WooCommerce 6.6 Release Candidate is Now Available

Great news! The first release candidate for WooCommerce 6.6 is available for you. The official release date is 14th June 2022. Here are a few changes that you’ll witness in the WooCommerce 6.6 RC:

WooCommerce 6.6 Release Candidate

Change to Look Out for:

The following updates have been made since the beta release:

  • WooCommerce Blocks: Blocks version has been updated to version 7.6.0.
  • Minimum WP Version: WordPress 6.0 has been released; the minimum WP version has been updated to 5.8.
  • WooCommerce Admin Translations: Fix an issue that was causing some translations in WooCommerce Admin to be missing.
  • Sample Products: Add a confirmation dialog before loading sample products.
  • Dashboard and Analytics: The issue of crashes when certain time zone settings were applied is fixed.
  • Setup Task List: The button to show the task list after completion was not functional is fixed
  • Products Tasks: Clicking on the edge of a product task card was unresponsive is fixed

Are you Ready to Test the New Release?

You can help and test this release with the help of the WooCommerce Beta Tester plugin. It lets you switch between release candidates and beta versions.

WooCommerce has also requested all those who test this release to report bugs by logging a report in GitHub.

They have also posted a write-up on beta testing to help people get started.

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