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WPExperts inspire evolution by applying strategy, timeline, and forecast for small and medium-sized businesses everywhere across the world. Our inspiration is borne of ingenuity, data, and knowledge together. Experience the unique events management plugin and support exclusively design by our highly skilled designers to bring greater value to your business. We provide customization that helps you develop your ideas into reality. Whether it is an interactive seminar or a multi-day summit, EventON Calendar customization can help you.

EventON Event Calendar for WordPress brings a holistic brand experience for your event management needs. Whether you’re an organizer or event management company, EventON calendar is a stunningly designed calendar displayed in a minimal clutter-free design. We have been proud of customizing the ultimate design to support your events with the industry’s latest trends. Your idea can change everything. Our goal is to help your philosophy in the form of a truly unique experience.

Precise Coordination, Extraordinary Results With EventON

EventON uses 200+ valuable features, with improved and customizable repetitive events, multiple event descriptions, unlimited event creation, different calendar layouts, event location, and planning and scheduling with other data types and language compatibility to support multilingual, corresponding events.

Colorize Your Events

Set unlimited colors for events and easily select various EventON layout styles to replicate the vibrant color of the activity. If you have multiple managing sessions, this is the idyllic choice to ensure that the participants will not miss the event in chaotic situations.

Different Event Tiles

A precision-designed event tile layout provides a lovely alternative outline for your calendar. Your clientele will quickly find the tiles’ activity information while paying attention to the minimum design of tiles.

Diverse Events Lists

Build an event list to display a series of events from several months in one place. Whether it is an imminent event or from the past, hide or display a vacant month, all content will be settled in a single calendar. The prominent appearances like Show event lists, calendars box will be introduced to event widgets or small calendar widgets.

Minimally Colored Calendar

Nothing can defeat the trifling design, and you can always choose the calendar layout style to the default minimum color style. Minimalist and straightforward websites have reduced the portable calendar’s overwhelming features, providing all vital information in a way that is easy to understand without making you irresistible with the data you may not need.

Personalize Calenders

Personalization is one of the terms event managers listened to more frequently. Controls for each component during event management allow you to successfully manage and surprise your guests with more meaningful and custom-made experiences for attendees.

Exceptional User Experience

Your website is a part of your digital agenda; it is considered an engagement tool that unites digital users with real-time activation. It must be designed with a usability-first mindset. EventON allows you to upgrade the website with more intuitive navigation and expediency.

3rd Party Integrations

  • Font Awesome
  • Google Maps API
  • Google Fonts API
  • moment.js
  • Visual Composer – Deprecating
  • Elementor Widget
  • Gutenberg Block with EventON Shortcode Generator
  • Woocommerce
  • Zoom API
  • Paypal Basic
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