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With the emergence of online buying and selling, businesses have gotten the opportunity to reach out to their customers beyond their borders. There was a time when you had to open an office just to operate in a specific region or country. However, with the help of online platforms like Alibaba and its alternatives, you can connect with other businesses and customers comfortably. Also, there are many alternatives to Alibaba that you can use to reach more people in all parts of the world.

You can easily get your business listed on these online marketplaces to connect with global clients. If you are running a B2C firm and wish to sell in bulk, Alibaba alternatives can help you conquer the B2B market for your product. Before we get to tell you more about Alibaba and its alternatives, we’d like you to know the benefits of becoming a wholesaler.

Why Should You Become an Online Wholesaler?

If you are a retailer who wants to expand their business and grow, then you need to sell in bulk. Becoming a wholesaler has many benefits. Wholesalers tend to focus on fewer products and, therefore, have more time to research how to improve their goods. Also, you are in direct contact with your client, which helps you develop a long-term relationship.

Once you have a list of loyal clients, you won’t have to worry about going out of business. By selling in bulk, you can also ensure you finish your stock and don’t have to worry about having too much in your warehouse. If you already have a website, you only need an excellent wholesale plugin like Wholesale for WooCommerce. This plugin provides the tools you need to set up your online wholesale store.

If you have an operational online wholesale store, you should go through the B2B platforms where you can get your business listed.



Alibaba is a globally recognized online marketplace that was launched in 1999. This Chinese market leader is known for helping countless people set up their businesses in all corners of the country. I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard a bit about this Chinese giant, regardless of whether you’re in the B2C or B2B market. When this organization was launched, no one expected this company to be so successful. In fact, currently, it has more market share than Amazon and eBay combined.

Alibaba has its own cloud data service and online payment service. Also, this organization serves over 1 billion consumers globally in a year. Alibaba is listed on both the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and the New York Stock Exchange. The core purpose behind launching Alibaba was to provide a platform for Chinese suppliers where they could connect with global buyers.

Currently, is the biggest online B2B marketplace in the world. This B2B portal leads the race with others trying to climb the ladder to reach the same position. However, no company has yet succeeded. However, some of these marketplaces are trying their level best to make a name in the B2B sector. Wondering which ones? Here is a list you should go through.

Top Alibaba B2B Competitors to Trust in 2024

1. Amazon Business


The first one on the list of the top Alibaba competitors is none other than Amazon. Amazon is another organization that has stormed into a leading market share in many countries around the world. To many, Amazon may be a great eCommerce platform for end-users. However, as more B2B companies have shown interest in going online, Amazon offers a business seller program created for buyers and sellers.

This platform is called Amazon Business. This B2B portal helps small, medium, and large businesses buy and sell comfortably with each other. Even though many B2B marketplaces provide a similar platform, Amazon is a better Alibaba B2B competitor. This brand’s popularity helps it attract some of the top companies in the world, giving you a better opportunity to deal with the best.

2. Made-in-China


Made-in-China (MIC) was launched in 1996 and is operated by Focus Technology. This Chinese B2B marketplace is considered a leading platform that has helped many local manufacturers and suppliers find the right buyers.

Currently, it is one of the top Alibaba B2B competitors to trust. The core purpose behind launching this B2B portal was to allow all small and medium-sized businesses to grow and connect with international companies.

MIC is well-known for providing high-quality support to businesses that struggle to generate enough leads. As a wholesaler, you can get your products listed on this marketplace and also get them featured for more exposure. Once your brand or product catches a buyer’s eye, you’ll get a call or email as an invitation to do business with them.

3. Global Sources


Global Sources is one of the first Alibaba alternatives to get listed on NASDAQ. This Alibaba competitor is popular for having many leading sellers and buyers from various industries. Global Sources was launched in Singapore in 2000. Countless Chinese suppliers pay lots of money just to get featured on this B2B platform. Its main business goal is to give its members a place where international sellers and buyers can meet and do business together in a friendly and comfortable way.

Global Sources is also a business directory that features buyers and suppliers from various industries. However, you’ll mostly witness Chinese businesses being listed. This Alibaba B2B competitor is also associated with the International Trade Fair of Hong Kong. All major distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are at this big Asian event.

One of the best things about this B2B portal is that it maintains a strong check-in balance that prevents fake companies from being registered. All registered companies and members are verified to be authentic. If you are searching for a B2B company to connect with, this B2B marketplace is a great option for you to consider.

4. TradeKey


TradeKey is a popular Alibaba alternative that is known to connect buyers and suppliers from over 240 countries. This Alibaba competitor was formed back in 2006. Since then, TradeKey has proven to help countless businesses enter the international market. This B2B platform is available in many languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic, to facilitate global clients.

With exceptional lead generation services, TradeKey has managed to impact the GDP of several nations. This organization has also convinced many local Chinese suppliers to export goods and services to grow their business.

TradeKey is the first Alibaba B2B competitor to get both ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security System certifications. These certifications have ensured that digital transactions between buyers and sellers worldwide are safe and secure.

5. DHgate


DHgate is one of the biggest Alibaba competitors dedicated to helping Chinese manufacturers and suppliers connect with businesses from around the world. With over 30 million listed products and 5 million members across 227 countries, this B2B marketplace had to be on the list. DHgate is listed as one of the 2100 most visited websites worldwide.

Though China is considered the world’s manufacturing hub and one of the top exporting countries, it isn’t easy to trade with global businesses. Regardless of being a small or large business, you may have to face many hurdles before entering the international market. However, DHgate is a reliable Alibaba B2B competitor that can provide you with the leverage you need to kickstart your global trade journey.

DHgate has introduced its iOS and Android app to help both buyers and suppliers find what they are looking for remotely.

There was a time when DHgate hit the headlines as being considered a scam website. However, this Alibaba B2B competitor proved its critics wrong by providing exceptional client services.

Which Alibaba Competitor Should You Go for?

Regardless of how well you may be doing, there is no guarantee of the future. Many leading B2B companies have faced declining sales and have had to shut down. Also, some began falling off the charts due to a lack of digital marketing efforts. That’s where the top Alibaba B2B competitors come to the rescue.

Though you may be confused with the question, “Which Alibaba B2B competitor to sign up at?” all the listed online marketplaces are worth registering. Also, most of these Alibaba alternatives offer premium lead generation services that will help you get more orders and survive the competition. We advise signing up with more than one Alibaba competitor to ensure you have your presence in all corners.

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