Gamification for WooCommerce

Gamification for WooCommerce

Gamification for WooCommerce is a premium WooCommerce extension that gives you an easy way to gamify your WooCommerce website. Introduce game elements to motivate action and drive engagement with prospects, customers, partners, and sales. Reward your users with points, ranks, badges, and discount coupons so you can build brand loyalty while also engaging new customers.

Note: Gamification for WooCommerce depends on myCred – a free-to-use WordPress plugin.

Gamification for WooCommerce Extension Features:

  • Send auto-generated discount coupons to users who rank higher or unlock a new badge.
  • Control product accessibility by limiting product visibility for certain rank(s) or badge(s).
  • The payment-in-parts (partial payments) feature enables customers to pay a certain part of their order using myCred points. The remaining amount can be paid using one of the active payment gateways.
  • Showcase WooCommerce rewards on your website’s Product, Cart, and Checkout Page.
  • Award points to referrers and referred users after every successful transaction.
  • Enable customers to convert their points into a fixed-amount coupon.
  • Enable users to generate and share their referral links on social media and emails.
  • Points History feature displays a points log on every customer’s My Account page.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscription – Users can buy subscription products and services on a WooCommerce store using their myCred points.

$6.58 / month

Billed annually at $79
  • 1 Year Free Updates Included
  • 1 Year Priority Support Included
  • Easy Cancellation And Refund Policy


Last update 2023-11-08

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