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Running a business has always been one of toughest things for businessmen around the world. It’s not all about getting goods or products or maybe even just providing services to the customer, its mainly about keeping the customers happy. If you think there’s only one type of customer that you’re always going to be working with, you’re badly mistaken. There are several different types of customers that you’ll run into on your store but the most beneficial ones that happen to be the most loyal ones as well, are the Wholesale customers.

Wholesale has been part of the industry for quite a while now. Businesses from all over the world understand how important it is for you to create extensive results that are long-lasting as well. With wholesale customers, that’s possible. Selling on a small profit level per product yet in a larger amount is what wholesale is all about. According to a survey, wholesale customers are the favorite customers for most big box stores in America.

Wholesale and Its Issues On E-Commerce

Whole-selling might sound amazing if you think about it. Imagine a customer buying 200 products in the same basket. Now, THAT sounds great. However, it isn’t as great when you turn out to realize that the wholesale price on the website wasn’t automatically adjusted. Now doesn’t that sound like a pain? It is.

It’s not as easy as posting a wholesale price tag separately on a product. When it’s online, it’s complicated. Especially, if it’s Woo Commerce. There are hundreds of Woo Commerce Plugins out there that help out business owners that are looking for Woo Commerce Wholeselling solutions, but everyone needs something that takes care of everything. That’s right! You heard it. Everything. From pricing on individual products to even a separate login area for wholesale customers, there are tons of requirements when you need a separate financial solution for the wholesale community.

Hiring a woo commerce developer and paying him loads of money per hour is another solution to the task which we wouldn’t recommend. Imagine just creating a whole impact on the market for a smaller price than 20$/hr for a task that small.

Introducing, Wholesale Pricing Pro!

Lucky for you, the experts at WPExperts have an exceptional product for you that’s guaranteed to blow your minds! Introducing, Wholesale Pricing Pro! The professional solution to the time-consuming headache of wholesale management. Wholesale Pricing Pro is the ultimate solution for any store owner who wishes to change the way his wholesale customers browse his store.

From adding wholesale price to a single product to adding wholesale price to several different products! It’s all about customization with Wholesale Pricing Pro. Making the right choice at the right time is a great way to move with this plugin as at a price of $29, the plugin even gets you access to a wholesale registration portal. The price is absolutely brilliant for a product that’s this easy to use and solves such a big problem for the industry.



  • Add Wholesale Price in simple product
  • Add Wholesale Price in variable product
  • Manage Wholesale prices in bulk to make things easy
  • Change all labels from settings
  • Front end Wholesale Registration form
  • Wholesale price display in front end for Wholesaler user
  • Can add fix amount discount
  • Can add percentage discount

And the list goes on! Still confused? You can even try the Free version of the product that can easily be downloaded and added to your Woo Commerce store in just a few clicks!


For the free version, customers can directly download the plugin here or visit the WordPress plugin area in the CMS backend to install it easily. If you’re opting for the better and more premium pro version of the plugin, then head over to Code Canyon and download the plugin here. Easily install it by uploading the installable zip file and voila!

Final Verdict

All in all, the Wholesale Pricing Pro plugin is the ultimate tool to manage your entire store in a few clicks. Easily run your entire store in a jiffy! Buy the amazing Wholesale Pricing Pro plugin from Code Canyon today!

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