Square For GiveWP

Square For GiveWP


The popular plugin “Square for GiveWP” with an overall five out of five-star rating and 50+ active installations is specifically designed to give donations with the integration of a very well-known payment gateway, i.e., Squareup.

Not only this, it helps in accepting donations from credit cards, and users would not have to walk away from the site—deals in both simple and recurring payments.

Leverage the plugins by creating your own customized donation form with enhanced features to add your desired fields.

No rocket science is required to use this FREE plugin. You can simply install, activate, and configure it directly through WordPress. However, you need to connect your square payment method by navigating to the Donations(GiveWP) from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Once you are in your dashboard, you can hover your cursor over the Settings and click on Payment Gateway → Square and then simply connect with the Square button and select location.


Square for GiveWP offers a vast number of features to compel users to use this modern plugin.

Let’s shed light on the top-notch features in bullets.

  • Users can add different square payment settings per each donation form.
  • The default settings will be applied to each donation if no changes are made.
  • The form usually appears in a pop-up window where it is displayed in a modal-box.
  • When a form is displayed in the wizard box (multi-steps), the details would be segregated into steps.
  • The radio buttons and drop-down menus for displaying the donation levels make the UX much better.
  • The users can make multi-level donations.
  • One-click authorization of Square Payment Gateway.
  • The users should set a fixed amount of donation.
  • Highly secured and PCI compliant.
  • The users will be able to make recurring payments.
  • Donors are allowed to enable/disable the recurring donations subscription whenever they want.
  • Donors can select the subscription period, also select from ready-made plans.
  • Users can create billing intervals or recurring payments periodically.
  • Users can enable/disable the recurring component for each level.

Use Cases

Square for GiveWP plugin is used widely for donation purposes with Square Payment Gateway integration.

  • Users can donate for religious purposes, environmental safety, and animal shelters.
  • Recurring donations for regular customers.
  • Social Corporate Responsibility for organizations and brands.
  • A reliable and secure donation process powered by Square payment gateway.
  • Credit card information entry within the donation form without leaving the page.

$4.92 / month

Billed annually at $59
  • 1 Year Free Updates Included
  • 1 Year Priority Support Included
  • Easy Cancellation And Refund Policy

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