Inventory on Square but you want it on WooCommerce? Want to export your WooCommerce inventory to Square?


Information & Requirements

  • WooCommerce 3+
  • An SSL Certificate.
  • Square account.
  • WordPress 4.4+
  • PHP version 5.5+
  • All Products must have SKU
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WooSquare purpose is to migrate & synchronize data (sales customers-invoices-products inventory) between the Square system point of sale & Woo commerce plug-in. Square is a free point of sale software that facilitates the process of selling products.
Need for that to simplify the process of selling data and integration between woocommerce and customers who use square point of sale at their transactions without the need to adjust the inventory at both sides Synchronize products categories-products-products variations quantity price between square & woo commerce.
Synchronize Any updates at product details. Synchronize Customers create orders, all orders details at square must be synchronized at woo commerce with products quantity deduction
There will be options if the system contains the same products SKUs, available options:
– Woo commerce product Override square product. Square product Override Woo commerce product.

How its work:

  • User pay in Square.
  • Square will connect to your woocommerce.
  • Square update woocommerce inventory.
  • Transactions reflected on woocommerce orders.
  • Easy, instant, self-managed refunds between WooCommerce & square.
  • Woocommerce inventory gets updated.

Video Demo

  • Synchronize wooocommerce to Square Store / Square Store to Woocomerce

Premium Features

WooSquare introduce Square Payment gateway at WooCommerce Checkout

Download Pro Version

*Square Payment Gateway live.
*Square Payment Gateway Sandbox.

Auto synchronization square

*Auto synchronization square to woocommerce.
*Auto synchronization woocommerce to square.


Video Demo


Version: 3.6.1
Fixed – Array notice issue.
Version: 3.6
Added – Refresh token added to renew from off page.
Added – Code compatibility with API.
Fix – categories checked if exist so update it.
Improvement – Square connect authorization.
Version: 3.5.1
Added – free api.
Fixed- Some error fixed.
Fixed- file missing issues.
Version: 3.5
Added – code quality.
Enhancement – Added compatibility for WordPress 5.3.2
Enhancement – Added compatibility for WooCommerce 3.8.1
Version: 3.2.2
Update – SDk updated version 2.3.1
Version: 3.2.1
Fix – Selected payment location.
Version: 3.2
Added – SCA Integration.
Added – replace depreciated with new one api endpoints.
Added – Square Sandbox dashboard integration with v2 api.
Added – Create payment V2 API.
Added – Get payment V2 API.
Added – Cancel payment V2 API.
Added – Refund payment V2 API.
Version: 3.1.8
Added – WooSquare Official documentation link added.
Added – Refund support for reason optional.
Fixed- Some error fixed.
Version: 3.1.4
Added – Square Payment Gateways Support.
Added – Refund support.
Update- SSL notice code update.
Version: 3.1.2
Improvement – Square connect authorization.
Version: 3.1.1
Update – SDk updated.
Version: 3.1
Improvement – Square connect authorization.

Added – Square connects revoke.

Version: 3.0
Added – Square connect authorization.
Version: 2.8
Enhancement – CURL code to the HTTP API request.
Version: 2.6
Enhancement – Added compatibility for WordPress 5.0.1
Enhancement – Added compatibility for WooCommerce 3.5.2
Enhancement – Manage Stock management conditions.
Version: 2.4
Added – Html escape check.
Remove – Conflicts with square multi location.
Remove – font size bold conflicts.
Added – Support for wc_update_product_stock.
Manage – Stock management according to square rule RECEIVE_STOCK,SALE.
Version: 2.2
Added – Synchronization Compatibility Multiple attribute with multiples
variations WooCommerce to Square.
Added – Synchronization Compatibility Multiple attribute with multiples
variations Square to WooCommerce.
Version: 2.0
Added – Compatibility single attribute with multiples variations.
Added – Sync to square on Added,edit,update or delete event.
Update – WooCommerce to Square variations uppercase lowercase 
Update – Square to WooCommerce variations sync space trims.
Update – Improvement in product synchronization.
Update – Terminate or delay when other synchronization with.
Optimization – Added compatibility for the latest version of
Optimization – Optimization of code with free and paid conflicts.
Added – filtration validation with global and custom attributes.
Optimization – Organized the code.
Added – PHP version compatibility checked.
Added – Compatibility with woocommerce 3.0x .
Added – sync multiples variations with starting 2 attributes variable
product in free completed in pro version.
Update – Add Woosquare Double attributes with variable product with variations.
Commit to clean and update code upto standards
Fixed Confliction with WooSquare Pro
Tested upto WooCommerce 3.0
Tested for WordPress 4.7.3 Compatibility
Small update in backend
Version: 1.0.1
Added some backend features
Version: 1.0
Initial release

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  • VERSION 1.4
  • RELEASED: 10/02/2017
  • Last updated: 08/06/2017
  • Downloads: 12629
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