Custom Login Page Customizer

Custom Login Page Customizer

Nowadays, you donu2019t need to hire a developer to customize your websiteu2019s login page. This is the reason why we have built the Login Designer, the best login customizer plugin for your WordPress platform.

However, the Login Designer is not the very first WordPress plugin that is built for styling the custom login pages. It offers impeccable live-editing exposure unlike any of the other plugins. Precisely, the login designeru2019s login customizing and templating experience is the best and most suitable in a class by a long shot.


Following are some of the key aspects of the custom login page customizer:

  • Quick and Robust Design Controls – Provides intuitive design tools and an unparalleled editing exposure helps you to create a perfect branded WordPress login page.
  • Choose a Template and Start your Design – You can start with any of the default, aesthetically designed templates to get your customized login page that will speed up your site within seconds.

$3.33 / month

Billed annually at $39.99
  • Free-to-download
  • Easily upgrade to paid version
  • Priority support and included

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