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User Management


Clear and easy-to-use export and import user and customer plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress. User Management enables you to create seamlessly customizable user profiles with custom user login and registration.User data can be imported, exported, and updated based on roles and filter criteria.

Through User Management, you can include custom user meta automatically from a CSV file. You can also send emails to imported users. It means every piece of data imported is editable in the user profile. Additionally, the User Management is multisite compatible so you can assign numerous responsibilities to a single user at the same time with this amazing tool.


  • Use the information to your benefit by exporting user details through CSV files.
  • Use visitor information to your benefit by importing user roles and capabilities through CSV files.
  • Import CSV file with users directly to your customers’ WooCommerce
  • Import thousands of customers or users in only a few seconds.
  • Export customers or users to a CSV file, filtering by registered date or role.
  • You can import data from WooCommerce customers.
  • User management is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin to import customer data. You can create or update user details comfortably.

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