myCred is the most powerful and easy-to-use points management system that allows you to build and manage a broad range of digital rewards, including points, ranks and, badges on your WordPress/WooCommerce powered website. It is easy to set up and works with a vast library of third-party software. myCred has an extensive collection of affordable premium addons that can help you create a lucrative reward system that is perfect for your site.

myCred’s Features:

Point Balances: Each user on your website will have their point balance, They will also receive a balance for each point type you create.

Account History: Each time a user gains or loses points on your website, the transaction is logged into a central log for accountability.

Points Management: You have full control over your users’ point balances; You can adjust your user/s balance by adding or removing points with or without a log entry.

White-Labeling: myCred has built-in support for white-labeling – This allows you to rename the plugin in your admin area to anything you like.

Import & Export: myCred comes with three built-in import tools allowing you to import points, log entries, or migrate your CubePoints installation.

Automatic Points: Automatically award or deduct points from your user’s balance for their interaction on your WordPress/WooCommerce website.

Multiple Point Types: Create multiple point types through the admin area to manage things easily. There is no limit to the number of point types you can have at your disposal.

Multi-Site Support: myCred has built-in support for multi-sites, allowing you to choose between using a unique myCred installation or centralize balances across your network.

Leaderboards: Generate leaderboards based on your user’s balance or points history – display users with the most points for a particular instance.

Badges: Award badges to your users based on their points history. You can set certain requirements for this feature so that myCred automatically awards them to deserving users.

myCred v2.1 – Open Badge: Single Badge Page which creates an exclusive page for each badge and its information (badge name, image, badge description, achievements, and benefits)

Buy Points: The buyCred add-on allows your users to purchase points using real money using some of the most popular payment gateways available in the market today.

cashCred: Convert Points to Cash – Users can redeem myCred points for money.

Coupons: Create and share coupon codes with your users, which can be redeemed when they have generated a certain amount of points.

Notifications: The notifications add-on allows you to show popup notifications each time a user gains or loses points on your website.

Ranks: Ranks are based on how well your user balance is performing. As a user’s balance changes, so do their rank.

Store Payments: myCred supports some of the most popular store plugins for WordPress, allowing your users to pay for orders/tickets using their point balance instead of real money.

Reward Purchases: You can opt to reward your users with points that they can use to buy products in your store.

Sell Content: The Sell Content add-on allows you to sell access to the content field of posts/pages or custom post types on your website.

Statistics: The statistics add-on will convert your log data into charts to help visualize points usage and circulation on your website.

Transfers: The transfer add-on allows your users to transfer points to other users on your website.

Theme Independent: The myCred plugin is theme independent – Your theme needs to support widgets and shortcodes in order to run myCred.

BuddyPress Ready: myCred has had built-in support for BuddyPress through which you can access BuddyPress-related features like Insert point balances/badges/ranks into your user’s profiles.

Bootstrap Ready: myCred comes with minimal CSS styling to give you the freedom to style everything according to your needs.

Translation Ready: You can add your own language translation or adjust the built-in translation support.

myCred v2.1.1:  You can add tags in your outgoing emails so that users can keep a track of their new ranks, badges, and referral points.

Note: myCred 2.1.1 version enables the plugin to ask the admin whether they want to altogether remove all/specific data upon plugin deletion from the database or keep it as a backup. Admin can enable/disable the given option at any time.

WooCommerce Block Checkout Compatibility

myCred is now compatible with WooCommerce’s block-based checkout. This update is directly related to myCred’s WooCommerce Plus addon.

myCred Membership Club:

Become a VIP Member of myCred Membership Club

As a myCred club member, you instantly gain access to every add-on in our catalog (add-on download access depends on the package you’ve selected.)

Apart from the super-saver prices, you get a multitude of amazing benefits that include:

  • Instantly gain access to 50+ myCred add-ons.*
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  • One membership license key that works for all add-ons.
  • Connect multiple sites with just one membership license key.
  • Upgrade your package at any time to get more add-ons.*Check the package pricing page for the add-on list.

Major Utilities of myCred Plugin:

  • To create a loyalty program and gamify WordPress-powered sites.
  • To increase customer engagement on your Woocommerce store.
  • To reward your users with points, badges, and ranks for different activities.
  • To make leaderboards and incentivize your users.
  • To gamify the Learning Management system (LMS).
  • To add gamification elements to your marketing strategies.
  • To enhance social proofing and social sharing.
  • To gamify the Human Resource Management (HRM) system.
  • To develop better Corporate training material with motivation.
  • To increase sales and revenue of your E-store through gamification.

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