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Information & Requirements

  • WordPress 4.4 or higher
  • PHP version 5.4 or higher
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WP Contact Slider is a very easy to use plugin for adding contact form into any and all pages of your WordPress powered website. Display Contact Form7, Gravity Forms, Wp Forms, Caldera Forms, Constant Contact Forms, and random text or HTML wherever you want.



  • You can create multiple sliders to display on selected Posts and Pages.
  • Select different positions where you want to display your contact button. 
  • Customize the color scheme of the whole slider. 
  • WP contact slider display plain text or HTML.
  • Shortcode support for Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Wp Forms, Caldera Forms, myCred, and Constant Contact Forms.



  • Give your website a neat and clean look.
  • Make it easy for website visitors to engage. 
  • Make it easy for users to provide contact information.
  • Consolidate content is more visible on the screen.
  • Share a prominent note on your website.


Tested upto WordPress 5.1.1 compatibility
Fix – added check if array exist on pages to avoid any error
Tested upto WordPress 5.1 compatibility
Improvement – Updated Freemius SDK
Improvement – Updated Settings UI and scripts
Added – Support for pages selected for home
Tested upto WordPress 5.0.2 compatibility
Improvement – Updated Settings UI and scripts
Improvement – Disabled publicly_queryable from front
Improvement – Removed extra space from bottom of title in slider edit window
Fix – object parse error appearing in log
Added – Classes to all slider divs to give more control for adding general CSS
Added – option to enable/disable vertical scrolling
Added – filter “wpcs_tab_title” for title displayed on tab
Added – filter “wpcs_render_slider” with $slider_id in argument, to stop slider to render
Improvement – Updated dashboard Settings API
Tested for WordPress 4.9.6 compatibility
Fix – bug related to displaying multiple sliders on different pages
Fix – save meta box toggle effect on page load
Fix – hide on small devices and open on page load options combination error
Improvement – Updated Settings UI and scripts
Fix – error appeared after migration – Now you would need to deactivate and then activate to get rid of that error
Fix – body getting pushed some cases
Added – shortcode support for Ninja Forms
Improvement – Added screen readability for a blind person
Improvement – Updated Settings UI and scripts
Improvement – Added filter hook “wpcs_html_content”
Improvement – Added action hook “wpcs_before_slider_content”
Improvement – Added action hook “wpcs_after_slider_content”
Improvement – Added action hook “wpcs_before_slider”
Improvement – Added action hook “wpcs_after_slider”
Fix – contact form 7 multiple errors getting displayed
Fix – missing cross image
Fix – Hide on small screens if checked
New – Completely New UI
New – Introducing 2 backgrounds ( one for main container and other for form container )
Improvement – Optimized JS
Improvement – Optimized CSS
Fixed Bug – Width of container was changing after page load
* Fixed Bug – Hide tab on responsive screens
Fixed Bug – Caldera form datepicker issue
Fixed Bug – error appeared after migration
Fixed Bug – breaking on changing screen orientation on small screens
Fixed Bug – container width change after submitting form with ajax request
Fixed Bug – Flickering effect on page load
Fixed Bug – Open slider on page load
Fixed Bug – Responsive issue in iphone6
Fixed Bug – After last update during updating/deleting slider there was some issue reported
Added Compatibity – For Theme The7
Fixed Conflict – For Visual Composer
Bug fix – Get short links was not working properly
Fixed gravity form responsive issue
Added shortcode support for Form Maker
Added shortcode support for Form Craft
Added shortcode support for Visual Form Builder
Added shortcode support for Pirate Forms
Added shortcode support for Fast Secure Contact Form
Added shortcode support for Formidable Forms
Fixed IE 11 reported bug
Added shortcode support for WP Forms
Added shortcode support for Caldera Forms
Added shortcode support for Constant Contact Forms
Tested for WordPress 4.7.3 compatibility
Updated Meta box API
Fixed meta-box.php confliction issue reported in support
Fixed Bug related to tab redirecting to some other page
Fixed Bug of closing tag issue reported by @bravenewcode.
Fixed Bug for random tag movements on page load.
Added Fade In effect for smooth look on page load.
Fixed Contact Form 7 validation display bug.
Fixed bug of last added slider being displayed on all pages
Fixed bug of slider not being displayed on home in some cases
Added donation link
Bug Fix.
Added functionality to display single slider on all pages.
Fixed confliction with Revolution slider.
Fixed bug for Selected Pages Repeater field.
Fixed bug of permalinks metabox dissapearing in post and pages edit window.
Removed closure function to avoid any error in PHP 5.2 or below.
Updated plugin with latest metabox classes.
Organized code and added comments.
Added filter to customize meta boxes of WP Contact slider outside
Added support to display slider in Selected Posts as well.
Added option to hide slider on small devices less then 500px.
Added option to display slider on home pages
Theme’s color effect on hover fixed.
IE label rotation bug fixed
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  • VERSION 2.4.1
  • RELEASED: 10/04/2010
  • Last updated: 05/03/2019
  • Downloads: 151,768
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