How WordPress Is A Preferred Choice To Design Restaurant Websites


In the food industry, word-of-mouth and local promotion are effective. However, when potential customers Google the name of your restaurant, they expect a memorable browsing experience.

A report states that 79% of Millennials enjoy experimenting with products from different cultures or countries. Therefore, you need to have an eye-pleasing restaurant website.

Customers anticipate that specific features and information will be readily available. For instance, since customers will be looking for food on the go, the best restaurant websites are always mobile-optimized. An information-rich menu that is simple to use should also be a priority.

Before determining why restaurant websites should be designed on WordPress, let’s discuss the importance of WordPress as a CMS.

Importance of WordPress as a CMS for Restaurant Websites

In addition to being a popular CMS, WordPress is an open-source platform. It is free to use and share. Also, most WordPress site hosting companies provide one-click installation.

The capabilities of WordPress today go well beyond being a blogging platform. Whatever your website needs to perform, WordPress provides the exact versatility. WordPress can run e-commerce, membership websites, classified ads, and, more importantly, restaurant websites. Further, WordPress is incredibly SEO-friendly, which helps users search for restaurants online.

The concrete factors above convince everyone that WordPress is an easy choice for making a restaurant website.

Timeframe Industry Professionals Use to Develop a WordPress Site

• WordPress User (Basic level)

To make a simple WordPress website, 10 hours (maximum) is required. WordPress features a user-friendly interface and plugins that cover all expertise that WordPress itself doesn’t have. Simple users can add blog entries, set up plugins, and make small changes to a WP site.

• WordPress Developer (Entry Level)

Six months to one year of active learning. These users understand plugins, such as different Google Analytics programs, and have a working knowledge of some simple HTML.

• Expert WordPress Developer

Two years plus continuous education. This developer is skilled with coding and has command of WordPress’s frontend and backend functionality. They can easily handle a variety of adjustments, such as site migrations, bug resolution, and e-commerce site optimization.

Top 11 Reasons Why WordPress is a Preferred to Design Restaurant Websites

1. Quick Changes, Light on Pocket

To update non-CMS-powered websites, you need a developer’s expertise. Thus, if you need any change, you must get in touch with your web developer, ask to modify the site, and wait for them to get things done.

There is no need for WordPress sites. Enter the admin area and make changes there. You can instantly publish anything with the press of a button. Keeping restaurant websites in mind, it makes sense.

2. Ease of Use

WordPress enables users to manage static web pages (“Menus,” etc.) alongside your areas that frequently change, like “Events.” You can make quick press releases, posts, announcements, and events. Moreover, users can easily update their regular restaurant web pages, such as Contact Us, menu page, etc.

Even better, a seamless editing window is available where you can simply click and type text on the interface to make adjustments. Formatting is also easy, with simple buttons for managing “bold,” paragraph alignment, and more. In essence, WordPress can be used if you can format your email.

Almost any internal staff member with even dexterous thumbs can update the restaurant site within minutes because of WordPress’ ease of use.

3. Directions and Google Maps

Maps and directions are among the popular things diners look for on a restaurant website. WordPress makes integrating Google and other map services into the website simple. Various commercial and free plugins can manage your location maps.

4. Integration of Seat Reservation

Integrating online booking for restaurants into a WordPress website is simple. It is typically as simple as filling out their form, copying the code they provide, and inserting it into WordPress to add to your website.

5. Social Integration

According to a survey, 77% of the US population is on social media today.

WordPress websites for restaurants and other businesses may connect social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Again, several available free plugins add share buttons and other features to your website automatically.

WordPress can easily and automatically send updates and announcements from your website to your Facebook page with just one click for a Facebook profile (and if you don’t, you should!). Similarly, with Twitter, this results in less work at your end, increased traffic, and more clients.

6. Scalable Functionality

The core features of WordPress are excellent. However, you can do whatever you want with your restaurant website because of the large user base and constantly growing library of plugins.

Do you wish to upload videos? Do you want to provide a “nearest restaurant finder” and have many restaurant locations? Any site designed on WordPress can add all of these functionalities using official plugins.

7. Mobile Responsive

As per a report, 52% of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones.

The potential to assess your restaurant through a mobile device is among the features that customers appreciate. Most internet visitors to restaurants reportedly arrive from mobile devices, making this a feature that is quickly becoming crucial for restaurant websites.

WordPress websites are 100% compatible with mobile devices because they are plain HTML. Several free mobile WordPress plugins can transform your WordPress site into a mobile-friendly experience like APPExperts.

A top-notch developer should also be able to structure your WordPress site to instantly adapt to visitors using mobile devices and provide them with a “wow” experience.

8. Support Multiple Languages

WordPress was designed using the PHP language, which is non-proprietary (unlike .asp) and has excellent documentation and support. It is also free. Even if you have to hire a developer to update the website’s core, changes are typically more straightforward and inexpensive on WordPress than on any other CMS.

9. Simple Menu Creation

Generally, customers prefer menus that are easily downloadable as well as viewable online. There are no restrictions when using WordPress. You can type in the menu and then use plugins to make it a PDF to download.
The best part is that WordPress allows for editing every menu item. The flexibility to easily switch out menu items enables restaurants to modify their daily, monthly, or seasonal menus. You can get something off the menu faster than serving drinks on a table.

10. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is the most search engine-friendly CMS. For maximum search engine optimization, it will automatically format page names and titles, web links, page content, etc. Also, other plugins can help WordPress’ SEO capabilities even further.

The most significant benefit of using WordPress to power websites for online marketers is how simple it is to optimize them for search engines.

11. Globally Supported

As per W3Techs, WordPress is now used on 43.0% of all websites.

The above percentage equates to over one-third of the entire internet and shows how people across the globe perceive it as a CMS.

How does this affect you?

It implies hundreds of developers can create a restaurant website on WordPress. It also indicates there are thousands of WordPress plugins accessible. Thanks to helpful sites, articles, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Q&A forums, and other resources, you may find an answer to any query anytime. No other CMS globally can match this level of acceptability and community support.

How Restaurant for WooCommerce is a Game Changer in Creating Restaurant Websites

Restaurant for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that gives an intuitive and seamless way to design a restaurant menu on a WooCommerce website. You can make your restaurant delivery system in a matter of minutes. Also, this plugin is a quick order solution with exclusive features that aid you in selling different food items digitally.

Get the following features to make your website customer-friendly:

  • Clean and straightforward menu design

Show product data (name, ID, category, etc.) in descending or ascending order.

  • Easily design your menu

Design a restaurant menu online by converting a WooCommerce shop page into a restaurant page.

  • Insert different delivery options

Give your customers multiple options (express delivery, cost-free delivery, etc.)

  • Interactive mini-cart

Restaurant for WooCommerce’s mini-cart widget allows customers to give order summaries.

  • Modify product categories

Expand menu options by giving extras and other add-ons.

  • Hours of operation

The menu’s front end will show the restaurant’s status (operational or closed). It will help customers order accordingly.

Restaurant for WooCommerce is a one-stop-shop solution if you have to design and launch a user-friendly restaurant website.

Wrap Up

WordPress allows you to design anything you want for your restaurant website at any price. When done correctly, you have complete control over unique creations, news, ad management, gallery updates, staffing, and more.

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