What Is WordPress VIP? (Benefits, Features & Pricing)

WordPress currently powers approximately 43% of all websites on the Internet. The platform has undergone tremendous growth over the years, as no other CMS comes close to matching its capabilities. The standard WordPress plan is satisfactory for the majority of websites, while WordPress VIP is the superior choice for businesses requiring advanced capabilities.

What Is WordPress VIP
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are among the many WordPress-related services owned and provided by Automattic. In particular, WordPress VIP is a WordPress hosting service catered to large organizations with considerable daily traffic. Their service is designed to accommodate a large number of users while providing extraordinary security, responsiveness, and speed. WordPress, which began as a simple blogging platform, is today utilized throughout the entire Internet.

WordPress has rapidly become one of the most popular content management systems (CMS), powering over 60.8% percent of the CMS market share.

The WordPress VIP platform was built with the highest-traffic, most demanding, and most secure websites in mind. Let’s imagine you’re searching the Internet for information about something of worldwide relevance, a multinational firm’s website, or a government agency’s official website. In these scenarios, if you use WordPress VIP, you have a good chance of receiving the content you need with a high level of surety.

Top 10 Famous Customers of WordPress VIP

CNNUnited States
FacebookUnited States
salesforceUnited States
independent.comUnited States
Fortune.comUnited States
Metro.co.ukUnited Kingdom
The New York PostUnited States

What Is the Difference Between WP VIP and Regular WP Self-Hosted Sites?

Self-hosted WordPress is a good choice for people who blog as a hobby and for small businesses. Customers who upgrade to WP VIP get purpose-built systems, tools, state-of-the-art data centers, and expert guidance. This premium service gives experienced help so your company’s developers may focus on what they do best while you handle the business side.

WordPress VIP is a managed cloud WordPress hosting service for large-scale corporations and enterprise-level organizations. The platform’s adaptability, scalability, security, support, and choice of technologies can help you achieve your business objectives.

WP VIP and Regular WP

Scalability with WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP is popular because it offers an open-source platform’s independence and depth of functionality. On the WordPress VIP platform, customers have the option to use any plugins they like. The Platform As A Service (PaaS) design allows programmers to create any plugin or add-on for WordPress.

Additional products and services, such as security and monitoring, are also included in the WordPress VIP package. Companies that work directly with WordPress can be confident that they will always have access to the most recent version of the software, which includes all of the most recent features.

Working with a WordPress VIP Partner Agency

WPExperts has become a “360-degree” digital services company. The partnership with WPVIP aims to assist enterprise clients who trust WordPress and use it for their business. Over 500 satisfied WPExperts customers from all over the world use our WordPress and WooCommerce customization services. WPExperts excels at WordPress, WooCommerce design and development, WordPress VIP development, WordPress VIP code audit, WordPress enterprise security, WooCommerce enterprise solutions, website performance optimization, multisite setup, and website migration to WPVIP are among the services we provide.

The WPExperts team has benefited tremendously from their status as a WordPress VIP partner in various ways. As a WordPress VIP partner, WPExperts is now able to source agencies with the most efficient solutions possible due to the development of cutting-edge features and the expansion of existing business models.

Complete Integration Planning 

Every WordPress VIP plan starts with a thorough evaluation of your existing web presence. The WordPress VIP team will work with current employees to identify loopholes and requirements. On the other hand, you are free to use the WordPress theme and premium add-ons in your project.

High Performance and Durability

The entirety of the hosting platform that WordPress VIP offers has been fine-tuned and optimized for maximum effectiveness. WP VIP’s major strengths consist of cache, content delivery network (CDN) services, plugins, and code optimization. WordPress VIP’s command line interface (CLI) simplifies website environment control. As a developer, you can instantly edit the site, save a copy to your development environment, and change system variables. The Enterprise WordPress distribution network comprises twenty data centers in various locations worldwide for maximum performance. 

Cross-Functional Personalization

Providing helpful content for all users is harder as your website traffic grows. In order to maximize conversions, it’s important to personalize each user’s activities and preferences. Personalization allows marketers to learn from user interactions, find new consumer groups, and target them with campaigns, giving them the most relevant and engaging experience. The WordPress VIP platform uses many trusted resources to provide safe, speedy, personalized user experiences.

Who Could Benefit from Using WordPress’s VIP Service?

To launch a WordPress VIP website, you’ll need a reasonable budget. WordPress VIP costs thousands a month, but you get top-tier performance, support, and features.

Select WordPress VIP or another enterprise-level platform if your website has strict security and performance requirements. Even a minor delay or interruption might cause considerable financial losses in the case of million-visitor websites.

High-traffic blogs with a low monthly income don’t need WordPress VIP features. WordPress VIP power may be worth the cost if you run a successful online business with daily sales in the thousands.

Benefits Of Using WordPress VIP

  • A dedicated hosting platform that is completely managed for WordPress.
  • Automatic software upgrades for central software.
  • Manual analysis of third-party plugins and code (optional).
  • Automated backups are performed every hour.
  • Unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and content delivery network (CDN).
  • Excellent overall performance, as well as high speed.
  • Fully automated scaling to manage huge influxes of traffic.
  • Seamless integration with the most popular eCommerce platform.
  • Having a step-by-step process with a fully guided onboarding.

Pricing Of WordPress VIP

The detailed pricing of WordPress VIP is not static. The price of your enterprise WordPress package might vary depending on a variety of aspects, but the starting point for WordPress VIP plans is US$25,000 per year. These aspects include unlimited storage, bandwidth, a content delivery network (CDN), and dedicated support. Due to the pricing and functionality, this is a fantastic alternative for bigger corporate websites.


In general, WordPress VIP is an excellent starting point for popular websites. With WordPress VIP platform support, you can scale safely and quickly without managing servers or applying software changes. With its world-class site administration, guaranteed uptime, and industry-leading security, you won’t need to allocate valuable resources to operating your custom cloud infrastructure. As a result, our discussion of WordPress VIP for today has come to an end. 

If you have any questions about your planned project, feel free to contact WPExperts, a recognized Silver Agency Partner of WordPress VIP and a firm formed by experienced developers of the WordPress platform. We provide the outcomes that will change your business’s game with our design, technology, and strategy expertise.

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