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Import Entries In Gravity Forms is an extension of Gravity Forms that allows admin to import CSV file data in the entries section of gravity form. Admin can also Update existing entries by selecting the field (from CSV) that will be matched to entry id.

Plugin Features

  • Export entries from the “Gravity Form” plugin and CSV file and import it to Gravity Import Entries add-on (or manually create CSV file matching gravity forms criteria). 
  • Admin can choose from gravity form and CSV file for the entries to be imported from.
  • Update existing entries by selecting the field (from CSV) that will be matched to the entry id.
  • Admin has the option to import post type and this post type will add to the post types list.
  • Admin has the option to make a conditional Logic to import entries accordingly, setting conditions for the entries that match or do not match.
  • Admin has the option to save form mapping and conditional logic as a template related to the form being used and that template can be reused again.
  • The system will add records that have errors not imported to the new CSV file and make it easy to import those records again. 
  • Admin has the option to use rules validation on gravity form. Apply gravity form validation when import entries (required, unique .. etc).
  • Admin has the option to generate email notification for imported entries
  • Admin can choose to not import any specific field from the CSV file.
  • Admin can enable to ignore the required fields, which then will not be displayed in the entries.
  • Admin will be displayed the number of rows in the CSV file which have been imported.
  • Admin has the option to import entries in reverse

GF Importer: How  To Import CSV File

  • Go to the GF Importer tab from the dashboard panel menu.
  • Click choose a file to upload a CSV file or export from “Gravity Form”.
  • You can select the gravity form to import entries from. 
  • Click on the upload button.


Mapping between fields and CSV file

  • Mapping between form fields and csv field column .
  • Admin must make sure to provide enough form fields in form,  as described in csv file, for the GF importer to extract data from csv file to the form fields.

GF Importer: How to Update Entries

  • To Update entries admin has to check mark update entries checkbox and select drop down list to load all Fields added in CSV file.
  • When Admin selects a field to update it, that means that this field is mapped to entry id and GF Importer will fetch records starting from this entry in the CSV file.

Download import errors to a CSV

If any records have errors and are not imported then System will add it to separate file and provide an option for Admin to import again.



You can follow the import process as it is going, showing status for each record.
GF Importer_Finish import log


  • Send notification emails for every entry being imported, the plugin will generate an email containing records of that entry and send it to admin.
  • Use the checkbox “ Email notifications” to activate this option.

Gravity forms import entries admin notifications


  • Admin has the option to determine which fields don’t need to be imported by selecting don’t import.
  • From field mapping, you can define which fields will not be imported.

gravity forms import entries


  • Admin has the option to ignore required fields when importing. Will import as an empty entry.
  • Use the checkbox “ Ignore required fields ” to activate this option.

Ignore required fields


  • Show number of rows imported.



Version 1.2.1 
Date: 17 January 2020
* Add Freemius Integration
Version: 1.2.0
Date: 16 January 2020
* Add Gravity Forms Survey Add-On support
* Add Gravity Forms Coupons Add-On support
* Add Gravity Forms Signature Add-On support
* Fix update entry issue with unique column value not 
  represent entry id
Version: 1.1.1
Date: 19 December 2019
* Added option to import entries in reverse
Version: 1.1
Date:  05/09/19
* Added Don’t import some fields in mapping to skip the field
* Added Email Notifications to send an email with each record entry 
* Added Ignore Required Form Fields to ignore the required validation
* Added Report after importing showing more details for the imported process
Version : 1.0
Date: 10/07/2019
initial release.

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