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Add More Value In Your Business With Bookings For Gravity Forms

Bookings For Gravity Forms is the best tool for scheduling and registration purposes. It can enhance the user experience as you wish. The primary goal is to provide a quick and convenient way to make an online appointment or booking page. Bookings for gravity forms is a premium WordPress plugin for facilitating file-type clients who want to simplify their web design with WordPress features.

The multi-feature and the customized plugin make stress-free online appointments and bookings. Customers can make online reservations anytime and anywhere. Our product is 100% mobile adaptive, which means subscribers can schedule their flights and hotel reservation from their cell phones.

The main advantage of Gravity Forms is to caters to signing up, registering, and online reservations process without any dedicated WordPress booking platform. It is effortless, and you can set up bookings for gravity forms on your website in a few simple steps.

In addition, it simplifies and streamlines the online registration process. It is ideal for event directors and entrepreneurs looking for an easy way to place orders for customers and attendees. Moreover, it can be combined with smart uploads, e.g., dates, business, and events.

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Best Features of Bookings for Gravity Forms

Easy Installation and customization
Elevate your booking with a speedy process,​ embed your calendar with multiple layouts that can be easily installed and customized on a WordPress site.

Multiple Payment Systems
Safest payment gateway options for selling tickets, holiday reservations, hotel booking, and doctor appointments.

Ultra Pro Booking Features
Add unlimited registration directions such as a number of employees, service group, and timesheet option.

View Service Category
Users can select a service group from the service list and manage their own upcoming appointments.

View Service Type
The customer can use this function to select entries from the database, select all service types associated with the chosen service types.

Customize your Booking
Customize your online booking form that best suits your business. Add custom booking instructions, including services, staff, and locations.

Calendar List View Integrations
The calendar appointments list view allows you to extract or display the list of booked appointments from the calendar. 

Add Holidays & Days-Off to Your Calendar
You can mark all imported holidays or public holidays to inform customers about your company’s official business days.

Notifications and Email Alerts
Send email notifications to customers as soon as their appointment is supposed to take place.

Extract Data Easily
You can export all types of appointment information in CSV and PDF file formats.

Do Great Things with Bookings for Gravity Forms

Event Professionals
Our products make it easy to manage, from advanced ticket selling to registration and communications.

Design Agencies
Add-ons are highly flexible and fully integrated with plugins that work seamlessly with designers and web developers.

Our product portfolio helps you get the most out of your event. Create your brand persona, grow engagement, and connect with your target audience.

Community Organizations
Design a primary calendar of conferences and community resources ideal for schools, colleges, civil society, and community administrations.

Legal Consultant
The Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin allows lawyers and legal advisors to manage clients’ registration, petition submission, and court calendar.

Doctors and Health Center
Bookings for Gravity Forms reserve dates for physicians and private clinics, which helps physicians schedule patients’ and hospital staff’s needs.

Restaurant Registration
You can use Gravity Forms to order your favorite food, table reservation, list nearby restaurant services, and even create your favorite dishes in a restaurant.

Movies and Entertainment
Movies, cinemas, and ticketing sites can use booking records to make room for their customers.

Spa And Style
Gravity Bookings provides customers with a focus appointment facility with various haircuts and salon services

Get Your Bookings For Gravity Forms Now

Building a website with Bookings for Gravity Forms is perfect for anyone who does not need the registration process and complete registration on your WordPress site. This is great for anyone who needs to hold a part-time meeting or service.

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