will also be a software application in the metaverse, but it will be much different from our regular apps. Avatars will be able to be developed via the technology in a 3D format so that you can be virtually connected.

metaverse facebook company

Significantly, Facebook has started trading with meta platforms that will transit into a metaverse company instead of a social media platform. With about three billion users, the tech giant has been heavily involved in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and has developed its own VR environment horizon accessed via the Quest headsets.

Metaverse Implications for the WordPress Development Industry?

The advancement of the metaverse concept is heading towards software development, with major implications for the web development industry. With the revolution of WordPress plugins, themes, and extensions, most technological partners are merging their valuable products with the WordPress sites, plugins, themes, and extensions.

According to the WordPress community reports, nearly 49% of individuals are heavily reliant on the WordPress platform. The concept of metaverse is also getting involved in various dimensions of web design and development. Particularly, WordPress users are getting a lot of attention in terms of the conceptualization of metaverse and its implementation on WordPress sites that are meant for educational purposes, user-engagement, and relevant industries.

For example, the latest “Metaverse ID” for WordPress is based on the work patterns of the currently retired swslr project. The plugin allows users to add widgets to the sidebars of their WordPress-based blogs to showcase their Metaverse profiles.

Supported Metaverses

  • Champions Online
  • EVE Online
  • Metaplace
  • Everquest
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Progress Quest
  • Second Life (Agni/Main Grid, Teen Second Life)
  • Star Trek Online
  • World of Warcraft (Europe, People)
  • Free Realms

Some of the metaverses, such as EVE, require certain access to the information to leverage Metaverse ID and gain accessibility to the information. A menu for Metaverse ID will promptly be put into the Options menu if one of the supported Metaverses requires a few configuration measures. Suppose you make an effort to update a Metaverse ID and repeatedly get a message that the update has failed. In that case, you need to check to ensure that the Metaverse provided has been configured in the correct order.

Final Words

Certainly, the upcoming concept of “metaverse” is expected to emphasise the convergence of the physical and digital landscape. As per the above discussion, it is expected that the WordPress development industry will undergo a huge revolution with the massive involvement of Metaverse in the industrial dimensions of the world.

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