POST SMTP – The Best SMTP Plugin for WordPress

Your one-stop solution to improve WordPress email deliverability.

Are you struggling with WordPress not sending emails? If so, then don’t worry! Install POST SMTP – the best SMTP plugin for WordPress to improve email deliverability.

More than 400,000 WordPress sites use Post SMTP daily for reliable email delivery.

POST SMTP (also known as Postman Plugin) is a powerful and easy-to-use WordPress SMTP plugin that lets you send emails from your site securely and reliably via an SMTP server.

How Post SMTP Makes WordPress Email Delivery a Breeze

By default, WordPress uses the PHP (wp_mail) function to send emails, which is unreliable for email delivery. That is why you need SMTP for WordPress.

The Post SMTP WordPress plugin works as an SMTP connector, which enables you to easily replace the default PHP mail function (wp_mail) of your WordPress site with the SMTP mailer of your choice, such as Microsoft 365, Brevo, Zoho Mail, Gmail SMTP Server, Mailgun SMTP, Postmark, etc., to improve email deliverability.

The best part is that the unique 3-Step Setup Wizard gives you the ability to set up any SMTP server securely via API keys using Open Authentication (OAuth 2.0), which doesn’t require you to enter your SMTP account credentials within WordPress.

In short, the Post SMTP plugin fixes all the issues related to WordPress not sending emails.

What Makes Post SMTP Stand Out?

If you are looking for a complete WP mail SMTP plugin, then Post SMTP is the best option. Following are some of the key features that make it unique.

Key Features:

  • Quick Setup Wizard: Configure and test your SMTP mailer quickly with the 3-Step Setup Wizard.
  • Fallback Mailing: Easily set up a secondary SMTP server as a backup option in case your primary one fails.
  • Dedicated Mobile App: Access your WordPress email dashboard from anywhere to easily view email logs, check email status, resend failed emails, and receive push notifications on your mobile device.
  • Detailed Email Log Screen: Quickly view your WordPress email activity, such as date, time, subject, sender, recipient, status, error, and more. Also, export your email logs and resend failed emails with a snap.
  • Open Authentication (OAuth 2.0): Securely authenticate your SMTP connection without storing your username and password via OAuth 2.0.
  • Email Attachment Resending: Easily resend email attachments directly from the log screen with a single button without uploading them again.
  • Instant Email Failure Alerts: Get email failure alerts via email, SMS (Twilio), or push notifications on your phone to quickly identify and fix any email delivery issues on time.
  • Free Chrome Extension: Instantly receive all your email failure notifications right in your Chrome browser for even greater ease.
  • Top-Notch Customer Support: Get 24/7 unparalleled customer support for all your email-related issues from our multiple support channels, including the WordPress support forum, email, and even 101 expert assistance to configure the WP SMTP plugin.
  • Weekly Email Summary [Coming soon]: Get a brief weekly report of your WordPress email activity, which includes metrics like the number of emails sent, failed emails, and successful deliveries.

Post SMTP Mobile App

Track your WordPress emails anywhere, anytime.

Post SMTP plugin is the only SMTP WordPress plugin that offers a mobile app to make your life easier. Here are some of its incredible features:

  • Easy Email Tracking: Monitor all your WordPress emails in a single log screen and also see the status of each email.
  • Get Instant Failure Alerts: Receive immediate push notifications on your mobile device when email delivery fails, keeping you up-to-date.
  • Resend Failed Emails: With just a tap on your app, you can resend any failed email, which saves you time and eliminates email-related worries.
  • Get Email Preview: View the content of your emails right on your mobile device, making sure they are formatted correctly.
  • Multiple Sites Management: Connect multiple WordPress sites to the app and switch between them with ease to monitor and manage all your emails.
  • Quickly View Error Details: Swiftly address any email delivery problems by getting quick access to error details. Also, contact the Post SMTP support team for further assistance.

SMTP Mailer Options for Post SMTP

Post SMTP (formerly known as Postman Plugin) is your one-stop WP SMTP plugin that supports all popular SMTP services. Whether you want to consider WordPress Office 365 SMTP or SMTP settings for Gmail, we’ve got you covered!

Following is the list of compatible SMTP mailer options you get with Post SMTP:

Membership Plans for Post SMTP Pro

With Post SMTP Pro, you get full access to all premium extensions, such as Microsoft 365, Amazon SES, Zoho Mail Pro, Email Log Attachment, Report & Tracking, and Twilio (for SMS alerts).

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for all following Post SMTP Pro plans.

Post SMTP pricing

List of Post SMTP Pro Extensions

  • Microsoft 365 SMTP: Connect your Microsoft 365 account or Outlook SMTP Settings to improve email deliverability.
  • Amazon SES SMTP: Integrate Amazon’s cost-effective email service using APIs with an easy-to-use 3-site setup wizard.
  • Zoho Mail Pro: Set up and authenticate your Zoho personal or business account with WordPress for better email delivery.
  • Twilio (SMS alerts): Add your phone number to receive SMS alerts for every email delivery failure.
  • Email Log Attachment: Access, download, and resend email attachments effortlessly to simplify your email management workflow.
  • Report & Tracking: Easily track email open rates and monitor the performance of your email marketing campaigns with graphs.

Why Should You Opt for Post SMTP Pro?

Reason #1: Native SMTP Integration

With Post SMTP WordPress Plugin, you can securely integrate your WordPress site with any leading email service provider (ESP) account, such as Brevo, Gmail, Microsoft 365, Amazon SES, Zoho Mail, Mailgun, etc. Post SMTP supports OAuth 2.0, which allows you to authenticate your ESP account without storing your username and password in WordPress.

Reason 1 Native SMTP Integration_1

Reason #2: Get SMS Alerts for Failed Email Delivery

In addition to email and push notifications, Post SMTP Pro empowers you to get SMS alerts for failed email deliveries.

Connect your Twilio account by entering your phone number and Twilio API keys, and stay informed and updated about your WordPress email performance and issues, even when you are away from your computer or mobile device.

Reason 2 Get SMS Alerts for Failed Email Delivery

Reason #3: Backup SMTP Connection

Post SMTP Pro offers you a backup SMTP connection, which is a secondary SMTP server that you can use as a fallback option in case your primary one fails. This way, you can ensure that your WordPress emails are always delivered, even if your main SMTP provider goes down or has problems.

Reason 3 Backup SMTP Connection

Reason #4: Email Open Tracking

Do you wonder which of your emails get opened? With Post SMTP Pro, this will not be the case anymore. Now, you can check open tracking for your WordPress emails right inside the email log screen.

This feature allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your emails, helping you fine-tune your email communication strategies for maximum impact.

Reason 4 Email Open Tracking

Reason #5: Daily/Weekly/Monthly Email Report

Receive a convenient periodic (daily/weekly/monthly) email report with Post SMTP Pro, summarizing your WordPress email activity. This report includes key metrics such as the number of emails sent from your site and failed and successful email deliveries.

The weekly email report helps you monitor and optimize your WordPress email performance and identify any trends or issues that need your attention.

Set Email Report Frequency:

Reason 5 DailyWeeklyMonthly Email Report

Weekly Email Report Snapshot:

Weekly Email Report Snapshot

Reason #6: Email Batching and Quota Scheduling

Avoid spam detection and issues with exceeding daily limits with Post SMTP Pro. You can use email batching and quota scheduling to send your WordPress emails in batches rather than all at once to avoid overloading your SMTP server or exceeding your ESP limits.

This feature helps you optimize email delivery, ensuring compliance with service provider limits and enhancing the efficiency of your email campaigns.

Reason 6 Email Batching and Quota Scheduling

Reason #7: Automatic Retry for Failed Emails

With Post SMTP Pro, you can benefit from automatic retry functionality for failed emails, which significantly increases your WordPress email deliverability and reduces the need for manual intervention.

You only need to specify the automatic retry frequency, and Post SMTP will automatically resend every failed email to your defined frequency.

Reason 7 Automatic Retry for Failed Emails

Reason #8: Priority Customer Support

For all Post SMTP Pro users, we offer priority customer support to address your email-related queries promptly. Whether you require assistance with SMTP configuration, troubleshooting, or optimizing your email deliveries, our dedicated support team will respond as soon as possible to provide expert guidance and solutions.

MainWP Post SMTP Extension – 100% FREE

Configure SMTP settings across all WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

MainWP Post SMTP Extension

If you manage multiple WordPress sites, you know how tedious and time-consuming it can be to configure WP mail SMTP plugin settings for each site individually.

That’s why the POST SMTP plugin offers a 100% free-to-use extension for the MainWP Dashboard to set up and manage SMTP configuration for all your WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

With MainWP Post SMTP extension, you can:

  • Configure and sync SMTP settings for all your WordPress sites
  • View and manage all your email logs in one place.
  • Set up a backup SMTP connection to ensure email delivery.
  • Get email failure alerts for all sites via email, SMS, etc.
  • Track all your emails via the Post SMTP mobile app.

Compatibility and Support

Post SMTP supports any WordPress plugin and theme that relies on the wp_mail function to send emails, so whether you are looking for a WooCommerce SMTP plugin or want to integrate SMTP for your contact form, Post SMTP is the right choice.

Here is a list of popular WordPress plugins that Post SMTP is compatible with:

Prerequisites to Install Post SMTP

  • WordPress 5.6 and PHP 5.6 or higher
  • Email service provides account or SMTP server settings
  • A custom email domain is recommended
  • DNS records (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) configured for your email domain

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  • 1 Year Free Updates Included
  • 1 Year Priority Support Included
  • Easy Cancellation And Refund Policy

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