Perks Of Having A Currency Switcher On Your E-Commerce Store

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In this world, there are no boundaries for eCommerce. With the right resources, you can sell to anyone across the globe, and you don’t even have to invest in a brick-and-mortar store. Anyone can become your customer regardless of where they are located. However, in order to facilitate international buyers, you need to have a currency switcher for eCommerce on your website.

In order to maximize international sales, you must ensure that you provide a shopper-friendly, localized user experience throughout your website. Consumers are more likely to buy from you if they are presented with your language, payment method, and preferred currency. Therefore, in order to get more orders, you must integrate a currency switcher plugin for your business on your website and any other feature that will make your customers feel like they’re buying from a localized company.

If you are still wondering how a Currency Switcher for WooCommerce can benefit you in the long run, here are a few more reasons to get you on track.

Benefits of Using a Currency Switcher for eCommerce

If there are countless online stores where customers can buy their favorite products, why would they choose a store where they can’t pay in their local currency? Your checkout process should be flawless. If a customer faces even the slightest issue, they’ll simply run off and shop at another online store. A currency switcher for businesses will make payment more manageable for people shopping across the border.

Regardless of your choice, the point here is that you should support all currencies to grow your online business globally.

• Build Trust and Increase Transparency

Customers are always more comfortable with shopping at a website where the purchasing process is evident at every stage. For example, if you are selling a service, your clients would want to know the duration of the free trial and expect to get a reminder when it ends. Also, the prices are transparent without any hidden charges. If they feel any of this information isn’t clear, they might feel trapped and will leave your WordPress store.

The process is quite similar to when you are selling a physical product. Customers expect everything to be precise. The prices, return and exchange policies, after-sales support, etc. If you miss out on anything, they’ll visit a competitor and buy it from there.

That is why you must use this WordPress tool to show prices clearly. If they are unable to see how much they need to pay in their local currency, they won’t complete the purchase.

• Prevent Confusion

There will always be a risk of wrong calculations when customers themselves calculate the prices. They might think the store charged more if they calculated lower than the actual price. This may generate bad reviews for your e-commerce store based on confusion.

On the other hand, in many countries, the exchange rate isn’t stable and fluctuates every day. Calculating the price can get confusing for your customers. Also, as they know that the exchange rate will change, they may avoid buying then. A currency switcher can solve this problem by manually updating the exchange rate whenever you want. Also, as customers don’t have to calculate on their own, they won’t think twice before clicking the “Buy Now” button.

• Make the Payment Process Quicker

Spending money always brings pain! In addition, it gets harder to spend money when the payment process gets longer. That is why the checkout process of your WooCommerce store should be simple and quick. According to research, around 26% of people abandon their cart because the checkout process is too long.
Customers may begin to doubt your payment process without the option of paying in local currency. Also, if customers have to convert on their own, it will take them more time to complete the process. This eventually leads to more pain in paying and a rise in incomplete orders.

• Protect Customers from Paying Additional Fees

Banks may charge your customers’ exchange costs throughout the payment procedure. Customers may stop trusting your Shopify store if they see that in their bank account. This implies that they won’t make another purchase from your Shopify store, and you will lose customers that you paid a lot of money to attract.

Should All eCommerce Websites Change Currency Based on Customer Location?

Even if you only have 5% of customers from a specific country, supporting their local currency is logical. Once you have made up your mind about which currencies to support, you’ll have two options. You can build duplicate websites for different countries with a localized version shown according to the IP. Or, you can simply use a leading currency switcher for eCommerce to show all options on the same product or checkout page. It’s evident that you’ll take this decision considering the size of your website. Still, using a WordPress plugin is the easy way out — if you are running a WooCommerce store, that is.

The Verdict

Customer loyalty and satisfaction are crucial for any business to become successful. If you want to satisfy your customers, their shopping experience should be excellent. However, even a slight hurdle can make them run off. Therefore, you need to be careful in providing just about everything they’d expect. That includes using local currency to pay for something they’d like to buy.

You can do that simply by using the best currency switcher for eCommerce. All the perks mentioned above are convincing enough to install this plugin on your online stores today to attract customers from across the globe.

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