7 Best WooCommerce Custom Notification Plugins

Custom Notification Plugins

Popup plugins are a powerful tool for website owners and marketers to engage their website visitors and capture leads. These plugins allow website owners to create eye-catching popups triggered by specific user actions, such as scrolling or spending a certain amount of time on a page. Popup notification plugins can be used for various purposes, such as sales promotion, email address collection, showing important messages, or offering exclusive content.

With the right popup plugin, website owners can create effective and visually appealing popups that significantly improve their website’s conversion rates and overall user experience.

Top WooCommerce Notification Plugins

1. Notifications for WooCommerce

Notifications for WooCommerce

Notifications for WooCommerce is a social proofing WordPress extension that aids in building brand authority. A website’s conversion rate increases when online customers are informed about the value and sales of your goods.

Buyer activity on your website is a live notification using Notifications for WooCommerce. These notifications may be sent for occasions like an online product purchase. The username, nation, and transaction time can all be customized to appear in every notification. The plugin may update user activity and gather data every second.

– Features

  • Live notifications:

Show live sales notifications and pop-ups of site activity, such as WooCommerce purchases.

  • Customized themes:

Personalize theme for live notifications (light or dark).

  • Different configurations:

Configure different things like interval time and visibility time between notifications.

  • Edit notification:

Configure various notifications to add buyer data such as city, country, username, and purchase time.

– Pricing

  • $4.09 per month
  • $49 per year

2. myCred Social Proof

myCred Social Proof

You can immediately increase your web traffic and site conversions by installing the myCred Social Proof, but for that, you need to install myCred first.

By providing real-time updates to your website visitors about the most recent activities of your registered users, the myCred Social Proof addon enhances the legitimacy of your company. These notifications inform website users of various actions, including comments made, content produced, and movies watched.

– Features

  • Easy to Use & Install:

myCred Social Proof addon’s simple interface is easy to set up.

  • Set Notification time:

Have the ability to set on-screen and interval pop-up timings.

  • Real-time Notifications:

Display real-time notifications to your website visitors.

  • Set Notification Reference Points:

Select the website’s notification reference points randomly or by your own choice.

– Pricing

$49 per year

3. NotificationX


NotificationX is a plugin developed by WooCommerce that enables website owners to send push notifications to their users. The plugin is designed to enhance customer engagement and increase website traffic by delivering personalized and targeted notifications to subscribers.

– Features

  • Multiple Notification Types:

NotificationX supports various notifications, including desktop, mobile, and web push notifications.

  • Schedule Notifications:

You can schedule notifications to be sent at a specific time.

Segment Subscribers: The plugin allows you to segment your subscribers based on location, device, or other demographics.

  • Customizable:

NotificationX is highly customizable, allowing you to create personalized notifications that match your brand’s voice and style.

  • A/B Testing:

The plugin also offers A/B testing capabilities to test and optimize your notification campaigns.

  • Boost Conversions:

The plugin can help increase conversions by sending relevant notifications to your subscribers.

– Pricing

Premium Version: $39 per year to $299 for a lifetime.

4. YITH Live Push Notifications for WooCommerce

YITH Live Push Notifications for WooCommerce

YITH Live Push Notifications for WooCommerce is a plugin developed by YITH specializing in creating premium WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. The plugin is designed to help online store owners send live push notifications to their customers, informing them about the latest products, discounts, and promotions.

Here’s a detailed analysis of the YITH Live Push Notifications for the WooCommerce plugin:

– Features

The YITH Live Push Notifications for WooCommerce plugin comes packed with various features, including:

  • Customizable message content:

You can customize the content of the push notifications, including the message, product name, and discount percentage.

  • Targeted notifications:

You can send specific customer notifications based on location, cart value, and other factors.

  • Scheduled notifications:

You can schedule notifications to be sent at a specific time or day.

  • Notification history:

You can view the history of all notifications sent to your customers.

  • Real-time analytics:

You can track the performance of your push notifications in real time, including the number of clicks, conversions, and revenue generated.

  • Ease of use:

The YITH Live Push Notifications for WooCommerce plugin is easy to install and use. The plugin’s user-friendly interface allows you to set up and customize your notifications easily. The plugin also comes with detailed documentation and customer support to help you resolve any issues that may arise.

– Pricing:

The plugin is available on a subscription basis, with pricing starting at $69.99 per year.

5. YITH Desktop Notifications for WooCommerce

YITH Desktop Notifications for WooCommerce

YITH Desktop Notifications for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows users to receive notifications directly on their desktops for various events on their WooCommerce store. This plugin enhances the user experience and provides customers with real-time updates regarding orders, cart items, and more.

– Features

Some of the critical features of YITH Desktop Notifications for WooCommerce include:

  • Customizable Notifications:

The plugin allows users to customize their notifications by selecting which events they want to be notified about, such as new orders, out-of-stock products, or low-stock items.

  • Multiple Notification Types:

The plugin supports various notifications, including pop-ups, sounds, and visual notifications, allowing customers to choose their preferred notification method.

  • Easy Installation and Setup:

The plugin is easy to install and set up, requires minimal technical knowledge, and is compatible with most WooCommerce themes and plugins.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility:

YITH Desktop Notifications for WooCommerce works with most web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

  • Multilingual Support:

The plugin is fully translatable, allowing users to display notifications in their preferred language.

  • Real-Time Notifications:

Notifications are sent in real-time, ensuring that customers receive updates as soon as an event occurs in their store.

6. Woo Instant Notifications by Irdroid

Woo Instant Notifications By Irdroid

Woo Instant Notifications by Irdroid is a plugin that provides real-time notifications for WooCommerce store owners when an order is placed, updated, or canceled. This plugin sends notifications to the store owner’s Android or iOS device via the Android app. It is an easy-to-use, reliable, and efficient tool that helps WooCommerce store owners stay updated with their sales and customer orders.

– Features

  • Time Saving:

One of the main benefits of Woo Instant Notifications is that it saves store owners time and effort by eliminating the need to check their store for new orders constantly. With this plugin, store owners can be notified instantly when a new order is placed, allowing them to respond to customer needs quickly.

  • Customization:

The plugin is also customizable, allowing store owners to choose which notifications to receive. They can choose to be notified of new orders, canceled orders, order status updates, and more. Additionally, store owners can configure the plugin to send notifications only during specific times, ensuring they are not disturbed during non-business hours.

  • Compatibility:

Another critical feature of Woo Instant Notifications is its compatibility with Android and iOS devices. The Android app is available on both platforms, making it easy for store owners to receive notifications regardless of their device.

  • Technical Knowledge:

Additionally, the plugin is easy to install and set up, requiring minimal technical knowledge or experience.

– Pricing

Premium Version: €35-€185 lifetime

7. FOMO for WooCommerce

FOMO for WooCommerce

FOMO (short for “fear of missing out”) is a marketing strategy that plays on people’s fear of missing out on something desirable. It creates a sense of urgency and scarcity, prompting people to take action quickly. FOMO for WooCommerce is a plugin that helps online store owners implement this strategy on their websites.

– Features

Here are some of the critical features of FOMO for WooCommerce:

  • Real-time notifications:

Fomo for WooCommerce displays real-time notifications on your website that show when other customers have purchased or taken some other action, such as signing up for a newsletter or adding an item to their cart. These notifications create a sense of social proof and urgency, encouraging other customers to take similar actions.

  • Customizable design:

The plugin enables you to customize the design of your notifications to match your brand and website design. You can choose from various pre-built templates or create your own using custom CSS.

  • Integration with WooCommerce:

The plugin is designed to work with the WooCommerce platform, which powers many online stores. This means the plugin seamlessly integrates with your store’s existing product pages, checkout process, and other WooCommerce features.

  • A/B testing:

It allows you to run A/B tests to see which notification designs and settings are most effective at driving conversions. This can help you optimize your marketing strategy and increase your sales.

  • Analytics and reporting:

You get detailed analytics and reporting on your notifications’ performance, including metrics like click-through rate, conversion rate, and revenue generated. This data can help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategy and optimize your website for maximum conversion.

– Pricing

Starts from 19.00 USD per month

Wrap Up

Several excellent popup notification plugins are available for websites that can help businesses increase engagement, conversions, and sales. These plugins come with various features, such as customization options, A/B testing, targeting, and analytics, that enable website owners to create targeted and effective popups. Businesses have a wide range of options, from the robust features of Notifications for WooCommerce to the ease of use offered by Fomo for WooCommerce. Ultimately, the best popup notification plugin for a website will depend on the specific needs of the business and the website’s audience.

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