OptinSpin Fortune Wheel Plugin With WooCommerce Coupons | Review

Yes, the long wait is over for many WooCommerce customers as the perfect Wheelio competitor has finally hit the market with OptinSpin. From customization to standout performance, OptinSpin literally is a class act for any and every WooCommerce store owner.

Not only does the plugin provide you with the long-awaited fortune wheel features that everyone had been waiting for but also multiple features and add-ons that everyone had been waiting for! It isn’t hard to say that it’s Christmas in October for many. To top it all off, the plugin comes with a price tag that’s just too good to be true. All in all, it’s the one plugin that you’ve been looking for all this time to boost your customer loyalty, lead management, and overall ROI. The perfect lead magnet is here and as it says, it’s only a spin away for you. Here’s an in-depth review of the complete plugin for new customers!

Main Feature Spotlight

When it comes to WooCommerce store plugins, there’s nothing more valuable than the main features of the plugin. The main features can undoubtedly make or break the plugin from existence. The OptinSpin Fortune Wheel plugin comes in with several features but here are some of the top ones that take the spotlight away from other competing plugins:

  • Fully Customizable Layout – Complete customization options for all WooCommerce stores and business owners. The plugin allows each owner to completely transform the way the wheel looks, feels, and works.
  • Change Color Of Each Section – Contrary to popular issues on other plugins, OptinSpin gives you the ability to change the color of each section. Make as many combinations as you may like and create excellent ROI-based breakthroughs.
  • Add As Many Sections As You Want – No matter how many sections you want to add, you can. The customization is endless with this amazing plugin and you can really make the wheel yours with custom section additions.
  • Manage Sections With Drag-And-Drop Functionality – Have trouble with back-end codes? Not with OptinSpin! You have the ability to easily drag and drop your sections without any further problems whatsoever.
  • Set Probability For Each Section – Probability is what makes the wheel functionality work and with OptinSpin, you get the controls to that in your hands. Set the probability that you want to set.
  • Add Your Own Logo – Got a logo? Own your wheel completely by adding your logo to it easily. There’s a reason why this wheel makes it to the most-wanted plugins list.
  • MailChimp Ready – Make your leads work in real-time with a super tag team like OptinSpin and Mailchimp. Easily integrate with both plugins easily for seamless email campaigns.
  • Customizable Email Templates – Each email to each customer gets customization as per your needs. Make your email look like what you’d want it to look like.
  • Link WooCommerce Coupons Dynamically – Dynamically add your favorite WooCommerce plugins with OptinSpin. This plugin clearly takes customization to the next level for business owners.
  • Enable/Disable Sound While Wheel Spins – Some customers like sound, and some don’t. Think you know your customers? Make the choice they’d make by easily enabling or disabling the sound option.
  • Enable/Disable Party Poppers On Winning – Need custom party poppers to celebrate the win with your customers? Enable or Disable as per your choice. It’s all customizable when OptinSpin is around.
  • Time Delay – Need a short time delay effect to make things even better? You’ve got it! The time delay option is another custom feature for you to enjoy.
  • Clickable Tab – Need your tabs to do more? Make them clickable! Yes, with the OptinSpin Plugin, you also have the ability to make clickable tabs for your woo-commerce store.
  • Desktop and Mobile Exit Intent – Woah! Is your customer going away? Not a problem! With OptinSpin, you get mobile and desktop exit-intent popups customized to your needs.
  • Add Your Privacy Link – Your privacy link is what makes it work for you in real time. With OptinSpin, you can add your privacy link as well.
  • Complete Documentation – No loopholes, No problems. OptinSpin offers you complete documentation of the plugin when you buy it at a small cost of $49. It’s just that good!

Overall, customization and lead magnetization are the names of the game for the OptinSpin plugin. Together with several main features mentioned above, there are hundreds of small features that make this plugin a great add-on for your WooCommerce store.

Plugin Installation

With OptinSpin, it’s the ease of usage or nothing. The expert developers that worked on the plugin prefer the customers to easily install the plugin without any hesitation. The plugin can easily be bought via secure transfer from Envato Market’s very own Code Canyon.

Once secure payment is made customers can download the plugin .zip file and install it via the standard WP-admin backend panel.

Plugin Support

Think you won’t get support for a plugin this good? Think again. That’s right! The plugin comes with an included 6-month support from the app support executives. From frequently asked questions to unique issues that need answers, the folks at WP Experts take care of everything when it comes to your support. Customers additionally have an extended option to add support months for a small addition to the original plugin price.


The plugin is priced at a small affordable price of $49 US Dollars that comes stacked with 6 months of support and complete documentation. The plugin also comes with a standard Envato license valid for 1 website and one user.

Need to save on some good cash? Buy the plugin on Code Canyon right away! The plugin is currently on sale with 50% off the margin. Yes! That means you can get the OptinSpin Plugin at just $25 US Dollars.

Final Verdict

There’s a reason why OptinSpin is currently one of the trending plugins at Code Canyon and that’s mainly because of its ease of usage, and customization additionally, it’s priced excellently for its customers. Buy OptinSpin at Code Canyon today!

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