Spin Wheel For WooCommerce

Spin Wheel For WooCommerce

Spin Wheel For WooCommerce is a sales booster extension for your WooCommerce store that offers your visitors a chance to win discount coupons, freebies, and much more every time they spin the wheel.

Spin Wheel for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce extension that helps you convert your visitors into customers by adding a “wheel of fortune” to your site. Utilize this marketing tool to retain customers and increase sales by offering discounts in a fun, engaging way.

The customizable wheel gives you full control over the text and color options so that you can match them with the theme of your website. Configure the wheel’s display on exit intent, so the visitor gets the chance to spin the wheel before leaving. Even set up the time duration during which the wheel will be displayed.

Spin Wheel for WooCommerce Features:

Pop-up window: The pop-up window with the Spin Wheel appears at the corner of the screen. Different events can trigger this pop-up.

Unlimited wheel slices: Add/remove wheel slices and decide what prizes you want to display inside each slice.

Fully customizable: The wheel is fully customizable – edit everything from the color of the wheel to the text message.

Instant preview: The admin can preview the changes applied to the wheel before taking it live.

Wheel analytics: View important analytical data of your wheel based on its usage — appearances, spins, discounts granted.

Target specific pages or post types: Display the Spin Wheel on specific pages and post types to increase sale conversions (add to the cart page, thank you page, landing pages).

Select time duration for Spin Wheel display: Display the Spin Wheel for limited periods so that it turns on and off automatically.

Enable sound: Enable sound so that the visitors can enjoy the sound of the wheel spinning.

Enable snowfall animation: Give your Spin Wheel a different look by giving it a snowfall effect.

Set display to exit intent: Choose to show the Spin Wheel when customers are about to leave the website.

Set coupon duration: Set the duration of validity for the generated coupon with ease – it can set between hours or days

Set Explainer text: Set the introductory text visible to the visitor as the Spin Wheel opens in their browser or mobile view.

Set the winning title and text: Edit the text that will be displayed to the user after they win any coupon or link.

Hide the pop-up after successful spins: Select a delay time for the pop-up to reappear after a successful spin.

Trigger Spin Wheel for desktop & mobile devices: Set up separate Spin Wheel triggers for both devices. Choose what you want to display by selecting your preferred device.

Automated WooCommerce coupons: The wheel can auto-generate coupons for customers when they win and send it to them on their subscribed email.

Free downloads: You can link the wheel to free e-books (or any other PDF) as gifts for your customers.

Fully responsive: Spin Wheel for WooCommerce functionality is designed for all screen sizes and devices.

Spin Wheel for WooCommerce Utilities:

  • Spin wheel for WooCommerce can auto-generate coupons for customers when they win, which will save you time.
  • Spin wheel for WooCommerce provides customers a chance to win discount coupons immediately after they log in.
  • Display Spin wheel for WooCommerce on add-to-cart pages, so customers are encouraged to complete their purchase using discount coupons rather than abandon the cart.
  • Spin wheel for WooCommerce facilitates to give discount coupons for your upcoming or current sale (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Summer Sale, etc.)
  • Display Spin wheel for WooCommerce on exit intent so that you can retain customers by giving them discount coupons.

$4.08 / month

Billed annually at $49
  • 1 Year Free Updates Included
  • 1 Year Priority Support Included
  • Easy Cancellation And Refund Policy

Version 1.7.3

Last update 2023-01-13

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