Notifications for WooCommerce

Notifications for WooCommerce

Unlock the power of social proofing and drive conversions with Notification for WooCommerce. This dynamic plugin empowers your online store with real-time customer engagement and customizable FOMO alerts, elevating your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Ideal WooCommerce Notification Plugin for Your Business

Trust and credibility are essential for driving sales in today’s competitive online landscape. With Notification for WooCommerce, you can social-proof your brand by displaying live notifications on your WooCommerce website. Whether showcasing recent purchases, countdown notifications for product releases, or highlighting user reviews and comments, this plugin keeps your audience engaged and informed.

Notification for WooCommerce Features

Types of Notification

  • Conversion Notification: Instant alerts for order status updates, keeping customers informed every step of the way.
  • Countdown Notification: Generate excitement for upcoming product releases or sales events with strategically timed countdowns.
  • Notification Bar: Prominently display updates and announcements to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Notification on Review: Trigger notifications when users leave reviews, encouraging engagement and feedback.
  • Notification on Comments: Stay connected with your audience by triggering notifications for user comments on posts.
  • Flexible Customization: Customize notification types, designs, and settings to seamlessly match your brand identity and goals.

Notification Log

  • Keep a comprehensive record of all triggered notifications.
  • Monitor the date, time, type of notification, user, and call-to-action associated with each notification.

General Notification Settings

Customize your notification settings according to your preferences:

  • Choose to disable or enable the “powered by” text.
  • Define the duration of cookies.
  • Adjust the log limit per time period.
  • Set a limit for days before older notifications are automatically deleted.

Compatibility and Integration

  • Compatible with Pusher

Why Choose Notifications for WooCommerce

– Conversion Notification


Get FOMO notifications whenever order statuses are updated. Tailor the design and placement of notifications to match the aesthetic of your website.

– Countdown Notification

Keep your customers informed about upcoming product releases or sales events with countdown timers. Encourage urgency and boost sales by showcasing limited-time offers.

– Notification Bar

Present updates and announcements using a personalized notification bar on your website. Effortlessly adjust the appearance and functionality of the notification bar to match your brand’s identity.

– Notification on Review

Engage with your customers by triggering notifications when they leave reviews on products or services. Customize notification settings to control when and how review notifications are displayed.

– Notification on Comments


Users will see notifications when comments are made on posts, ensuring they stay informed and engaged with your content.

– Notifications Log

Utilize the Notifications Log feature to maintain a detailed record of all notifications that have been triggered. Gain valuable insights into user interactions and engagement trends, empowering you to refine and optimize your notification strategy.

– Notification Settings

Customize the plugin’s functionality using customizable notification settings to align with your preferences.

Maintain branding consistency by toggling the “powered by” text on or off.

Control the duration of cookies to regulate the display duration of user notifications.

Manage the volume of notifications stored in the log by adjusting the log limit per time.

Optimize performance automatically by setting a limit to delete older notifications after a certain number of days.

Enhance visibility by activating the stack notification feature, which displays multiple notifications sequentially.

Pricing and Support

For just $49, you’ll receive 1 year of premium support for one site, backed by our 14-day money-back guarantee. Invest in Notification for WooCommerce today and unlock the potential to boost conversions and elevate your brand’s online presence.

$4.08 / month

Billed annually at $49
  • 1 Year Free Updates Included
  • 1 Year Priority Support Included
  • Easy Cancellation And Refund Policy

Version 2.0

Last update 2024-04-09

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