10 Must-Have Features on Your Restaurant Website


Owning a restaurant demands more than having eye-catching decor, a dynamic location, and mouth-watering food. You must invest in digital or online marketing in today’s digital world. One of the major digital marketing tools a restaurant owner should use is a website. A restaurant website can help attract new customers and retain loyal clientele.

There are different restaurant websites; among them, a few are must-haves. The following are some of the major WooCommerce features for restaurants that every restaurant website should have:

1. The Basic Info: Address, Phone Number & Hours

Begin with the basics. Your phone number, address, and hours should be at the center and front of your website’s homepage. It would help if you made it as easy as possible for your visitors and guests to locate you, so don’t make them click around to find it.

Similarly, if there are multiple restaurant locations, list them all. Apart from an easy user experience, listing precise key information on the homepage can aid you in improving your ranking in Google search results.

Your restaurant’s information should also be up-to-date on Google My Business. Google is among the first places your potential customers will come across your website. Use WooCommerce restaurant plugin features to ensure your list is up-to-date and accurately shows your locations, hours, and ordering information.

2. Link Directly to Social Media

Your restaurant should have a consistent brand experience on your website, through email, in-person, and on social media. It is fundamental to your marketing efforts. Also, it would help if you made it as easy as possible for your guests to connect your social media accounts to your website in a simple way.

Keep your social media platforms true to your menu, brand, and culture, irrespective of the channel. Your strategy should make sense as a whole. However, you can also fine-tune website content to make sense for the social media platform. Instagram is among the top WooCommerce features for restaurants. So, keep Instagram visuals with behind-the-scenes shots or beautiful photos.

People use Facebook to discover new restaurants, whether through recommendations from friends, research, or Facebook ads. This suggests it’s worth updating your Facebook business page. It includes uploading relevant information through WooCommerce restaurant plugin features and staying active by regularly sharing photos and content.

It would be best to embed your social media links directly on your website to make it easy for guests to access and share your pages with friends.

3. Spotlight Your Menu

The recent OpenTable survey shows that 93% of consumers will look at a restaurant’s menu before deciding where to eat. So, you have to include your menu on your website by using WooCommerce features for restaurants. However, there is a particular way to make access possible for your guests.

Website visitors look to view your menu easily and quickly, often using their smartphones. It would help if you listed menus on an easy-to-find and shared webpage that is easily found by both Google results and your website’s homepage. Also, make sure it is not an image or PDF but uses HTML for easy searching.

4. Optimize Online Ordering

Showcase your restaurant’s menu and point website visitors to crucial information they might need while integrating your website with technology. Some websites have WooCommerce restaurant plugin features that let you make multiple menus with different categories and products and show them with their own shortcode.

Also, don’t ignore the evergreen basics, irrespective of what’s going on in the world, such as adding images to upsell products and offering context to your menu. Moreover, creating massive menu descriptions is vital for restaurants with an elaborate menu or dishes to which their client base may be new.

5. Offer Gift Cards and Merchandise

Merchandise and gift cards are among the restaurant website features that drive revenue. Also, they are simple ways for your loyal customers to show their love for your restaurant.

For restaurants, gift cards serve as a micro-loan for immediate cash flow. You can count on gift cards so that customers will return again and again. Make sure you promote gift cards at the front and center of your site to make it easier for guests to find gift cards and order online.

6. Highlight Loyalty

Loyalty programs are vital to turning casual guests into consistent ones. With gift cards and online ordering, make sure your signup for loyalty is at the center and front of your website. You can completely tailor your loyalty program to your concept. For instance, you could reward your guests for their 10th visit.

Also, you can combine email and loyalty and use the available insights from your customers’ loyalty analytics to create targeted email campaigns for those who are close to reaching their rewards.

With a robust loyalty program, your visitors will be excited to order and redeem those points for a discount on their next visit. Continue to target them with segmented or drip email campaigns and promote repeat visits, gift cards, discounts, and even more loyalty points. You can do all this through a reliable plugin offering WooCommerce restaurant features.

7. Encourage Email Signups

Email marketing is a great way to build customer relationships and keep guests coming back again and again. Loyalty signup is a great way to collect customer emails. However, it is not the only way.

Use signup prompts for every customer touchpoint: a line on the check, as guests make a reservation, or a comment card presented after the meal. You can use WooCommerce restaurant plugin features to use email signups specifically for your restaurants.

8. Include Enticing Photos

Imagery is among the most effective ways to send a message about your food business. Images convey what to look forward to and expect when guests order online. You are already ahead of the game if you can invoke an “Oh! —that looks good” response from website visitors.

Through our Restaurant for WooCommerce plugin, you can get a simple and clean menu design. In this design, you can add as many photos as you want. This restaurant plugin gives you all the WooCommerce features restaurants need to add relevant and enticing images.

9. Tell Your Restaurant’s Story

Your story is among the top restaurant website features. This is an excellent way for people to learn about the restaurant concept and what your business offers.

Your website is a massive place to showcase your restaurant’s history and personality. Are you sourcing products from local companies? Is the restaurant named after the CEO’s dad? Tell the visitors about it in the website’s “Our Story” or “About Us” section.

10. Flexible Cart

Your restaurant website must show flexibility to your visitors to make the user experience easy to digest. The WooCommerce restaurant plugin features must include an interactive mini-cart widget similar to what the Restaurant WooCommerce plugin offers.

Show your customers their order summary and allow them to increase or decrease food items. This will enable them to adjust their order as per their budget and show them their order in a summarized way.

Final Words

In conclusion, a well-designed restaurant website with ample restaurant website features will generate not only inquiries but sales and drive interest as well. It doesn’t matter whether the restaurant specializes in cuisines of exotic locales or backyard burgers–a website should have WooCommerce features for restaurants to help you gain greater success.

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