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Events Calendar

Quickly build and manage event calendars on your WordPress site with The Events Calendar plugin. This WordPress Calendar plugin has compact with “Wpexperts” expertise and is backed by our top-rated developers and designers’ team. Filled with numerous functions, the event calendar is ready to boost your website’s event management services. It is also scalable, easy to use, and fully customizable according to your requirement.

Get Your Event Calendar Designed With Wpexperts

The event calendar is built to maximize serviceability. Simply install the plugin, configure the setting, and then start creating an event within no time. If you want to add a personal touch? Contact “Wpexperts” to build the event calendar on a custom basis. With skeleton style sheets, partial designs coverage, template labels, hooks, and filters, documentation, and personalization.

Now manage your events in the fastest and modern way with the events calendar plugin on your WordPress website. wpexperts build the advanced plugin and provide customization to enhance WordPress plugins and products’ functionality; with “The Events Calendar,” experience the fully customized and seamless features to boost your website’s look and booking management. Our expert designers set up new strategies to put your custom mark on the calendar with different fields. Building Networks For People With The Events Calendar

Thousands of SMEs, musicians, venues, eateries, and non-profit organizations provide reservations for marketing events and promote different virtual events with The Events Calendar. Our addons have also been scaled to large networks, universities, and government agencies.

With the plugin console, you can produce various locations for your events as needed. You can also get a series of publishing events, including lists and date views. Due to built-in tools, you can search for events on both desktop and mobile. There are also many options to display your calendar and events on your website, with useful widgets and custom content layouts.

Display Settings Overview

This segment provides a detailed outline of the different settings in the “display section” of the plugin settings. The available settings in “The Events Calendar” offer maximum flexibility to modify the calendar appearance.

Customizing Styles

“The Events Calendar” comes up with stunning style and appearance of calendar and event. Choose from a library of different colors, fonts, sizes, and spacing. This typically involves a custom calendar or themes. Add custom styles directly in your stylesheets for a booking calendar that perfectly fits your website.

Customizing Templates

The Events Calendar is a systematized template collection that creates custom calendars according to your website’s theme. Each template can be “overlay” by making a replica website’s unique theme. This allows you to edit the features in any way.

Advance Features

The Events Calendar comes with everything you need to create and manage your calendar.

  • Quick Events Creation
  • Saved venues & organizers
  • Calendar month view¬†
  • Event List view
  • Day view
  • Event search
  • Widget: Upcoming events list
  • Events Taxonomies (Categories & Tags)
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