WPFormify plugin is a powerful and robust plugin that consists of seamless features that meet the user’s business requirements. If you are seeking the best stripe payment gateway for your WordPress site, you need to get WPFormify to start accepting online credit card payments.

It automatically generates dynamic buttons via shortcodes that allow payment forms on your WordPress site via the Stripe payment gateway. WPFormify works perfectly for accepting simple donation payments. You need to fulfill all the requirements for one-time payments to ensure that your business is running with a certain amount of ease.

Basic Features:

The following are the features of the WPFormify plugin:

  • It simply collects the donation and simple payment with a single button.
  • Users can simply enter the custom amount to make donation payments.
  • Availability of sandbox support for developer testing.
  • A notification email will be sent to the admin on the successful transaction.


Following is the procedure of how to use the WPFormify WordPress plugin:

  • Main admin menu item–Stripe account settings.
  • The second submenu item is the button settings page.
  • Whenever the payment is successful, an email will be sent to the notification email.
  • If youu2019re using the donation check on the user, set a donation amount regardless of whether they leave it unchecked to collect the fixed amount.

Premium Features

The following are some of the premium features of the WPFormify WordPress plugin:

  • It’s simple and easy-to-set up.
  • Multiple payment options, i.e., simple, donation.
  • Authorization of functionality to connect the Stripe.
  • Shortcode Supportability.
  • Global configurations option for Stripe.
  • It allows for a fixed or custom amount.
  • Provides multiple display styles for amount types.
  • Sandbox support for test execution.
  • Separate notification email for Admin and User.
  • Displays transaction reports.
  • Secures the payment transactions.
  • Views Stripe transactions.

Plugin Requirements

The following are some of the requirements to set up WPFormify:

  • Valid SSL certificate.
  • WordPress 4.4+
  • PHP version 5.5 or greater

$4.08 / month

Billed annually at $49
  • 1 Year Free Updates Included
  • 1 Year Priority Support Included
  • Easy Cancellation And Refund Policy

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