Restaurant for WooCommerce v2.1 | Release Notes

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We’re thrilled to announce the release of Restaurant for WooCommerce Version 2.1. This update is packed with features designed to elevate the way you manage and showcase your restaurant online.

What’s New in Restaurant for WooCommerce v2.1

Discover Our Multi-Branch Enhancement:

Discover Our Multi-Branch Enhancement

Managing multiple restaurant branches has never been easier. The new location feature allows admins to seamlessly add and display different branches on the customer-facing website. When your customers visit your restaurant page, a convenient popup will appear, showcasing a dropdown of all available locations. Choose your preferred branch, and the menu tailored to that specific location will unfold, enhancing the user experience and ensuring your customers find exactly what they crave.

RMS Prices: A Pricing Revolution:

RMS Prices - A Pricing Revolution

We understand that flexibility is key in the restaurant business. With RMS Prices, administrators can now set different prices for the same delectable dish across various menus. Whether you have a lunch menu, dinner menu, or special event menu, you can customize prices to suit each occasion, giving you unprecedented control over your pricing strategy.

Reservations Made Simple: Customize, Manage, and Notify:

Reservation Form

Streamline your reservation process with the new reservation feature. Administrators can easily add a reservation form to their restaurant, allowing customers to book tables effortlessly. Customize the reservation form to gather the information you need and easily manage reservations from a central hub. Plus, set up email notifications to keep both you and your customers informed about upcoming reservations, ensuring a smooth dining experience for all.

We value your feedback immensely. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you. Your insights shape the future of Restaurant for WooCommerce.

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