4 Best SMTP Plugins For WordPress In 2023 [Free + Paid]

Best SMTP Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is a digital platform that allows you to create a strong online presence and foster solid communication.

However, is the WordPress default email system, the PHP mail function, effective in reaching your audience?

Previously, the PHP mail function was a reliable means of sending emails within the WordPress ecosystem. But, as we strive for technological advancement, the shifting of WordPress’s overall functionality and the evolving online communication standard have left a significant gap. Which adversely impacts the delivery of your WordPress emails.

So what’s the solution? How can WordPress users bridge the gap between the limitations of the past and the possibility of the present? The answer is selecting the best WordPress SMTP plugins. This advanced email solution redefines best practices for email communication.

Many SMTP plugins are available in the market, so navigating the choice of an optimal plugin for your website can take time and effort. That’s why we’ve listed the 4 best SMTP plugins for WordPress, including both free and paid options.

So, without further ado. Let’s get started!

What is an SMTP Plugin, and How Does it Shape WordPress Experience?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and an SMTP WordPress plugin is a tool that empowers the email functionality of WordPress. It ensures reliable email delivery by communicating directly with the email server. Also, it boosts email deliverability, improves security, and allows customization.

Integrating the SMTP plugin in any website, whether for blogging, business, or e-commerce, can significantly impact the online presence and audience engagement as it significantly improves and streamlines your email communication.

Best SMTP Plugins for WordPress

If you are tight on budget but want to improve your WordPress site email functionality. Don’t worry; there are still some options that won’t break your bank. To make things easy for you, we’ve listed the 4 best WordPress SMTP plugins that can completely change your WordPress email communication experience!

1. Post SMTP


In the list of top 4, the one that got the number one position is Post SMTP by WPexperts. It emerges as the only plugin that supports the latest security standards. Its user-friendly interface brings a breath of fresh air to SMTP configuration.

From advanced logging that simplifies troubleshooting to real-time email delivery testing, Post SMTP ensures your message reaches its intended audience.

Ditching the default WordPress SMTP library, PHPMailer, Post SMTP steps up with the robust Zend_Mail, ensuring no more email is lost in the void of PHP mail().

Additionally, you can integrate any SMTP server of your choice, including Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) Amazon SES. Office365, Zoho, Mailgun, PostMark, etc. In short, using Post SMTP will allow you to remove all limitations for email delivery and management capabilities.

Essential Features of Post SMTP

  • OAuth 2.0 ends the need to save email passwords in the WordPress database.
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, or assess delivery status with readable logs.
  • Get instant alerts via email, Pushover, or Slack for failed email deliveries.
  • Unique Chrome Extension integration keeps you informed of issues in the browser.
  • Ensure reliability by setting up a backup SMTP for smooth email transmission.
  • Access diverse support channels-forums, emails, and Slack for expert assistance.


The Post SMTP is completely Free, but if you need any add-ons, you have to pay separately or simply opt for the Post SMTP Membership Plan.

2. Fluent SMTP

Fluent SMTP

Fluent SMTP got 2nd place in the top 4 best plugins as it gives users exceptional control over email deliverability.  Its flawless integration into major email services like Gmail, AmazonSES, SendGrid, and more ensures optimum performance.

It offers inclusive logs, real-time metrics, and campaign insights, letting users track their email outreach effectively.

This plugin’s functionality of providing detailed analytics helps users create influencing email strategies that will lead to a better conversion rate.

Overall, Fluent SMTP is a robust tool for WordPress site owners aiming to boost their email communication and optimize campaigns to get the most out of it.

Essential Features of Fluent SMTP

  • A User-friendly interface offers users easy setup and configuration
  • Native Rest API for secure and fast email connection
  • Routing emails to multiple email delivery channels
  • Provide in-depth insight into email deliverability with daily/weekly updates


You can unlock excellent features of Fluent SMTP absolutely for Free.

3. Easy WP SMTP


Easy WP SMTP is another easy-to-use SMTP plugin vital in streamlining configuration and allows efficient email delivery through Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Moreover, you can also extend its integration functionality to premium mailing services like Sendinblue and SendLayer.

Its free version can optimize email deliverability, but you need to purchase an upgraded version for advanced features like logging, reporting, and tracking.

Essential Features of Easy WP SMTP

  • Freedom to select your trusted email provider inducing Outlook, Sendinblue, Mailgun, etc
  • Ensure consistent email delivery with third-party mailers or SMTP servers.
  • Opt for the other SMTP alternatives or send mail via a personal SMTP server
  • Keep track of emails sent from your website
  • Get comprehensive reports to monitor sent email count.


The basic version of Easy WP SMTP is Free, but those needing the PRO version can pay $49/Year.

4. WP Mail SMTP


WP Mail SMTP is a first-class WordPress SMTP plugin capable of streamlining email deliverability for reliability and inbox success. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up, even for individuals unfamiliar with coding. It offers all the high-end tools required to complete the WordPress email process smoothly and consistently.

It turned out WP Mail SMTP is the ultimate feature-rich WordPress SMTP paid solution available.

Essential Features of WP Mail SMTP

  • Multisite support
  • Complete control over notifications
  • Get weekly email deliverability reports
  • Smart email routing
  • Backup Connections
  • Migrate from other SMTP plugins easily


Its basic version is free to use, but the Pro version plan of WP Mail SMTP begins at $49/year.

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Right SMTP Plugin

Now you have the best WordPress SMTP plugins list at your fingertips, but you are confused about choosing the right one. However, navigating the selection of the right plugin doesn’t have to be a complex task. So, to make selection easy for you, we suggest some factors you can consider to make the perfect choice.

➔ Identify your Requirement

Every business’s requirements and goals vary from each other. So, first thing, you should be clear about your business needs and objectives, like the size of the website, the volume of emails, technical support, and any specific features you might need. Having a clear picture of your needs helps you narrow down your choices.

➔ Match Features to Needs

Features are the significant elements that can make any plugin hero or zero. So, review the features list of every SMTP plugin you are considering. Focus on features and functionality that perfectly align with your goals.

➔ Consider Scalability

Pay attention to future growth and possibilities, so consider whether this plugin will accommodate your increasing email volume while opting for any SMTP plugin. Always go with one that can scale with your business and doesn’t need frequent changes.

➔ User-Friendly Interface

If you are not a technical expert, consider a plugin with a user-friendly interface. The flexibility of setup and configuration will save time and effort.

➔ Free vs. Premium

The budgeting factor is the top thing that can mask other factors. So, it’s the first thing that should be decided. Many options in the market, like Post SMTP, offer premium functionality and features with almost zero cost. But paid options also have advanced features and support that can improve your email communication ultimately. So make a decision based on your decided budget.

Wrapping Up

As we conclude our journey of finding the four best WordPress SMTP plugins for 2023, it is clear that there are plenty of full-fledged plugin options available to enhance WordPress email deliverability. From free to premium, each plugin has its unique set of capabilities ready to tackle any difficulty in email delivery.

However, the one that excellently shows its prominence is Post SMTP. Its extensive suite of features, impeccable integration functionality, and commitment to optimizing email management place it in a league of its own.

So take your decision wisely!

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