Quote for WooCommerce v2.0.2 | Release Notes


We are excited to announce the release of Quote for WooCommerce v2.0.2. The new release focuses on improving the plugin’s compatibility with Wholesale for WooCommerce and Bulk Order for WooCommerce, two of the most powerful B2B plugins in the market.


Today, we will discuss the latest version’s new features, bug fixes, and improvements. One of the most prominent features is the admin’s option to convert the quote into an order, which can also be done for the customer.

Additionally, the admin can set the expiration date of a quote so the customer has a limited window in which they can accept and checkout their order.

Other notable features include changing the styles of the quote min-cart and disabling the quote basket for all or specific user roles.

You can read the complete changelog below:

New Features

  • Option for the admin to convert the quote into an order.
  • Option for the admin to convert the quote into an order for the customer.
  • Option to disable the quote basket for all or specific user roles.
  • Set the expiration date of the quote in days.
  • Increase the offered price of the product.
  • Set the style (dropdown or in-icon) of the Quote Mini Cart.

Visibility Options

  • Display quote converter on the “my account” page.
  • Display tax on the font-end quote page.

Quote Rules and Prioritization

  • Set the priorities of the rules available to the admin.


Bug Fixes

You can view these updates in the technical documentation for more information. For questions and queries, please contact our support team.

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