Change wp-admin Login

Change wp-admin Login

Change wp-admin Login is a free-to-download WordPress plugin that enhances the security of your website against cyber threats and attacks.

The plugin allows you to change your WordPress site admin login URL and redirect any user to a redirection URL. The plugin’s simple two-step process doesn’t require coding and can be set up within seconds.

Note: The change wp-admin Login plugin does not rename or change files in the core but instead simply intercepts page requests and redirects them to another URL.

How Does it Work?

Go under Settings, click Permalinks, and change your URL under Change wp-admin login.

Step 1: Add a new login URL
Step 2: Add redirect URL

Why Use Change wp-admin Login Plugin?

  • Protect your WordPress website from brute force attacks.
  • Quick two-step process that doesn’t require coding.
  • Easy to secure your WordPress website from hackers and cyber attacks.
  • Only grant access to people you trust.
  • Hide your login page from malicious activity.
  • Easier than creating a custom login Url.

Get It Free

  • Free-to-download
  • Easily upgrade to paid version
  • Priority support and included