Non-Logged-In Users Feature — Wholesale for WooCommerce

Non-Logged-In Users Feature By Wholesale For WooCommerce

The Wholesale for WooCommerce plugin allows varied B2B businesses to expand their consumer base and improve sales and revenues with an exclusive feature, non-logged-in users.

This feature lets B2B businesses display wholesale prices to store visitors and potential customers through an appealing custom message.

This blog post will explain the significance of the non-logged-in feature.

What Do You Know About Non-Logged-in Users?


Wholesale for WooCommerce offers existing and potential B2B customers an engaging results-driven feature, i.e., non-logged-in users. This feature is handy when businesses are willing to display wholesale or discounted prices to potential customers.

How to Activate the Non-Logged-in Users Feature?

Businesses must first integrate the Wholesale for WooCommerce plugin into their online stores to enable the non-logged-in users to feature.

They can follow these simple steps mentioned below to activate the non-logged-in users feature:

  • Go to wholesale > settings > general using your dashboard.


  • Click the ‘General’ tab to see the settings page.


  • You will find the non-logged-in settings by scrolling down further.


  • Tick the checkbox to display wholesale prices for non-logged-in users.

enable-wholesale-price -for-non-logged-in-users-ticking-checkbox

  • Choose the role using the select wholesale role dropdown. This way, businesses can select the desired roles. Once they select a role, non-wholesale users can see the role pricing on the front end.


  • Admins can use the display settings to display the wholesale price and custom messages to non-logged-in users. The display settings have two options: shop page and single product page.


  • The shop page helps admins show the wholesale price and custom message on the shop page. A single product page enables admins to display messages and wholesale prices on the single product page. They can activate the single product page and shop page options for non-logged-in users’ ease.


  • Admins can add their preferred messages using the custom message tab.


  • They can also include tags such as saved amount and saved percentage accordingly.


  • Once done, admins can display custom messages and wholesale prices to shop and product single pages by clicking the save changes button.


Crucial Advantages of Non-Logged-in Users for E-Commerce Businesses

The non-logged-in users feature offers the following key advantages to small, medium-sized, and large B2B businesses:

Enhanced Customer Experience

With a custom message, new or potential Wholesale customers can see wholesale or discounted prices without creating accounts. Moreover, businesses can enable the non-logged-in users feature to deliver customized messages to prospective customers.

By doing so, they can deliver highly optimized yet personalized user experiences to diverse potential users.

Improved Customer Relationships

The non-logged-in user’s feature allows businesses to build long-term, fruitful relationships with current and prospective B2B customers. Furthermore, it enables businesses to retain and expand their customer bases, increasing conversions and profitability.

Wrapping Up

We expect you to appreciate our blog post highlighting the importance of the non-logged-in-users feature offered by Wholesale for WooCommerce.

Build and improve relationships with new customers and delight them through enticing customized messages and wholesale prices.

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